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Stoney Burke (1962–1963)
Young impressions
4 May 2011
I was born in 1960 and don't remember much about the television series, except for the fact that my mother tells me that I used to get on my rocking horse at about age 3-4 and yell,"Stoney Burke". Ha-ha, It must have made some kind of impression on me. The shows that I do remember were "Rifleman" and "Branded". Both of those shows had Chuck Connors in them. I was quite rambunctious as a youngster I spent a lot of time in my "cowboy" outfit, cowboy hat, boots, spurs, gun & holster. Although I am a female, I was an avid horse lover even way back then! I would love to find the "Stoney Burke" show on TVLAND or the western channel. If anyone ever sees it please let me know!
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