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It's the audience who pays the price
31 March 2015
Gloating serial killer Devon Sawa, a media-friendly and fabulously wealthy playboy, is sent to Roundwood, a medium security prison in Michigan run by glamorous warden Diane Neal. It's a dead end for Final Destination kid Sawa, but is it a step up or down for Ms Neal, who played assistant DA Casey Novak in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit? From scene one, this ridiculous prison flick's dismal script is guilty of so many cardinal cliché sins (does Neal's 'difficult' teen daughter Jodelle Ferland live with her at the prison – you bet). And it's yet another shame-faced Canadian TV time-waster coyly pretending to be American. Fair warning: producer-director Mike Elliott also made Blue Crush 2 and Scorpion King 4.
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The Arrangement (2013 TV Movie)
Miami sunny side up
24 March 2015
Mexico's Miss Bala star Stephanie Sigman plays a Colombian fugitive courted by ambitious young Miami-Dade planning commissioner Bryan Greenberg as a politically expedient 'Green Card' partner. Dealing lightly with corruption, a glossy caper inspired by Elmore Leonard's story When the Women Come Out to Dance, with music pitched midway between sitcom and soap. The script isn't entirely serious either. "Say hello to my little friend," jokes Manolo Cardona. He's referring to the oversize telephoto lens on his Nikon. Despite the Florida setting, this is no Cat Chaser. The neat-and-tidy ending suggests this was intended as a pilot for a TV series. In any event, Ms Sigman is sensational, smart and sexy.
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