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State of Affairs (2014–2015)
In response to those who say: "wait and see"
25 November 2014
This show was dead for me seconds after I started to watch the pilot.

Introducing a character by having him/her discussing their life with a therapist is a trite, pedestrian old trick that bears the hallmark of sloppy script-writing.

To underline how unimaginative this is, I would like to mention how I very recently gave up on another show (Black Box) for the exact same reason.

This show is obviously aimed at a dumb audience, and will therefore go on to be just as pedestrian and dull as it is at its opening until the very last episode. Don't waste any more time on it.
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Euromania (2014)
Being anti-EU does not justify lying
20 August 2014
I am just five minutes into this documentary and I am already so pi$$ed that I feel compelled to write my first ever review on IMDb.

These are the things that I noticed so far:

1) The author makes fun at the fact that the EU issues rules about things like the size of strawberries, implying that this is just a silly idea pushed by some crazy EU bureaucrat. Truth is that the size of strawberries is regulated to enforce a "trade standard". All civilised countries have such rules as a mean to prevent commerce fraud.

2) The author says that 80% of his country's laws are made by the EU. This is simply a lie. The European parliament hardly ever issues any acts that can be defined as laws (they are called regulations) but it rather usually issues guidelines (called directives) for laws which then have to be written and approved by national parliaments.

3) The author says that national governments are not allowed to decide how to allocate money in their annual budget. Another big fat lie. All EU countries AGREED to put a cap on their budget deficit, apart from that they can spend their money any way they want.

That's three lies in five minutes. At this rate, if any of you can make it trough the whole 55 minutes of this documentary, you might witness the author accomplish the quite significant feat of dishing out a total of 33 lies in a single video. Well, good for you, as for me, I've had enough of this nonsense already.
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