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Dangerous Men (2005)
Yes... its worst than Tommy Wiseau's "The Room"
4 December 2005
What is to be said about the movie that would make Ed Wood vomit with rage? This film did not just blindside me, it actually blinded me. The "Dangerous Men" poster boasts itself as an "Unforgettable Suspense, Mystery Drama" (yes "mystery drama" what is it about!?) with pictures of actors who do not occupy more than 20 minutes of screen time! Over half the names of the actors and crew (when not credited to John Rad) are pseudonyms which means this film is fortunate to house or cage such great talent as Melody Wiggins, Paul Arnold, Honey Goldberg, Hunter Person, Gil Gex, Elle Squadrito, and the prestigious Lawrence McNeal III to name too many. People this film is literally inches away from being "Deep Throat" at least thank god it limps out before it can even get that far. Okay bare with me... Filming began in 1985 only to be shut down because of lack of funding or too many actor/actress suicides (we should at least assume so) then in 1995 to be refinanced and reshot in a desperate attempt to resolve the "story" with different characters of no logical connection! Filled with belly button fetishes, nonsensical storytelling and repetitious music that would upstages its pornographic mentors "Dangerous Men" is by far the worst film I have ever seen and trust me, I LOVE "The Room" but Jesus Christ there is only so far a man can go. I've seen it three times to prove to my friends that such a film exists and have vowed never to go again. I mean it. It hurts. I am not writing this review to praise but rather to WARN. Stay away! Trust me. This movie is good for a laugh but really at what cost?
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The Room (2003)
A Rocket RollerCoaster set for an explosion!
10 July 2003
Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" is a truely wonderful timeless film with a large cast in miscellaneous locations. I have seen this movie three times and each time I get something new out of it. With a sharp blend of Arnold Schwarzennegger, Van Damn, and Dr. Frankenstein's monster Tommy's performance is brilliant, hilarious, powerful, and even moving at some points. The screenplay & dialogue are even better pushing the limits of seventh grade drama. Armed with a blind cinematography and tri-pod supported by a one legged dwarf the film shows real life situations in a raw and entertaining manner. All the characters are loveable and enjoyable to watch, especially Denny a lifelike teenage puppet with the sensitive heart of gold. The character "arch" goes all over the place like a rocket rollercoaster too confused to stay on the track but entertaining none the less. I loved this movie, it may sound like I am being cynical but really I am not! This is tommy's first movie and by golly it is fun (just as long as you don't take it seriously). I think that this film will definitely find an audience and a large cult following. I recommend this quirky "dark comedy" drama sitcom play movie to anyone who loves to laugh and enjoys a good time. his movie gives amateur filmmakers hope for the future. Thanks Tommy, you taught us to laugh and love again. 9 3/8 stars!
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