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Raymann is laat (2001– )
Laidback amusement on Fridaynights
6 May 2004
"Raymann is laat" is a late night TV-show with big influence of Dutch people with Surinamese roots. It pays attention to integrating and adapting in Holland, with Quintis Ristie showing funny examples of that. Jörgen Raymann hosts the show, which also includes a lot of comedy (there are performances of stand-up comedians of all over the world). The most popular part is when Raymann interviews famous people, playing a lady from Surinam called Tante Es. I think it's hilarious. John Buijsman (known for his role in the comedies "Ben zo terug" and "Loenatik") also had a little part in the show, playing Cor Vliegenthart, a typical citizen of Rotterdam. He didn't show up anymore when the new 2004 season began. I really like Raymann is laat, it's up to date and funny. There are always a few nice guests. And with Jörgen Raymann hosting it, you can just lay back, relax and watch this Fridaynight show.
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TROS TV Show (1981– )
Absolutely great
26 February 2004
This Friday night show is absolutely great. Ivo Niehe is a good host and interviewer. He speaks a lot of languages, so he can interview almost anybody without any help. There are always interesting guests; famous and/or important people from all over the world. Ivo knows how to keep the conversations exciting. The TV Show has no summer break. They travel abroad to do "De TV Show op reis", which is also nice to see. Ever since 1981 the TROS TV Show has been running successfully, and it deserves to be. It'll keep going on until 2006, when it'll exist for a quarter of a century. I think there's already a good replacement; Reinout Oerlemans' "Pulse".
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Kees & Co. (1997–2006)
Simple amusement, but not consistent
26 February 2004
I used to like Kees & Co, but the last few seasons it's not always good. Especially since Rik Hoogendoorn, who played father Ben Heistee, left the show. Rik, also wellknown for his role in "Sesamstraat", added an extra spark to the show. When he 'died' and left the show (rumour has that he had arguments with Simone Kleinsma) it was immediately noticeable that this spark was gone. The new cast couldn't replace it. The show seems to have lost it's consistency, except for Simone Kleinsma who's still a good actress. Hopefully the new 2004 season, with more new characters (Sascha Visser from "Oppassen!!!" as Steven Speier), will make a lot of viewers laugh again.
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Beer Money (2001 TV Movie)
It's OK to kill the time
25 February 2004
I mainly watched Beer Money to see if Mark-Paul Gosselaar can assure you that he's popular for his acting and not for his SBTB-time. Well, he didn't. His acting wasn't too good. I liked Mercedes McNab and Nick von Esmarch (am I spelling that right?) better. There are a few funny scenes, but most of the time it's not even of second-class-quality. The story wasn't always clear to me. And I also wonder why they called it Beer Money. That's mentioned once in the movie, but has nothing to do with the rest. It seemed like a weak copy of E.T. Maybe this movie is funnier for little kids, but if you don't know what to do, this movie is OK to kill the time.
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Makkelijk te kijken en sfeervol
20 February 2004
This quiz is what I call easy-watching-television. It's scenery has some sort of authentic feel over it. It's like an old, picturesque restaurant where pianomusic and the smoke of sigars create a pleasant atmosphere. And Joost Prinsen, still wellknown as De Stratenmaker op Zee, is exactly the right host for it. A great show.
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Bergen Binnen (2003–2004)
Finally getting better
4 February 2004
This comedy's first season was really bad. It seemed like it couldn't even get worse! The acting was quite bad, especially the young actors (Tobias Nierop and Charlie Dagelet) weren't satisfying. Only Ben Hulsman reached the normal level of acting, but he left after the first 10 episodes. Now, in the second season, this show is finally getting better. Some actors and actresses have been replaced and the stories are funnier. If it keeps improving, it might even turn out to be as succesful as it's predecessor "Oppassen!!!", which ran for thirteen years.
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PaPaul (2003– )
Quite relaxed
30 January 2004
This is a nice programme with a relaxed atmosphere over it, even though Paul de Leeuw can make a (funny) mess of it. The only strange thing is it's airing time, and that's why it doesn't always have much viewers, but I think this is a good show, with interesting guests daily.
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Kopspijkers (1995–2005)
This is really a great show
30 January 2004
This is really a great show, which is of course why it's one of the best watched shows of The Netherlands. It is particularly famous for the cabaret at the end of each episode when famous people are being imitated. I also like the interviews with people who do something extraordinary or outrageous, and the part when they view strange things or mistakes that are made in TV-shows and commercials. Like I said, a great show and it couldn't have had a better host than Jack Spijkerman.
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Oppassen!!! (1991–2003)
'Tering de tering!'
30 January 2004
One of the best sitcoms I've ever seen is Oppassen!!! It ran for about 13 years and I didn't quite understand why it had to end last year. This show had a very familiar feeling over it. That attracted a lot of people. After Coen Flink, who played opa Buijs, died in 2000, the producers had doubts about continuing, but they managed to bring in a few new characters, which gave the show a boost. The last three years were not as good as this show was earlier, but something nice was developing and I was sad to see it ending. I guess my favorite character was Harry Stevens, played by Fred Vaassen. He always used the now famous line 'Tering de tering!'.
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The Trip (2003– )
Very amusing!
2 November 2003
This reallife roadshow is very amusing! There are two teams; one of those has to cross Western-Europe from Gibraltar (South of Spain) to Nordkapp (Northcape, top of Norway) and the other team goes vice versa. They have to hitch-hike all the way in 21 days, and only have 250 euros (about 300 dollars) to use in case of trouble. This year the teams were real cool. One of them is famous from "DePulpShow" (2002) and they are really humorous and reckless, which makes sure there are lots of funny moments. The other team is totally different: they're charming and know how to deal with people. This makes The Trip an interesting competition. A great idea from MTV. I like it!
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De 10 (1999– )
De 10 starts boring me
2 November 2003
After three seasons this programme starts boring me. They are running out of good ideas, although this show keeps on going. Now that the producers have noticed that, they brought in a new host for the fourth season (Peter van der Vorst) but still it's going downhill. After four whole years, this show should end.
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Schiet mij maar lek (2001– )
One laugh in half an hour
1 August 2003
This comedy is very weak, if you ask me. Peter Lusse is over his top and can't go back. He was much better in "Vrienden voor het leven" (1990). Serge-Henri Valcke plays quite good, but the others are also weak actors. This show might be fun for little kids, but it only let's me laugh once in half an hour.
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