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2 Broke Girls (2011–2017)
A total disaster in any way
2 August 2019
When you want to talk about a movie, there is no mercy, in that case everything counts. When you want to talk about a TV sitcom, you must lower your expectation and start from that point, that will give you the right perspective. For instance, I lowered my expectations to 'Young Sheldon', knowing that it can't be better than the best episodes of 'The big bang theory'. And I know what to expect. Not more than two parallel line of story, the most of time it is only one. Nice humor. Not hilarious, but nice. You feel good after watching this show.

In THIS case, of '2 broken girls', NOTHING HELPS. You can lower your bar very low, and this show goes always under all bars. It is nothing but a JOKE of a TV show. The casting is a total disaster. The shorter (and more fat) broke girls has no clue about acting and she talks like she has a complete handkerchief in her nose and her throat. She speaks like a goose. She is fat, she is totally not talented. The other, blonde girl, also didn't hear what the acting is, and her voice is also very irritating. The black guy with the chicken chest, is totally bad actor and his jokes are totally lame. A Vietnamese guy, Han, is like a child in a bad school show.

And what is the most annoying, is the loud AOOOOOOOOOOO, every time when her majesty Sophie shows up, as we all see Jesus himself. Why did they involved this kind of worshiping this totally worthless person, I have no idea.

The whole show is totally lame, I can't remember when I was watching something worse. Bad humor, bad acting, voices like you watch a cartoon, only the cook Oleg has a normal tone of the voice, though they gave him some eastern accent. The story is lame, everything is totally lame. I am AMAZED how they had 4 seasons, with 134 episodes, this is for Guinness book of world records. This show didn't deserve even ZERO to be its rate. THE WORST SHOW EVER. IN EVERY ASPECT.
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Young Sheldon (2017– )
A standard Chuck Lorrie TV show
5 June 2019
As always, Chuck Lorrie makes a perfect story, a perfect set of characters and the casting is also pretty good. This is the story about 'The big bang theory' and 'Two and a half man', and I have no doubt that it will be the same with this TV show.

If you don't have a lot of demands and expectations of this show, you will be pleasantly surprised. It is a pretty good show, with the simple line of story, with the one event (no parallel stories, 2 or 3 per episode), you can sit down and enjoy. Of course, Chuck Lorrie will endure to make good episodes until the season 6 or 7, then the quality of the show will decrease as it is the case with all his TV shows. It will go to the crapper. That is a standard Chuck Lorrie. Enjoy while you can. It was very hard to watch 'The big bang theory', especially the last season, it was more than dull and with the total lack of inspiration from its authors. Thank you God, it is OVER! The same was with 'Two and half men'. I didn't mind so much about the absence of Charlie Sheen, to me, Ashton Kutcher did a good job. But the story was totally weak, instead of having a hilarious sitcom, we had (from season to season) the story about Alan, a freeloader, who is cheap and NOTHING ELSE.

So, 'Young Sheldon' is not so bad for now. BUT..., it is not what we saw in 'The big bang theory'. In several episodes, Sheldon father was a beer drinker, an obsessive football maniac, who 'didn't let Sheldon to make his homework until the game is over', that is, Sheldon HAD TO watch games with him. Then, he shoot the TV set when his team lost the game. Then, Sheldon caught him with the another woman (sex) in their house, so he get used to the custom to knock three times, one time as any other person, and the two other knocks just to give the time to all people to take on their pants???

That pictures his father as an egoistic maniac for sport, without any devotion to the family, who likes beer and football more than anything. And, in YOUNG SHELDON, his father is a warm, kind, gentle, wonderful person. So big mistake, it is NOT THE SAME PERSON.

Casting in this show is perfect. I am in love with his sister, she reminds me of my daughter, she is very cute and so wild. His brother, Mimma, and all the other characters are perfect. Especially his mother. While the other women lose their attractiveness when they are worried, when they wear some old-fashion hair styles, she is a kind of sexy just because of that. And what is more interesting, in a real life, she is a daughter of the actress who was the mother of Sheldon's in 'The big bang theory'.

People, enjoy this show, until Chuck Lorrie didn't Chuk-inize this. That is, until it turns into a super boring show. As always.
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Skin Trade (2014)
When you want some interesting bad guys, USE SERBS!
25 June 2018
At first, I was FURIOUS! An another movie about us, Serbian people, and we are nothing but the genocide monsters, the worst people in the world, without any feelings, evil to the core. The worst of the worst. I felt even worse when I read that Dolph Lundgren was the WRITER OF SCENARIO! WOW! Then I got the right perspective. Dolph Lundgren is an actor of the B production movies, which are so boring that you have problem not to fall asleep when you watch his movies. It is always the topic of revenge, or he is simply some Russian soldier, a beating people machine. He makes 20 movies a year, they have so low budget and so low quality. So, when he wanted to write a script, he wanted something new, not about Triads, Russians, mafia, marines,..., so he used... SERBS! We are the punching bag when you want to portrait somebody who is evil, but relatively new in the world of movies. Why not not include some evil Serbian general, who used to make genocides, to kill people for fun, to sell people like slaves,..., why not SPIT SERBIANS!? Really, why not? Travolta and Robert De Niro did that in "Killing seasons" (with a LOT inaccuracies about Serbian, even the name of the main character is not Serbian). Tom Cruise uses us in some of his endless "Mission impossible" sequel. If I remember well, Serbian killed his wife who is alive?!! Clooney and Kidman in "Peacemaker", some member of 3 nations in Bosnia (Muslims, Croatian and Serbs) had to bring the nuke to the UN in NY, to revenge for the foreign meddling in that war. Guess who did they choose to get the nuke to NY? A SERB!!!! Ding, ding, ding. You won the price! As far as I know, Muslims have the tradition to handle with bombs, it is not the Serbian tradition, but how not to blame Serbs? Then even Steven Seagal used Serbians in his endless serial of movies, they are super boring. The only movie which doesn't talk about Serbs as genocide lunatics is Dennis' Quaid "Saviour". The ONLY MOVIE.

So, Dolph didn't do anything which is not seen. And he did it pretty accurately, if we talk about names, and he used one actor to talk (pretty clumsy, but better than anyone before) Serbian words. This movie is totally boring, as any of other Dolph's movies. Even the fighting scenes are in darkness, Tony Jaa was gambling with his great reputation he gained in his GREAT movies, by being included in this SOOOO AVERAGE movie, not worth to watch. A typical revenge movie, without any great action, there were some attempts to make this movie something better than his other ones, by Dolph, but he didn't succeed. A cheap and very superficial movie about the people trafficking, which tries to touch our emotions. No. It didn't worked.
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Bosnian Serbs are the bloodthirsty animals AGAIN. Congratulations Hollywood
8 February 2018
What's happening with the people when the grow old? Morgan Freeman is spitting at his great career going to Srebrenica and listening only one side, Muslim, and declaring Serbia (which has nothing with it) as the genocide country. And, what is more interesting, de Niro, who was in Serbia, who was fed and welcomed here when he was young, by Serbian people, who loves Novak Djokovic, made this anti Serbian movie???? INCREDIBLE. Hollywood is really consistent. Serbs must be the bad guys and that is it. Nothing will change forever. 1. It is so interesting how Hollywood is IGNORANT. Does anyone there has one brain cell? The main, Serbian character has named EMIL KOVAC. So stupid. Emil is a MUSLIM name. KOVAC is a Croatian surname. And the beard he wore (John Travolta) is not Serbian style, it is more Muslim extremists one, that people are called WAHHABIST, the most fundamentalist current in Islam, they call it the origin of terrorism. Their members has that kind of beard without mustaches and they wear bermude (short pants). They still have their camps in Bosnia. And they are very active there. Of course, nobody cares about that future source of terrorism. Muslims are American pets. 2. How come that nobody asked WHAT THE US ARMY DID IN BOSNIA? As far as I know, America wasn't a part of the war??? How come that they fought at the side of MUSLIMS??? Even if they were part of the peace corp (which is NOT THE CASE), they didn't have a mandate to fight Serbs. And, in the film, they EXECUTE Serbian 'war criminals', they shoot them in the head, while they are kneeling in front of them? WHAT? So, this is the confession and proof that the USA WERE ON THE SIDE OF MUSLIMS. British general Rose, who was a peace core member, says that British SAS units (??? what did they do in Bosnia???) killed some Serbian patrol in 5 seconds. And he was bragging how he fought Serbs, instead to keep peace and be objective, not to fight any side. 3. I am really tired of accusations that Serbs killed other nations, and that other nation were just victims. There are war crimes at ALL SIDES. But Hollywood and the West sees only Serbian crimes. How come it doesn't remember that Mujahedins, the member of 'El Mujahedin', cut Serbian heads by swords?? That Muslims had so many camps for Serbs? That even so poor citizens of Srebrenica killed many Serbs in that Srebrenica and the other villages near Srebrenica and they were Serbs? And nobody was convicted for that? Hello! Did you hear this Mr. Morgan Freeman?

Movie is dull. Movie is full of unnecessary violence, and they take turns who will held bigger gun and had the power over the other one. C

Conclusion. LIVE US ALONE! Serbs are not the only one who made war crimes, jerks! LIVE US ALONE. And you ask us why we love Russian? That's why. They consider us as a normal people. Not as the animals.
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An another example of the anti-Serbian campaign
8 February 2018
My review will be pretty short. Hollywood is nothing but the tool in the hands of the US foreign politics. Of course, the nuclear weapon is from the former Soviet Union, the country which should be depicted as the place without any control of its nuclear arsenal, and you can just go and take as many bombs as you want, for free. Even children in Russia plays with nukes, they are widely used as the play tool. Then, there is a SERBIAN GUY, of course, who will have his revenge to the West (which is REALLY guilty for the Bosnian and all wars in former Yugoslavia, because it recognized the rebellion republic as the independent states IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CIVIL WAR) for every Serb, Croat and Muslim death in the civil war. HOW STUPID! Serbian people are CHRISTIANS, that guy who wanted to blow up OUN center in New York, that SERB, it is not the part of his religion. He is going to hell for killing, it doesn't matter who he is going to kill. Why didn't Hollywood chose A MUSLIM? They go to Jenet, their version of paradise, if they die for the faith, for the right thing, for Islam. The end result, to revenge to the West for every Serb, Muslim and Croat would also gained. BUT NO! SERB MUST BE BAD BOYS, in every occasion. ALWAYS. Because we didn't want to obey to the West plans. We wanted to preserve our country, Yugoslavia (the same way as America wanted to stay complete, this is the reason why America had its civil war, to stop Confederation southern countries to go out of America), but the West didn't want that. Shame on you, Hollywood.
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Stolen (2012)
A movie full of unlogical things
10 January 2018
The movie is so so, not so bad for watching, a standard Hollywood action movie. Not better, not worse than thousands of the similar ones. But, some things are so unlogical, that you can't miss it. 1. You need to find some cash in some very short period of time. What do you do? You rob the bank, of course. But, this bank, with the detector of temperature, with the BIIIIG, steel door of the safe, which is opened with the at least 9 or more digit code (we could see that when the director of the bank opened the door in the presence of police), they save the GOLD BARS above the sewer???!!!! All you need to do is to drill the bottom of the safe and the gold bars will fall in your lap. In this case, it was some electric welding machine and the bars were melted and fell down. So convenient. 2. The daughter of the main character is in the trunk of the taxi. The kidnapper set the taxi in fire. The most logic way to open the trunk is to use your jacket to wrap your hands and to try to open the trunk. NOOO. For our hero, it is better to go with the car in the lake, THEN to try to open the trunk, when your daughter is drowning in the confined space. INSANE. Of course, the car didn't sink immediately, it was on the surface until the director of the movie needed. When the fight was over, that moment the car sunk. So nice. 3. The main character was carrying his daughter with both hands (so, nothing was in them, but his daughter), but when he was attacked, the iron bar was in his hands to finish the kidnapper. So convenient. Again, the movie is a standard, average action movie. Not better, not worse than any other. And not worth of remembering.
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The Parade (2011)
Director Dragojevic has failed, totally
8 January 2018
I really don't know why people who wrote other reviews like this movie, because it is totally worthless. Maybe they wanted to be 'cool', 'in' and to prove that they are not homophobic, that they are free and devoted to the western values. The same did the director, Srdjan Dragojevic. It is very interesting that in comedies he has made, he had the view from many angles, while now, he sees everything as black and white, as if he is from Hollywood. The story is shallow and divide Serbian society to cavemen who hate LGBT community and poor LGBT people. There are no reasons, gradations, some gray areas, some even slight analysis why Serbian society is against pride (only the West can name something which is not normal for many other societies with that ugly name). No, they are cavemen, they are animals full of hatred. Even the civil war was pictured as a total joke, where enemies like each other like brothers, so this war had no meaning and reason. For me, I am born in Sarajevo, and I am Serb, who escaped from Muslims with two suitcases only, it is not so funny. And the war wasn't without any reason. Why did I refer to Hollywood? Srdjan took their shallow approach to this very serious topic, and, as the cherry on the top of the cake, we had to watch the tirade of the main character, like recitation, how he is sick of being afraid because he is gay, how he had enough of it. It was more political speech in Hollywood style (the same cliche when at the end of the movie some of the people in mass start to clap and the other people do the same). And it is more than interesting that actor, Goran Jevtic (in real life) was on the court because he was accused that he had sex with the male minor. I rated this movie as 1, because it is totally worthless movie. The life is not black and white, with 'our good guys' and 'bad guys', cowboys and Indians, a standard Hollywood point of view.
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The Parade (2011)
The time of the shifted values a totally shallow movie
4 April 2012
I can't believe that this movie got so many ovations,great reviews,etc..., because it is not average, it is a total fiasco, which is multidimensional, it can't be said that it is entertaining,deep,that the topic was really greatly covered,or that it keeps our attention.

The first half of the movie is a very tempting: it is very easy to fell asleep. Nothing happens. Nothing is spoken or done, to be worth to be remembered. Entertaining value: 0. The point of view at our civil war is more than comic and it was everything, but not comic. Value: -1. The topic about gay rights: nothing new, co cliché. As the worst political Hollywood movie. Predictable. Shallow. Value: 2.

What to say? Dragojevic made a movie to please masses, the trend is continuing: the content of the movie is worthless, but it hits the point, it follows the trend: the talk about so-called human rights, while millions of people have no job and suffer for hunger, all around the world.

And, God bless advertising: the movie can be a total disaster, if you have a great publicity, it will be a great hit. SO SAD. This movie should be forgotten as soon as possible. It is totally worthless.
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Nothing but cliché...
27 March 2012
When you see so many good reviews,you ask yourself: hmm...did we see the same movie????!!! 'The best Korean movie ever', 'fantastic'... It can be that I watched some other movie???!!

This movie is totally predictable. From the start you know who will make the hell of life to our hero, you could see what kind of boss our hero has..., the task what he gets can be end up only in two ways... Everything has been seen so many times.

I must admit that this movie is real,close to the real life,it is not that the main character can beat 1000 guys with one kick,but..., who knows, maybe with some more fantastic fight scenes the movie would be more interesting. This way, you can predict almost the whole movie. The ones who consider this is the best Korean movie ever..., they obviously haven't seen enough Korean movies and their excellent cinematography.

The sum: a movie's goal is not to be totally unpredictable, always to give some new perspective, to have some great scenes..., but this one is nothing but a gangster cliché. To obey to your boss entirely, or not? It is so normal when somebody reaches the point when it is not so easy to obey 100%, the reason is not important.

Even the punch line: How did we get to this point and why? is not so impressive, because every 'why' has its reason. So, this movie can be depicted as NOT ENOUGH of anything which is important for a good movie (it doesn't matter if we seek for a deep movie, a good action or some other kind of movie).
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50/50 (2011)
So honest movie, so real
27 March 2012
I am sure that my review will be more than short, because I have not so many details to say (the other 'critic' obviously had to say sooo much). This movie is really fantastic.

What is the most interesting for all of us? Not so see how a man can beat 20 other guys, or to jump 5 meters up, it can be interesting, but we are very fascinated when we see THE REAL LIFE, pictured the way it really is. That's why, if the story is greatly and honestly said, some very ordinary things can be so refreshing, even though they are so normal and there is nothing special in them. But, they talk about us, about our lives.

I expected some real drama and when I saw 'comedy' in your page, I had some doubts. What can be funny in being sick? But, the movie gave the answer. Such a tragedy is full of all specter of emotions and events: humor, denial, sadness, love, disaster, fear, saying goodbye, desire to live, desire to end up the whole suffering,..., and this GREAT movie gave us ALL.

Its major value is its reality. All what you can expect in case of cancer, it is there. It is not some crying story, so predictable, so dark, this movie just nailed this topic.

I am really satisfied when some 'predictable' movie surprised me so much. I am touched, I was crying, I was laughing..., just excellent.
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The most multidimensional movie ever !!!!!!
19 November 2011
It not so easy to be Jim Carrey, because nobody takes you seriously after many funny movies, even when he is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. He proved himself so many times in dramas, he is so great actor.

This time, there is no grade for the script, 10 is too low, maybe 10++ would suffice. I must agree that in everything around us we can see only what we are capable to see, but this movie gives so many levels and many people would see it differently and ALL WILL BE THRILLED by this movie.

People who are interested in the phenomenon of 'Big Brother',a kind of TV voyeurism (so present today) will see the ultimate human desire to observe somebody's life, from its beginning, and without consent of the person which is the object of that observing. There is nothing special in this man who is watched, but we like to have mirrors of our lives in other people (who knows why).

Of course, the next layer is ethical: do we have the right to watch somebody's life, because we don't talk about a rat, but a human being who doesn't know that he is watched in a TV show.

If we go further, we must ask ourselves, what is real in our life? There is is always some possibility that we are observed, directed, guided, monitored..., by somebody and our life is not so authentic as we used to think.

Next layer: this movie talks about freedom and personal choice. How we want to be free, no matter what are the other alternatives are. Free to love who we want, free to go, free as much as it is possible. Of course, if we want to be free, if our mind and society stop us.

FINALLY... The most interesting level is the spiritual one.This is a guidebook of the spiritual path. At first, this world is so secure and predictable place. We have our little lives and we can define everything what is important for us, to have some simplification of reality, to feel safe. This kind of ordinary life is a bit boring, but we are in a herd, we are not alone in our dungeon.

But..., at some moment, this world is maybe not what we thought it is..., maybe we want more of our lives,and the world is not so simple and ordinary place. We feel that there is something BEHIND this so- called 'reality'. And we start to search, to test that reality, which gives us more and more 'magic' things as we go deeper. This is still a stage of curiosity, many people tasted this path and feeling, but at some superficial level.

If we go further, we must fight the world. All possible obstacles will arise, people and circumstances. When Truman wants to see reality what it is, to be free, all his 'friends' and the complete crew don't let him to go our the ordinary tracks. So alike the spiritual quest.

Then, the moment has come, men must be separated from boys, that is, the curious people from the real seekers. The latter are ready to give even their lives, to 'waste' their time, to face their worst fears, to be 'hunted' by the society (which wants they to be 'normal' again)..., but a true spiritual person won't give up. The same as Truman ('you'l have to kill me!!!!!!!'), the quest is the real one only if we are totally determined to follow our inner feeling and to search the truth.

AT LAST..., we hit the 'border' of the world, the frontiers of the reality, we get know what this world really is. We are free to talk with our 'God' (though I think it is the final trick of our ego, to bring us back to be 'normal' again and it plays so many games to pull us back, by saying that there is nothing out there, everything is the same, and it is better in realm of ILLUSION).

Only a real spiritual person will say 'thanks' for the offer, and go to freedom, no matter what it is, but it is OUR freedom, our insight, the world won't be the same anymore.

It is such a pity that this is a kind of review, that I can't make a spoiler, to give more details, to relate the scenes from the movie and my points. But when you see it, you'll know what I am talking about.

Again, you'll see what you are able to see, the movie will be deep in degree of your ability to open your mind. This scenario can't be beaten even by movies like Gandhi or Mozart, or any other. An excellent work of Andrew Niccol.
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The first Lazar's disaster as a screenwriter/director/actor
30 July 2011
As I could see, some of reviews compare this movie with movies of Serbian Fellini, Emir Kusturica! It is like comparison between 'Alone in the house' and 'Gandhi'. Between some totally worthless movie and the movie which pushes you every 2 minutes to think about life, or to say in your mind 'yes,he caught the reality of life, that is Kusturica'.

This movie is totally pointless. When you have a strong script, a master of directing, you don't need to have some fast movie, full of dialogs, you can show a totally plain story, but people won't breathe during their watching of the movie. But this..., you wait to see what Lazar wants to convey to you, and wait, and wait..., and there is no point. No entertainment. No nothing. Great directors can make a festival of the scene when a man must get up and go to job every day..., they can enter in our brains and force to ask ourselves about our lives, are they pointless or not, happy or not...

It seems that Lazar wants to copy this style, to make a vivid movies, about our everyday problems, but..., only masters can be simple. You can't copy it. Emir Kusurica can have this 'life' quality in 10 seconds, you can see yourself in his characters, your childhood, your environment, or some forgotten 'happy' times,..., but again, you just can't fake that. You have it, or not.

Lazar Ristovski doesn't have it, he should continue acting, he does it very good. He should let some other people to be behind the camera.
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Inception (2010)
An excellent movie in any aspect.
4 May 2011
I gave 9 of 10 stars, just to have one star spare for some movie which will be a movie of my life, there is no other reason. Otherwise, this movie deserves 10 of 10.

I will skip the story, you can read it from the synopsis and the other reviews and talk what I think that is great in it.

I must say, Matrix is nothing in comparison to this movie. The special effects, the main idea (to steal the information from the mind of people who are pushed into a dream of the other dreamer, who is a part of the team of 'extractors of the secrets') and playing with the idea about the dream inside of a dream inside of a dream.

Again, DiCaprio was great. It is amazing that all great actors don't hesitate to do what the role needs. For instance, DiCaprio and Brad Pitt will do anything what the role takes. To be mad in 12 monkeys or so.

The movie is complete. Interesting. Even emotional, a father would do anything to live with his wife even in a world of dreams, but more than everything, to see his children again.

Inception is a very clear movie (but don't rush! Follow the pace of it!), very direct, so full of human emotions..., I don't need to say more, this movie is COMPLETE in any aspect. You can't say it for Matrix, maybe the first part is a complete surprise, but the other two are just bad copies of it. But, it is not clear as this one.

Why do I compare these two movies? Because they are so different than the other movies and talk about 'dimensions' which are not so easily for digestion for our mind. Inception won. A great idea was led very good, and the final conclusion is also led to the clever ending. There is no loose ends. A brilliant movie.
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Ellie Parker (2005)
Almost good, but... not really.
4 May 2011
A movie doesn't need to be full of action, shooting, love, to be expensive, to be a block buster,..., though I don't like a 'French' school, when two people have enough time and money to be in a single room and make problems to each other. I call t movies 'slow' and 'problematic' without any obvious reason. You see people who are egoistic and bored.

A movie can be an extended monologue, if it is totally authentic. If treats tome subject, the live itself as it really is. From the beginning, this movie has a type of wide frame, it is so 'alive', so direct. You see the life without any additional make up, fancy details, you see the life as it is: full of struggle and disappointment, it is the organic part of life, the other moments are happy.

The leading character wants to succeed in the world of movie, but it is a hard job, we are the witnesses of dying of her dream and we can see how their life collapse in any aspect, including her love life.

People like an ordinary movie, which talk about THEM, about disappointments, hard times, pointless living..., they can relate to it.

But, this kind of movies must have some ending, the message. An acceptance or the words of wisdom. This movie has none. Trainspotting, for instance, is pretty entertaining, but generally says how life stinks, whatever we try. The guy is a drug addict, then he tries to work honestly, but his 'past' (his friends) drag them back. But, he finds the solution, he takes the money and go to make an ordinary, but nice, normal life. He had enough strength to go out and live as the other people.

Here..., it is nothing but a desperation. Life sucks and that is it. Nothing has learned, grasped, understood, we can't see how the leading actress even she has found the peace..., she is like a white wall, without any feeling,..., this movie says nothing to us. A nice start, which continues through the whole movie..., then..., no messages. Nothing. We can't see that her giving up of the acting really freed her as she says, because the last scene is the opposite: she tries to fulfill her dream, she goes to the last audition, she tries to reach her dream to the last scene. To repeat myself: when the movie is talking about the emptiness of the life, some message must be conveyed. To give up some dreams must be deeply felt and understood, accepted, it must give some additional quality to our lives. To fail, that is not an end. When the house is burned, a Chinese saying says: "Nice, we can see the Moon now, there is no obstacles." This movie is just a pointless struggle which leads to nowhere. It can't entertain, to teach, to say something wise, it is just a half-finished story about the life as it really is, no guaranties, but the final touch.... is a big biiiiiiiiiiiiip...., the movie died before any finish touch. It doesn't need to be a happy end. Just a movie with the proper ending. I gave 4 stars for the realistic picture of the life, but the rest..., is like an unfinished painting.
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MY FAVORITE MOVIE, great in every aspect
20 March 2011
The rule number one for a movie which should just entertain, or to win an Oscar is the same: it must catch and maintain your attention. The way is not important. Is is not necessary to be deep all the time, or to have all kind of chasing scenes like XXX by Vin Diesel, the first movie when they had to wake me up at the end. The first quality of this movie is humor, which sometimes comes from nowhere, like the workers in field, which dance the tap dance, or they work on the field making the beat with their hoes. Zatoichi himself is always ready to make some joke on his expense, and the son of his landlady is hilarious, you must see it.

We can see three stories: about Zatoichi, a master of sword; a story about ronin and his sick sister; and the story about two geisha, but actually, they are brothers and sisters, one of them is a man, but dressed as a woman. They want to have their revenge, because some bandits killed their family, it is their luck they survived, so they want revenge, they kill the people who did that, when they have the chance. I like movies when every character has his own good reasons to be as he or she is. In this movie, you can't judge anyone, the life turned them into that what they are now. Zatoichi is a master of sword and, he IS NOT BLIND, though he acts that he is, because he says at the end, that seeing by eyes is not enough. He is modest, though he is nothing but a Zen man. He knows the skill of using the sword. Really. Ronin, he uses his sister as the excuse to heal his complex of inferiority, because once, one swordsman humiliated him and the whole house of his master, he beat them all with a wooden sword. So, he is no a hired 'gun', he kills with the pleasure, his skill is really great, and he wants to find the man who beat him. But, he is a cripple now! Anyway, his ego is so big, because of his craft.

What can be bad in this movie for a man from the West? The same thing we see in all Chinese or Japanese movies? Some clan attack the other clan, with some secret agenda, with some double spies (sometimes tripled : ) and we just lose ourselves in all these tricks and odd names. But, this is the THEIR way, we can't do anything. That's why some reviews talk about the weak story and the bad plot, while the movie is OK, just relax and enjoy.

The scenes or fight are not great, they are surgically precise, performed excellently, realistic, and there are wonderful scenes, like the one when Zatoichi fights and it is raining, it is almost surreal. Like the fragment from a comic book. All scenes of fight are flawless. The fight of ronin against 10 or more opponents, Zatoichi's fights, but..., the final fight was GREAT. It is the story of Zen (freedom) vs technical skill. Ronin had an encounter with Zatoicihi in their saloon, but Zatoichi blocked him in a second, and his ego was crushed. But,..., he presumed how Zatoichi will fight, he found the tactic, he had a PLAN. And every plan is rigid. Zatoichi changed his style a bit, and the plan ended by the death of ronin. I like this movie, because you can see that the director don't make an effort to be 'big' or to hurry,he just takes the time and follow the story. Greatly shaped characters and a good 3 stories, which melts in one, it works. You can become one of the characters in a second. You know whey they are just they are, you can have a strong connection with them. You understand their reasons. This film is entertaining, full of fighting scenes of the highest quality, funny, strong, and it is so great when you see that nobody pushes too hard, but the things goes just at it should be. If you want to laugh, you'll laugh, if you want to see fight, you got it, if you want to see some deepest aspects of spirituality (Zen), you'll see it. Bravo in any aspect.
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Some movies really are not worth of making and watching...
20 March 2011
The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi (2003), where the leading role has Takeshi Kitano is everything which this movie isn't. It has an interesting story, we can enjoy more than impressive scene of the samurai sword fighting, every move is so precise, so 'Zen', so awesome. We follow three stories at the same time and they 'melt' into one, because the people in them meet each other, their life paths meet each other. This movie has everything: humor, fighting scenes, drama, crime, justice..., a complete movie. You can really laugh, you can really relate to every character and find the reason 'why' for she or he, every character is so greatly founded.

But the sequel, 'The last', is everything but not above mentioned. A very weak story, a weak characterization, there is nothing in Ichi's swordsmanship, he is so clumsy, that even the final fight is like a big joke. It is not even a the worst copy of the final scene from the last part from 2003. We can't feel the pain of Zatoichi, when his woman is dead, he uses his sword as it is the stick for killing flies. I don't even to bother what the director or the screen writer wanted to convey, because the movie didn't say anything. No drama, no humor, it is very boring story, dark, and very risky thing to make a sequel,a 'different' story after so great movie in 2003. I don't know what you are going to do and think, but me, after a big expectation to see more Zatoichi, because it is one of my favorite movies, I saw nothing.I tossed my copy and I am going to see Takeshi Kitano and this is the only Zatoichi for me. I know that there are tons of movies about Zatoichi even before Kitano, but I am sure that nobody can't top the 2003. version.
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The Love Guru (2008)
This is the movie for relaxation
6 March 2011
I haven't seen a movie which will make a better parody about all kind of 'gurus' and about the self-help books, like Dipak Chopra's. The humor is a standard Mike Myer's, like 'Bangkok' joke, the name of the trainer, but the most hilarious thing are his books and how he make jokes of 'gurus' and their 'help'. Jessica Alba is so pretty, everything is in its place as it should be. A movie must be continually interesting, to keep your attention all the time, not to have some slow parts, and this movie hasn't any. If you ask me, I recommend this movie, it is full of jokes, all the time, and I really don't know how somebody can say that it is nothing but a bad movie of Myer's. It is just like the other movies of his. Maybe even better. Personally, I've seen it at least 10 times, it is so 'bad'.
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