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Terminator 2 (1991)
The best and most memorable film I have ever seen
12 March 2006
There are many people who call T2 the best sequel to date, others claim it is the best SciFi flick they've ever watched, but I would like to say: I never felt as privileged to be shown a movie as with this one. There are of course the more obvious fields in which this film excels, like mind-blowing special effects (especially for the time when it came out) and acting at its best (thanks Linda!), but there is so much more to it! A unique, original and very becoming soundtrack, cinematography that makes every still a picture to be hung in a living room and James Camerons virtually unmatched direction. All these factors combined would make a fantastic movie alone, but this one's got more: Heart, love and an unforgettable story. To see that so much emotion, reason and art can be expressed through a movie of the SciFi/Action genre that is stunning and entertaining at the same time - this is the ultimate joy of being into the movies.
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incredible epic ride
6 July 2005
It is difficult to sum up the story of a series with hundreds of episodes, TV specials and movies, so I'd rather just try to tell you what it is about and why it is so incredibly good.

The series starts off with a guy named Luffy whose ultimate goal it is to become the one and only "King of all Pirates" and to find the greatest treasure in the world. The first episodes introduce him and some characters and make a lovely start that is entertaining and makes one want more. On his way Luffy meets a lot of very interesting characters who become his crew members and friends - each of them with an intense and captivating background story. Every character in this series - be it friend or foe - is either adorable, tragic, despicable or interesting at the least... no boring characters anywhere. Later on in the series, important events and story twists are often visualized or supported by huge appearances in the fabulous and unreal environments that our crew travels. This is perfectly done and helps the already epic feel of the story. I have seen 150 episodes, four movies and two specials so far and there were moments that made me cry, laugh, think and re-watch some episodes (especially 85-90) at least 30 times. You might come to the false conclusion of having a kids show here due to the presentation, but that is definitely wrong. People sometimes say about a movie or series that it is "not a life changer, but entertaining". That is definitely not the case here! I know it sounds nerdy, but this series has broadened my horizon in many ways and I recommend anyone to take the admittedly long time to get into this epic adventure. The best way to do so will be to watch the fan-subs which are as close to the original as a non Japanese will get (explanations of puns and traditions). There are of course some filler episodes in a huge project like this which won't blow you away, but that is only natural with hundreds of episodes and helps developing the characters. This show is an easy 10/10
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an insult to the original
3 July 2005
Action movies usually don't manage to develop a deep and interesting storyline. And most of them don't even want to. That is fine, since there are a lot of people who like to watch an easy entertaining movie once in a while.

"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" proved that action movies can be so much more. Sometimes it would seem to you that incredible special effects don't let any financial room for a script (see "Waterworld"), but T2 had it all: Awesome directing, award-winning special effects, a very becoming soundtrack, actors who did an incredible job (Linda especially) and a story that made it my all time favorite.

That is why Terminator 3 fails. The team might have produced a decent action movie a la "Predator", but in this case, they hit a whole franchise right in the face. The soundtrack is boring, the movie goes against principles that the first two laid out, the Terminator acts ridiculous, the pictures are nothing compared to the most of the time impressive and artistic scenes from T2.

Makes one wonder.. why was this movie even made? The ONLY reason is profit. I know that the goal of every movie is to make money, but if you can feel that there's no love for the project involved, it's crap. There are people who say it is not fair to compare T3 to T2, but what else would you do with a direct sequel?
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