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The Predator (2018)
"Simply:One of the worst movies i ever see...."
30 September 2018
Jesus! Where to start?

1.-No story,or dialog,or motivation,or screenplay,or reason. 2.-No chemistry,or common sense,or magic between the characters. 3.-No connection,or relation,or things to do with the others predators movies. I mean...Alien vs Predator:Requiem looks like THE GODFATHER besides this piece of crap!!! Just don't look it! Simple! Not even in the future. Trust me!
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Coco (I) (2017)
"An Respectul Tribute to Mexican Culture and his People"
28 October 2017
All my family waiting this movie all the year since we see the teaser and blow up...and more because was a Pixar movie and they all make right all the movies they make (at least the 80%).

And Jesus we all not disappointed at all...The music,the animation,the characters,the colors,the family...everything was just perfect.

Now being a Mexican born a was worried that Pixar takes so many liberties of the Mexican culture,people,music and more...But that didn't happen they took all the things i mention before and converted in one of the best animated pictures i ever see and make me even more proud to born Mexican.

I know you all the see the trailers and teasers and know how the movie it is but NO...the movie have a great twist and surprises that gonna make you love the movie even more...Like i say before everything in the movie is just perfect and one i have to say is that PIXAR portrait The day of the Death (dia de los muertos) very accurate and with a lot of respect.

Just see gonna love it Pixar make another classic movie to they collection and Mexican people of all the world...You be pride to be what you are!
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"A complete waste of time...5 times of boring & the same"
24 July 2017
Jesus! What happen?...This movie have exactly the same problem that UNDERWORLD,RESIDENT EVIL & FAST AND FURIOUS....they become the "same thing" in every movie.

Yes,Yes...the movie have explosions,action,adventure,etc,etc,etc but we already see this before the problem with movie is that don't have nothing new and the fault is MICHAEL BAY!

I haven't see a good movie of BAY since THE ROCK and that was 20 years ago!...i think the movie need new blood,new ideas,new visions...not the same time every movie (remember he already make 5 movies in the road)...the acting is OK...but like i say before is all jumping,screaming,etc.

I really hope that some one in Paramout read this and the next time make something new...oh i forgot!...they already make it BUMBLEBEE:The movie right now...Damn! too late!
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"A big disappointment of Maestro Scott"
17 June 2017
I have to say that i am a HUGE fan of the ALIEN saga...and i always says that any movie have they own vision (yes! even ALIEN 3) so when i heard that Ridley Scott is coming back to the universe i can be more happy.

I know that PROMETHEUS was a disappointment for a lot of fans but i personally like it because we see something different this time...not a another hide and chase ALIEN movie.

Now CONVENANT was exactly the opposite...the movie feels like ALIEN:RESURRECTION 2 nothing new no surprises no least PROMETHEUS have many new things...this movie not.

And all coming from someone like SCOTT is even a huge low down...Now i not saying that the movie is bad...of course the movie have great special effects,a great cast,and of course a great direction...the problem is the feel like "i already see this before" and a huge down.

If you want to see a original entry to the ALIEN saga...that's NOT what you gonna see...but if you want to see another chase and run entry like others ALIEN movies before...that's what you gonna see.
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Cars 3 (2017)
" One of the best trilogy ends i ever see"
17 June 2017
Cars was is a classic,Cars 2 was a disappointment,Cars 3 is simply one of the best closing trilogy's i ever see (at least in animation).

The story in many ways is a adult story for kids but the movie never loose the road and the classic characters are back an new ones two.

Now we all see the teasers and trailers so i don't gonna spoil something here,The question that lighting McQueen do in all the movie is:I am old? My time already pass?...well you have to see the movie to discover that.

The movie have soul,magic,emotion,chemistry something i don't see in a lot time...Believe me when i tell you that the movie is great (even in the theater everyone was applauding in the best scenes and in the end of the movie...something that a never see in a animated movie lately) you can understand the feeling in the theater.

Cars 3 is simply on the best animated movies i ever see in last years and yes...Pixar make another classic...Bravo Maestros.
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"Another CGI movie with NO script or story"
7 April 2017
Let me start saying that i know the anime and i am a fan of him,Another thing is i have NO problem that an American actress take the lead of an Asian character so let start.

This movie is another addition to the movies with a lot of CGI or special effects and cero story...The typical future city already see it in a lot of movies like:BLADE RUNNER,TRON,MINORITY REPORT,A.I.,THE FIFTH ELEMENT,THE MATRIX,DREDD,and many many more and believe me this becoming boring to death..why? because we already there and is question of years that all have that technology in our hands.

Now if you want to see a movie based only in CGI this is your movie but if you looking something not for you...the movie feels empty,with no magic,substance or originality..Beieve me if you don't see it in the theater you not miss anything.

Don't waste your money...they are better FUTURE movies out there to see this....
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Logan (2017)
"Good...But not great"
3 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say that i am a huge fan of WOLVERINE since the comics and i follow all this years in movies.

Hugh Jackman like Christopher Reeve,Michael Keaton,Brandon Lee,Robert Downey jr and some more...born to play WOLVERINE and he make a great job.

Now this movie should be call LOGAN:THE ROAD MOVIE or WOLVERINE:THE ROAD MOVIE Forget to see fly fights or superpowers battles or something like that like we all see in the past Logan movies...What you going to see is a violent Logan almost dying taking care of Charles Xavier and waiting to die...Like we see in THE WOLVERINE the movie focus in his pain in how he don't have anything to live until Laura shows in the picture.

Now i don't want to spoil something but the movie becomes a escape and running and found the others kids like Laura.The action are great and finally see the LOGAN that we all want to see.Violent,Wild,Aggressive and Bloody that we waiting for.

Finally if you expect to see the comic book that is gonna change the world or something like that...This is not that movie. Like i say is good but not great...Now see for the last time play Jackman the character that he in some ways made it worth the ticket.
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"Amazing...One of the best sequels of the last decade"
3 March 2017
John Wick becomes one of the best action movies of the last ten years because the story,the action,the characters and of course Keanu Reeves.

Even that the first movie wasn't a box office champ,in rents and sales of DVD and BLU RAY become a huge hit and quickly becomes a cult movie.

Now the sequel is simply AMAZING...The action are dazzling because here is no CGI or something like that here is stunt persons fighting mano a mano and Reeves take part of that (Reeves make about 80% of the stunts according to the director) so the action take you to another level.

The casting is great too besides the magic and great interpretation of Reeves we have Ruby Rose,John Leguizamo,Ian Mcshane and the reunion of Laurence Fishborne with Keanu since THE MATRIX trilogy.

Believe me when i tell you that the movie worth every dollar you spend in the theater you wont be disappoint and you be waiting JOHN WICK 3 coming in the next years.
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"Great music,great acting,great director,great story...Great Movie"
3 December 2016
I remember a lot the year of 1991.

Great music,great friends,great trips,great girlfriend,great party's and of course great movies.

That's what the year of TERMINATOR 2 but another great movies (now classics some of them) came out:NEW JACK CITY,THE ROCKETEER,JFK,POINT OF BREAK,HOT SHOTS,MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO,THE FISHER KING,DELICATESEN,STAR TREK 6,L.A.STORY and of course THE COMMINTMENTS.

This movie is simple magic you can feel the actors go into the character and feel this emotions and more also the direction of PARKER is very good because he have all the freedom to the actors and make they stuff.

No big stars are here the BIG STAR here is the music that all the actors really sing and of the great chemistry between them.

In a year that great movies came out and the music was awesome THE COMMINTMENTS have a place in 1991.
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"What a Crap!"
1 June 2016
I remember to see this program because the dead of MJ and men,,,What a crap!

None of the brothers know how to be front a camera they think that they have to act but no! This was a REALITY show not a TV SERIES and everything was very boring.

The series follow a life in the JACKSONS 5 and believe of you life is boring this guys life is worst.The REALITY have no magic nothing interesting nothing entertainment nothing good i mean NOTHING.

You can feel that the JACKSONS are because the evil Father JOE JACKSON you can see that they don't wanna be there.

After the first chapter i change the channel forever.
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"One word:Awesome!"
3 May 2016
One of the big problems with Batman V Superman was that the movie have not fun,magic and emotion Simple.

Now when you see this movie the movie have 100% everything that BVS don't have..I now a lot of people hate the comparations of both movies but is inevitable.

Right now MCU win the road to the box office champ of 2016 (We have to wait to see Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange later this year)and best comic book of the summer (Deadpool too).

OK now the movie.The action are Awesome,the fights incredible,the special effects great,the acting very good,the direction amazing and the story with a lot of surprises.

Look if you still disappointment of the CRAP (Yes! Crap!) of BvS this the movie you waiting for...One of MCU best!!!
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"What a Huge Disappointment"
12 April 2016
After see BLADE and BLADE II someone expected a great-ass-punch-kicking finale for the trilogy right? WRONG!...This what happen when studio interference and put unlikeable characters.

Everybody knows that BLADE is loner (Whistler make the weapons) and we love the character because of that he don't have to give explanations to nobody but in this movie they introduce 2 new characters that nobody likes or care.And that's is the big problem,you don't want that characters there and the movie become a some kind of FAMILY fail reunion and that a shame.

Stay with part I and II because compare with this movie that movies look like THE GODFATHER and THE GODFATHER part 2 compare with this crap.
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ReBoot (1994–2002)
"24 years already?...I can't believe it!"
7 March 2016
Men i remember when this cartoons came out it was the "born" of animated computer characters (early year was Jurassic Park) so for the time was very awesome (the other awesome cartoons was Transformers:Beast wars) so i can't simple believe it that already spend 24 years!!!

This cartoons was a different story for kids because in many ways they introduce the "computer" languaje for the future generations and they make it great Of course the animation was very unique and many years later a lot of new comers say that REBOOT was his inspiration.

Like a say before i glad to be part of the generation of REBOOT and is make me very sad that be never be a cartoon like this in the future.
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Creed (2015)
"A great Spin-off to the Rocky saga"
9 February 2016
I remember when i go to see Rocky Balboa a tough that was a great way to ending the series of movies,Rocky still have the punch and the people still love him (one of the best endings of the series) so i think "this is it".

When i see the trailer of Creed i was surprise because this time is about Creed son's and not of rocky.Even that he already was a trainer before (remember Rocky V?) this time is different because is the best friend son who training so you can see the passion and magic of this.

Stallone is same Rocky...Now i know the big question here:He deserves the Oscar for this movie? Yes and No.The acting is the same (I think he was better in Rocky Balboa) but if you take a count all saga movies of Rocky of course he deserves...But not for acting in this movie.

The one who steal the movie is of course B.Jordan you can really feel that he is Creed son!!! and the direction are more that great.

This movie in many ways a "homenage" to Rokcy saga and believe me if you are Rocky saga fan you won't be disappointment.
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"Not what you expected..."
18 December 2015
We all know how the prequels disappoint to everyone (Episode I specially) and the huge expectation to this movie to bring back the magic and nostalgia that the prequels don't have.

Well...If you want see something new,unique,fresh and innovative in the STAR WARS universe...That's in NOT you gonna see.

The movie feels in many ways like some kind of remake or retold of the original 1977 STAR WARS movie...A lonely boy (in this case a girl) find a droid with a mission,a old man teaches him,a new weapon come out to light,a final (but very boring in this case)battle in space to the new weapon...Sounds familiar isn't?...That is what you gonna see.

My friends was surprise that i take very calm the disappointment of this movie and that was because a come to see it extremely neutral...I don't expected much and that what i receive.

Yes...The movie is very entertainment but that's it!.

if you come to see something new like ST:the clone wars or ST:rebels...Believe me that's cartoons have more imagination that this movie.

For the record:EPISODE I is a lot better that this movie.
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"A movie with style and chemistry...A great surprise"
4 September 2015
Everyone who expects to see a la Bond-Style movie they will be disappointment...That's not they gonna see here.

The movie is like a cross of Oceans eleven with the 60's old time vintage spy movies.The fans of the TV series have nothing to fear about this movie.

Like i say before the movie have a lot of style:The suits,the locations,the music (simply great soundtrack),the cars,the hairstyles,the shoes...even the food!...Eevrything in this movie have style!.

The chemistry between the actors are great you can feel the "good vibrations" in the screen,The direction of GUY RICHIE like always perfect and incredible.

The movie is about characters and situation and not about action.explosions or bullets...The movie is not like that...That's why is so great because is so different and unique...One of the best of the year for me.

If you looking to see something fresh,unique,original and with a lot of style this is your movie....Trust me!
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"Compare with this...The original looks like "the godfather".In the same category of Electra and Catwoman".
6 August 2015
When you see a trailer that sucks,A reviews of critic's that sucks,A review of fans that sucks and a movie that nobody cares you know something is really wrong.

Well here we go...I know that the original and his sequel wasn't the best comic book movies of all time but at least was very entertainment movies and the chemistry between the cast (Evans,Alba,Chiklis and Gruffudd) was great but this movie don't have nothing of that.

You feel all that cast very miscast and like they was make it the movie because the money,The producers want to make this movie A LA dark knight dark,serious,etc...But simply that don't work here!

I mean the movie is BORING! yes BORING!...the movie don't have any soul or something..You don't care nothing for them! Like i say before this movie are in the same category of ELEKTRA and CAT WOMAN of one of the worse comic book movies of all time.

Is sad because the main cast are great actors and you see what waste of talent and money.

This movie like i say before compare with the original...The original looks like THE GODFATHER compare with this crap.

I rare see the reviews of the critics but for the first time i completely agree with them.
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Ant-Man (2015)
"Better than Avengers:Age of Ultron"
18 July 2015
Look first i have to say that i am a great fan of the MARVEL universe and i know when i say that Avengers:Age...was (for me) a great disappointment.

Why? Because was the same of the same...Now ANT MAN at least comes with something fresh,cool and yes very very fun.

If you want to take seriously this movie you be disappointment if you don't you gonna take the ride of the year with one of the best CGI special effects i ever see in this year.

The cast are great:Rudd makes a great ant-man,the great Michael Douglas proves again that with the correct script he can make a great part,The extremely beautiful Evangeline Lilly have a great part too in the movie and the villain Corey Stoll makes a acceptable villain.

The real star of the movie are the CGI special effects even that you know that are CGI you lost and feel the SF like be part of the story and not another part of the movie (see it in 3D believe me worth the ticket)

My final toughs for this movie is that is a perfect summer movie you have too see (like Jurassic world) please don't take the movie very seriously because the movie wasn't make to take like that...Just buy your refreshments and enjoy this ride with this new fun and fresh super heroes. (Don't leave the theater they are 2 end credits).
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Predestination (I) (2014)
"Amazing,Unique and Simple"
3 July 2015
I have to say completely honest that i never heard of this movie and i just see it about 2 days ago and Jesus!!! what a amazing surprise.

I cannot tell you a lot of the movie because i don't want to spoil something of this unique piece of science fiction movie But i can your promise that the story is simple one of the kind.

The always likable Ethan Hawke make a credible job like the bartender and you simply go with into the story but the one who steal the movie is the beautiful and tenacious Sarah Snook you wont believe what this actress prepare to you in this movie.

Is glad to see that still are people who cares to offer movies with something unique and new.Like happen in recent years with movies like DRIVE,SHAME,DREDD and JOHN WICK to mention some this movie is a great discover and you won't be disappoinmnent...Trust me.
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The Relic (1997)
"One of the best monster movies of the 90's"
3 June 2015
I remember to see this in 1997 in video rental and like it a lot,The movie is extremely entertainment,great special effects (even now look awesome),great cast, and of course a great director.

One of the things that i like it is that the movie don't spend time looking for explanations of where the monsters come from o why is a monster,The movie is about to get out of there alive.

That's why the movie works very well because is not spend time in stupid things,like love story or background of the characters.

The cast is good:Tom sizemore like always a great actor,Penelope ann miller beautiful and very convincing actress.

But of course the one who steal the movie is the monster.Master of special effects Stan Winston (R.I.P.)make another great work give us a very incredible monster.

See it don't ask questions! you wont be disappointment.You have my word.
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"The chemistry between Martin & Candy are Awesome"
27 February 2015
This is kind of movie that no need awards or big box office returns or something,This is the kind of movie that one see and become part of one life.

The great comedians Steve martin and john candy share the screen for an unique kind of film.A film of friendship,loneliness,family and appreciate the things that one have.

Both Martin and Director-screenwriter John Hughes considered the best movie that both ever make of this own and nobody can't deny that this is simply one of the best movies of the 80's.

If you are the kind of person who like to see great stories and great acting...see this movie you won't be disappointment.
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"in your face Disney!"
27 February 2015
This movie basically plays with all the legend Urban's myth of Disney world.

From the robots humans to the demons employees to the mysterious deaths to the ghost kids...I mean to all that creepy things that we all hear of Disney.

i like the movie creepy ambient and the way they put all things together.The acting is average for this kind of movie and the movie never boring and catch you since the opening.

Is glad to see a very different kind of horror movie...see this movie and go inside the "dark and cruel world of Disney".
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The Cobbler (2014)
"It could be a lot better...."
26 February 2015
Now i am a big fan of Adam sandler and i have to admit that when a movie of him come out i always got to see it with the whole family.

When i see the trailer of this movie my impression was that is gonna be very funny and with a lot of gags like other sandler movies.

I see that? NO!!!..The movie is slow,boring,with not a single good joke,with no magic...Nothing a very plane movie.

Everybody knows that the adam sandler are no Oscar material but at least you have a good time with jokes and funny situations.That's a guarantee in all sandler movies (Except the drama movies of course).

But this time no..The big problem of the movie is that nobody knows what the movie want to tell: a drama or a comedy.

if you expect to see a funny movie o at least an interesting not what you going to see...Believe better movies are out there.
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"A sequel without soul"
24 January 2015
The first movie of course is one of the best horror-terror movies of all time.The movie scare to they all generation of the 80's and still scare new generations.That what happen because 2 important things:Tobe Hopper and Steven Spielberg. This time this masterminds are not comeback and you can see the result of that.The movie simply don't have soul,don't have the magic of the first movie,don't have the scares,the terror,the chemistry,the emotion,the mystery nothing of the original movie.

This movie feels like a chapter of THE TWILIGHT ZONE of the 80's (i see better chapter in the series than this movie) so this nothing great or special of this movie that deserves your attention.

Believe you not lost something not see this movie...If you wanna see a good sequel of the 80's see FRIGHT NIGHT 2,CHILD PLAY 2,ALIENS to say some movies.
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"An very very unnecessary sequel and the decline of a great actress"
25 November 2014
When you don't have the original protagonist,director,writer,producer and score maestro you know that the movie is going to sucks (to say least) and thats exactly what this movie is SUCKS!.

You can't see that this movie was made because the huge ego of Sharon Stone simple like that.At least a couple of this kind of movies came out in the lapse of this movie and the original (14 years)and some of them was very good.

But in the case of this movie this is not case Don't get me wrong the movie have a great cast (David Thewlis,Charlotte Rampling,David Morrisey)the simply don't have any surprises and in the begging of the second act you can guess how is going to end.

Don't waste you time they are a lot of better thrillers out there the only thing you gonna see is the decline of a great actress and a movie made it because of she ego.
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