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It was wonderful!
19 April 2013
This was absolutely wonderful! It was full of action, life, and sadness. Hugh Jackman's character had many trials in his life and Russell Crow's was very driven. Anne Hathaway's character sure had a rough life, and it is sad to think anyone would ever have to live like that. Secrets, lies, truths, and the fight for survival. I was surprised that 99% of the movie was sang and I had to remind myself that it is not just a movie but an opera. I had never seen the first one, but it was surprising. The actors did a magnificent job singing with heart. To see them cry, was astounding as you could see their eyes swell up with tears and watch them stream down their faces. I will definitely be buying this movie! I love musicals anyway, but this was exceptional! I feel that Russell Crow, Hugh Jackman & Ann Hathaway definitely came alive in this. So touching. It made me cry, sad, and happy! Thank you for a wonderful story line, great acting, and a heart-filled story.
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Funny and Enlightening!
8 March 2013
This play was so funny! It had its sad parts, knowing that this kind of thing happens in real life, but the music, and singing was excellent! Madea, as usual was her hilarious self! It was informative, true to heart, and enlightening. It gave me a sense of knowing that I have to be true to myself, love my children but not spoil them, and that no matter what, be true to my Lord. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face. And I rarely do that. The actors and actresses did a wonderful job portraying their parts. The story line was wonderful and has a way of making you think of how you should treat others and love them. I am sure everyone will enjoy this play as much as I did. I am recommending it to everyone I know to see it! I loved it! Thank you Tyler Perry for another great movie!
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