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Rattlesnake (2019)
What a waste of time.. and what a shame!
31 October 2019
Short SPOIL FREE review:

This movie was excruciatingly boring. Watching paint dry on a wall was more entertaining. Also I've watched the movie is less than 25 minutes. I skipped and skipped like a racehorse.

Seriously folks just read the following and try to think critically for a moment:

There are amazing movie scripts out there, amazingly talented individuals who would do anything to make a movie with passion and dedication.. How on earth does Netflix fund and green light these kind of movies?

This is making me seriously consider changing from streaming service.. I've seen a couple more of these kind of projects and it's offensive, do they think we're stupid?

Seriously, I beg not see these kind of boring, low budget, meaningless movies... If that is their objective, then please make a map with a name 'budget friendly movies', that's the stuff I'll be avoiding at all times. Those who love that kind of stuff, can have it...

I guess it's now a battle of having more instead having better movies... Quantity above quality.
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Ideally made for Bing Watching - Netflix did a fine job with Paul Rudd
18 October 2019
A complety honest opinion:

It's the kind of show that either falls incredibly short or it is a succes. This show is neither and it fall in between. There were a lot of elements in the show that i wanted to be different, but i do understand that not all shows get a big budget from Netflix. They did a fine job with wath they got and they succeeded in that.

In all honesty it's a the kind of show that one would 'not' want to watch again. It's a one timer bing watch show that is satisfying.

Paul Rudd did a fine acting job, as usual. The supporting actors were also a good choice and they did a fine job.

It's a small budget friendly show for everyone.

A well deserved 7/10
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Fractured (I) (2019)
Netflix mass producing films like chicken farms...
13 October 2019
I have seen worse movies and I don't easily give a 6 out of 10.

The movie is saved by a good versatile actor whom keeps the audience interested. The story on the other hand is widely predictable. Even a 10 year old would figure the twist in the first 30 mins.

Netflix is trying to get a ton of original content since Apple TV and Disney+ were announced. Now they are in full acceleration mode, going rampage on making fast movies...

Doing this results in B grade, C grade movies like these ones... Movies with predictable endings, bad storyline, bad films in general... Go for quality instead of quantity Netflix.

Good luck.
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Vikings: Moments of Vision (2018)
Season 5, Episode 10
The ending gave me 1% fate for this show, but te episode overall was DEAD in my eyes
27 January 2018
What is god's name happend to vikings? jezus christ... until season 4 vikings was pure orgasm, and now i'm watching and constantly thinking "what have they done? where are they going with this?"

It seems to me that once they get enough people to watch it, they start to make it similar to all other hollywood crap... i'm sorry for my language but this is true, and my honest opinion about it.

If you look at the first two seasons, you'll get the perfect image of how downhill vikings got...

Dear producers and all other suit people working on this show: stop taking a dump on this show.... make it great again like the first seasons...

best regards,

a viking fan.... (was).
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My Hero Academia (2016– )
Two words: enjoyment & amazing!
25 June 2016
I won't go in to detail explaining why this anime is incredible. After seeing 'one punch man' i wanted to find a new fresh anime to watch. I was very skeptical on finding one that has the same quality as One Punch man... BUT damn was i wrong.. After watching episode 12 of Boku no hero academia i was Mind Blown... Seriously i even watched it a second time just to experience that final moment!

The way they use the soundtrack in each scene shows how incredibly talented and passionate the creators are. This is what i call Anime! Freakin unbelievable how they managed to create a fresh anime with so much originality and epicness 'again'. People you have to understand that it takes a genius mind to be able to create something this good... episode 12 just proved that!

All i can say is that this anime has the potential to go PLUS ULTRA and beyond!

Watch it and you won't regret it!

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The Flash: Legends of Today (2015)
Season 2, Episode 8
Not just a great crossover.. it is PERFECT!
2 December 2015
Where do i even start?

First of all i gotta say that in all of the flash episodes this is by far the best one. There are a lot of great episodes, but this one will stand out for a long long time..., just imagine all of the next episodes being like this, having the same quality! yes sir! This is without a doubt a TV superhero show with amazing quality! the special effects, the characters, all of it! PERFECT. It shows that you don't need a million dollar blockbuster movie to be epic. The flash is a great example of that.

Beside the great action and the good performance of the actors i gotta say that the transition from one superhero to the other and bringing them together is just done so well. It's not just done so well, it's done in such good way that you're just baffled as a watcher, to see how much passion is put in to this episode (and some others). Even the small things like how the league of assassins turn up and the humor of cisco etc. Again GREAT performance.

I wish this episode was at least one and half hours long, so we could see more of the new emerging characters (villains), but will just wait for the next episodes. I personally hate waiting for a the next episodes... because the show is just that good!

New villain (vandal savage) +1

Hawk girl +1 (she good and she will get better i see).

Haakman + 2 (This guy can act dammit!) the way he was introduced and the action!

The flash + arrow +2

the league + 1

supporting characters +2

where was constantine?? i mean we are dealing with ancient 'magic', i really thought he was going to pop up somehow and give some advice with. The dude can act and really in this element here.. -1

9/10 Amazing
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One Punch Man (2015– )
Blown away - Like Saitama the anime itself has no limit's to its awesomeness!
9 November 2015
I am truly tempted to give One punch man a 10 but in my opinion there is no perfection. There is near perfection and one punch man is that.

The first episode that i saw, i laughed so hard that i almost fell off my chair. As it progresses to the next episodes they try to combine the comedic and the seriousness of the story together, and they manage to do that. I feel like that the writers are truly doing this with a feeling of passion and next to it they enjoy the absurd fighting sequences.

Opinion on the last two episodes of season 1:

My thoughts: The amount of awesomeness put in this two episodes is beyond imagination. It's just incredible how they build up the climax to the end and to show the endless powers Saitama has. Although it's a parody it doesn't stop me as a viewer to enjoy the anime and accept it as part of something great. When i say something great, i mean putting it next dragon ball, and other incredible animes. It's obvious to the rational thinker that a lot of elements like the characters design (boros etc) are similar to Dragon ball, and that it's influenced by them.

BUT what makes it so different one might ask himself: Just by observing the amount of details put in to the fighting sequences will tell you that 'one punch man' is a serious anime (in some ways). Dragon ball is nostalgic and has a great history and character development behind its series and one punch man will have to gain more years in order to obtain the status DB has. What i'm trying to say is that the detail put in to the fighting scenes in one punch man are far beyond what other anime have achieved or tried to... It's a masterpiece in way... And that's what gave this anime a 9 out of 10.

He destroys all of his enemies with one punch and mocks them like they were nothing. But it still does not get boring and that's the reason why this anime is a great success. Make the details look sublime and the fighting sequences beyond comprehention, mix it with a flavor of humor/comedy and you've got in my eyes the perfect anime (action fans). Just take a good look at the episode where Saitama fights Genos and you'll get the perfect picture on why this anime is amazing (there are youtube videos with that scene).

It even got me to search some more info about this anime on the internet. There are youtube videos and articles about the origin of one punch man. It's interesting to take a look.

I hope this show keeps up the quality as it is and i can't wait for more! ----> after watching the last two episodes i can only imagine where it is headed. This anime has proved (after this season) that it will not fail to entertain it's anime loving fans!
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Vikings: The Dead (2015)
Season 3, Episode 10
A slow season 3 finale but very important for season 4. Spoiler FREE
24 April 2015
I know what you're going to say.. "Why was the ending not like season 2 or why was it not as epic as episode 8 and 9??"

Still i loved this episode because they choose to go a little bit slower at the end. They have put more emotions and character development in it. There are many examples i can give off, but it would just spoil it.

The fourth season is hopefully going to be grandiose, epic... We have seen that this season was a little bit different than the second season, you could see that they've put more effort in other areas. Some of the past episodes were just mind boggling. Te CGI and the cinematography were just top notch. History Channel proves that it can do better, much better! and they succeed in it.

Through this season i was thinking by myself, why does it feel different than season 2? It's because they try hard to play with your emotions and they manage to let us emphasize even more about a character. You get to ask yourself the following questions:

Did Ragnar really???

What will Rollo do?

What will Ragnar do to Floki?

Who will betray him or stay loyal to him in season 4?

While watching this episode you enjoy it and at the same time one keeps asking himself these questions.

This finale was not epic, it was a finale that cared about how we think and feel, not about what we see... And i loved this about it!

A well deserved 8.9/10
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Not bad, there were some really good moments in it
31 March 2015
It had some funny moments in it. Especially the one with Pete Davidson, Jeffrey Ross and Hannibal Buress made me laugh the most. Kevin Heart was really good at taking the lead on this one. As always he plays the funny midget and succeeds in it.

Especially the jokes they made about Shaquille O'Neal were the funniest by far. Truly funny.

There were moments where you realize that some of them fake laugh, because they are made to... and sometimes some jokes did not make any sense, i mean they were out of context and shouldn't have been mentioned, in my opinion. But again, it's a roast and everything can be thrown at you, no matter what.

This roast is no different to all other roasts, i watched it just to see and hear the stereotypical 'facts' about JB.

Will this change the image of JB? my answer = NOPE, in my eyes he will and always be a rich, successful cocky little girl.

7/10 because i laughed at some moments.
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Silenced (2011)
Where is justice? - Movie too powerful
28 March 2015
This movie is incredibly powerful, at some points i couldn't hold my tears.

The movie has portrayed true events in a masterfully done way. The cinematography/atmosphere and the music are superb.

This movie really made me sad and angry at the world at the same time. At some points in the movie i wished i could be there and take a gun and take justice in to my own hands.It portraits the true nature of how evil and disgusting human beings can be. The sheer fact that the system and those who "abide" the law are corrupt, and still manage not to give a damn about what happened to those children, is beyond my understanding.The movie got me frustrated at many points and i just wanted to punch the protagonist in the face for not taking justice in to his own hands. You see evil in front of you and you see that the majority of the people running the system, the laws are bad and corrupt, and you think by yourself, why not punish all those evil bastards? and i don't care how it is done, as long as they get punished.

At some point one gets the realization that there is no hope in this world. Our society is run by sociopaths and psychopaths. It shows that money can do anything, and that human life and a child's innocence means nothing to those in power. I'm really angry after watching this movie and so sad at the same time... i can't keep getting this movie out of my head.

This movie deserves an Oscar and should be seen by everyone!

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Forever (2014–2015)
I love the show but it gets annoying after a while, and this is why:
24 March 2015
First of all i love this show and Ioan Gruffudd is great at playing Henry Morgan. the reason for me watching this show is because i love its plot. The following description on IMDb about it made me consider watching this show:

"A 200-year-old man works in the New York City Morgue trying to find a key to unlock the curse of his immortality."

The following is the reason for why i'm getting a bit annoying about it. They just don't seem to follow the true direction of the show. Al they show is repetitive episodes with different murder cases... This should not be a CSI show, because there a ton of that kind of garbage out there... Some episodes did catch my eye and interest and i really wanted them to build on that and put more focus on to it. For example (TINY SPOILER) the episodes with Burn Gorman (adam), the moment he told Morgan how old he was, really gave me the goosebumps. Why did they not create more episodes surrounding his character? I mean why waste time on countless murder cases that have no link to the curse of Morgan??

It's always the same... more and more murder cases to solve like sherlock Holmes. I really like it but after a while it gets annoying. They really need to put more focus on the curse of Morgan, rather than the excessive and pointless police work.

Are they out of ideas? Jesus... even i have tons of ideas. Get your ideas straight writers...

First couple episodes = 8/10 after watching more episodes= 6.9/10
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Wild Card (2015)
I now know why the movie got a low rating, despite being enjoyable
4 February 2015
When i saw the users review i lost my interest in the movie. But because of the fact that Jason Statham plays in it, i gave the movie a chance.

In all honesty this movie has no story whatsoever. It's just a multiple occurrences of different things happening, following Jason Statham's character. It's like the writers managed to create the script for this movie in a couple hours. And that's why it got a lower rating...

The movie is enjoyable because of the fight scenes portrait in it. Jason Statham shows some real lethal skills and that's why i loved the movie.

Watch this movie without any expectation. But do expect some sick skills from Jason Statham, when fighting.

It's sad that someone like Jason Statham, so talented accepts roles in movies like this. A star like him should be doing something bigger than this. Even seeing Jason in a movie like The raid, would be better than movies like this (wild card).

I gave it a 6/10 because i enjoyed it, only because of the fight scenes.
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Vikings: The Lord's Prayer (2014)
Season 2, Episode 10
One hell of an episode! SPOILER FREE
2 May 2014
This episode was so good. It started slowly but ended epicly. Although i kind of expected what was going to happen in the end of the episode, i really didn't mind it. It's obvious that the next season is going to be big, because Ragnar has a lot on his mind now. After everything that has happened we can only imagine on how good the next season will be.

It saddens me to see such a good show with such low budget.In my opinion this series is better than most of the high budgets out there (which don't deserve that kind of budget). This show deserves a higher budget because it has so much potential to become 'BIGGER'. I'm not saying that it needs to be better, because it's already epic! all i'm saying is that this show deserves to have like at least 3 more seasons and a higher budget to make even more epic.

Thank you history channel for this amazing show and the amazing cast! I hope that one of the Producers is reading this and considering making it bigger than it is now.

I am really excited for the next season, and i can't hardly wait!
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Salem (2014–2017)
Boring and bad atmosphere throughout the series...
23 April 2014
To be honest when i saw the trailer and poster for this series (and the plot) i thought it was going to be epic and maybe a new favorite series. It actually destroyed, crushed and smashed my expectations and threw it into the sewer. It reminds me of the series 'terra nova' it looked promising and eventually it bored the hell out of me. When we talk about a series which has to show historical facts and stories told through many years about those times, i Really don't care whether it's accurate or not, as long as it is epic and enjoyable to watch. This show is the apposite of everything i just told (inacurate also..).

The actors are a 5/10 because there are much worse out there and they didn't really give me that caring feeling about their 'characters'. The cinematography of 'Salem' is pretty okay, considering the fact that there are other shows out there with a lesser budget doing better. I mean the "trailer" or teaser looked really promising and all of a sudden you realize it's piece of trash show.

To be honest i'm not really looking forward to the next episode, duo the fact that i can only imagine that it's going to be as bad and dull as the first episode (i doubt that their going to prove me wrong).

I gave the show a 5/10 for the so called "effort" they put in. Other than that and only by seeing the first episode i can't really recommend this series to anyone out their who value their time, but that's only my opinion and you can go and check it out for yourself.
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The Walking Dead: A (2014)
Season 4, Episode 16
Blood will flow and vengeance shall be sweet!
31 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know how put this episode in words but damn what a hell of a episode! I knew what was coming (kind of), but those few last moments were worth every second waited for!

The next upcoming episodes from season 5 must need one heck of a writer to get my high excitement going for this series. this last episode made it up for "all" the other boring episodes and it did it with a lot of blood shedding!.

Rick was as always incredible in his role! and to be honest i didn't really like the "little kid" Carl but this time it actually was going to hurt me 'if' he died, because i started to care... very well done character development i must say!

As i said they will need some really smart and loyal writes to keep up my excitement and of all the other viewers up, in order to keep this amazing show getting high ratings.

I can't wait for the next season!

Some things that will and must be there (in the next season) in my personal opinion:


2: heartbreaking decisions

3: Losing some important characters (hope not).

4:Touching moments that will make the toughest guy shed a tear.

5:Don't screw this up writers... please!

6: What in gods name do you want more? it's perfect if all of the above are accomplished!

thank you for reading!
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Riley Rewind (2013– )
For a series, made with a 75k budget and a youtuber... I say well done!
12 December 2013
I have watched all episodes on Facebook and i must say that i am quite surprised.

When watching this series you'll easy forget that it is made by Ray William johnson, why? it's because its made very very well. You wouldn't even see the difference between a high budget series or this one. The actors, special effects, lighting music etc.. they all look really good and are well executed. I do not believe that there is anyone out there that can do better with a 75K budget.

This shows the potential that ray has to offer to those Hollywood suits people with bags of money. He shows that you can make a good series with very low money/resources.

He also shows that if you put enough time and effort in it (love in what you do), that you can make everything work. I am truly amazed by how far our midget has become (love you ray).

There is a bright future ahead of you, keep on holding it and you'll be sitting next to the stars that we all desire to meet.

Hopefully will see the sequel to this well made web series! keep up the good work ray!

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Spartacus: Fugitivus (2012)
Season 2, Episode 1
The show starts slow, but eventually you get what you want.
26 January 2012
I have waited for so long to see the first episode of season 2. Andy made ​​this series one of the best, it broke my heart when i heard he died. I cant blame the amount of viewers they lost. Andy was the reason people kept watching. Just to let all of you know, no one can replace Andy "The real Spartacus!.

The beginning of the first episode start's like it should be, you will like it! that's for sure. But don't expect that it's going to blow your mind like the first season. The show start slow with the first episode, but they also give you the feeling that there is more coming. I'm so glad they kept the 300 feeling in it. Liam McIntyre is amazing in hes role as Spartacus. I don't believe that it's going to be better that the first season. But.., who know whats coming next.

I cant wait to see the second episode.
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Spartacus (2010–2013)
I am speechless! where do i even begin!
10 January 2012
First of all this is the best TV show i have ever seen in my entire life! R.I.P Andy! we love you.

When i saw the first episode i couldn't get my eyes off of it. The fighting scenes in the movie are spectacular!, never thought they could make a TV show this awesome. But it's not only the Gladiators with the amazing fight scenes that interested me. The woman's in it are just beautiful and got my attention eminently! The feeling of the 300 is in it, that i cant assure you! But to be honest it is not 100% like the 300. Spartacus has something else, something different, something you don't see in many TV show's.

Action = Check

love/sex = Check

Drama = Check

War = check

Spartacus =Check

See the first and the second episode, and if you change your mind about not seeing the rest of it, then you have no clue of what you are missing in your life.

i cant wait to see the sequel on the 27th of January 2012.
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