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I can see this being one of the best movies this year.
9 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First of all: Wow

Second: Wow

I saw the movie today at a pre screening and let me just say, this movie simply just took my breathe away. I was already in tears by the first scene! This is an emotional, warm movie and I loved every second of it of course there are some really funny scenes in it too but since I don't wanna post spoilers I will add a few under the cut but one of the best scenes has to do with cats ;). It is so beautiful, they have really captured the era and the feeling of a circus.

This movie seem to be all Robert Pattinson (Jacob), I mean come on!! The footage of Rob is to die for. If i could picture frame every scene he is in i would. He is simply amazingly beautiful in this movie, like we didn't already know that?!

How about Robs acting then. The big question ;) I could see so much change in his acting and so much progress. It made me sort of proud in a weird way. I hope this movie will finally be the one that makes the movie business see him as something more than Edward Cullen. In the beginning of the movie i could see some Edward acting in certain face expressions and further in I could draw parallels with Tyler in Remember Me and sometimes I couldn't tell if he was acting or if he was simply being Rob. In some scenes I could see him charming fans at official events or just being laid back as he always is. Like if he shined know what I mean? I think all of you will see his amazing change, he have learned so much on the way.

He has developed so much!

To make this a fair review I think I would have to mention the rest of the cast.

Hal Holbrook (Old Jacob) is the sweetest little man ever. Totally awesome for the short time we see him on screen. I had a really hard time not crying when he was on. The opening scene is so emotional.

Reese Witherspoon (Marlena) I didn't expect anything besides good acting. She is so very sweet and on film she and Rob has an awesome connection and chemistry. Almost felt as if I could see the playfulness in the movie that they shared during their WFE press junket interviews.

Christoph Waltz (August) have to admit i haven't seen any movie from him before but he plays his part gracefully. Scary man with great ambitions for his circus.

Tai (Rose) the elephant. I LOVED HER!! I loved how adorable the scenes between her and Rob are. You can see the love Rob has for that elephant. Their scenes are the best!!

As for the other cast...they have made a great casting for this movie. Everyone plays their part so good.

Found a lack of depth in the movie like the book has, but i guess it is impossible to add all features from the book in to 2 hours of film. Overall nothing that really is bothering.

About the music.. I must admit that i didn't notice the score at all so i suppose it really worked in the movie. A lot of time typical music in many scenes.

Many have asked me on twitter if i think this movie is Oscars material. To be honest, I would love it to get an Oscar nod cause the scenography and costumes are so beautiful (!!) but, my answer will be no, at least in the bigger categories. It's not that i don't think the movie is extremely good but because i don't think the movie has the depth or the complexity that the Oscar winning movies normally have. But if i am wrong i will be so happy of course.

I wish all would see this movie. I don't think it will disappoint many.


The sex scene is something i have been asked about. Well, it's short and pretty much non existent. As far as anything naked in this movie, you will not find it.

Funniest scenes: When August tells Jacob to feed the cats. I laughed so much when Rob gets scared and falls. Also the scene after Robs party with Barbra and the crew and he wakes up in full clown gear. I am telling you nippelgate Rob all the way hahhahaha!!!

When Rob gets tears in his eyes when Rose is being hit my heart broke. *tears*

We also get to hear Rob speak polish in the movie which is really cool. And for me as a non polish person i think it sounds genuine :D

I will not write the ending even if this is spoilers cause I don't want to ruin it for those who haven't read the book.

The ONLY thing in the movie that didn't have the high quality as the rest of the movie was the scene when the animals are let loose among the circus audience. Looked to much as computer work than the real thing
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