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another season
29 March 2011
I love this program! I think it's awesome! I really hope the producers find it within themselves for another season. I love the mystery/crime drama/police shows. Please make another season. Pretty please!! Others may not like the voice-over effect, but it doesn't bother me. I think it's a great idea to get a story out by letting the victim "tell" his/her way. I know some things are fictionalized and/or dramatized, but what on TV isn't nowadays? Just about everything you watch will have some dramatization unless it's like a soap opera or something to that effect anyway. I mean even Animal Cops on Animal Planet is dramatized. They tell you at the beginning of each episode. So I'm not sure why some people are saying the dramatization is a big deal. I guess they're just jealous they didn't think of a show this great!
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