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The Triangle (2005)
The Triangle
19 May 2009
One of the best Sci-fi has every put out, good enough to put in my movie collection. If you like thrillers for searching for the truth, not unlike x-files, then this movie does the job. Triangle puts a new theory on old myths. But its not some slasher flick like the junk that sci-fi usually puts, out this has an actual story, and you'll enjoy every minute of the movie, and narrative. Its a true pre-apolocyptic movie that puts together theories in well thought out way without over focusing on melodrama. Though the Characters are fully developed, no fluff characters, but no especially mean people rather just the stuff you would encounter with a beau-racy. Just great tension building and pace. I wouldn't say sharp dialog, like "the lion in winter", but you watch the movie for it conjecture, and its imagination.
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Garden State (2004)
huh, mickey mouse decides to write the Graduate
3 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"you know what I do when I feel completely unoriginal" I write bad reviews about bad movies. This movie is not worth 10 syllables let alone 10 lines. It simply was non-believable. There was some visually interesting shots, which makes for good promo's and covers so I guess it deserves a one. However, to describe this movie as incoherent is a compliment, but not accurate. Its just hammy, more like how mickey mouse might have written the graduate. In one scene Sam spots a single tear, now this is suppose to be touching, but the reality is like the movie, everything felt forced. I am only grateful that I didn't have to pay for it. And grateful on those nights when I look to movies to somehow give me some way to define my uneasiness, I am glad I didn't watch this movie. Because I hated to think people think, I think like this.
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Addictive tension, with an enduring theme
13 March 2005
28 is actually more than just a horror movie it also asks the audience to contemplate being entirely alone. Its a twist on a Buddhist idea, if a tree falls in a forest does it make a sound, well "28" ask what happens if you scream in that per-verbal forest would you be more scared of the monsters are being alone. And if you like your tension built with visual montage's and quick camera movements this is an incredible stimulating movie but its not over done like in Bourne Supremacy. If your tired of movies where the character's all seem to have quirky chatter as if they are more an audience to the movie than they are characters like in Scream, then this is your sort of movie. "28" is not a peak-boo horror film, some psycho drama, but its much better because the shocking tension is addictive which means you want to watch it over and over again, if not for the adrenaline shock then for the mediative value.
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Being There (1979)
Sellers deserves the Oscar not hanks,
9 December 2004
When I first saw Being There I was all of 10 years old, and for some reason, I loved it. And yet I could never exactly say why. Several years latter while looking for another movie, I happen across this video and read the review. Chance Gardner played charmingly by Peter Sellers, ( I think that is what the reviewer wrote) stumbles his way into the upper crest where he is mistaken for someone with deep knowledge of the world. Other reviews point out this movie is cynical characterization of self absorbed people in politics and media. As a kid I didn't get that, and now on further reflection what I liked about this movie was how these people where drawn to Chances innocence. In some ways Forrest Gump tried to attempt to tell this story line, but only manages to rehash old stereotypes. Being There depicts in clever, real characters who use a veil of politeness to cover up a cynicisim they have of their world and their own power. But for a kid and maybe why it has a cult following is because the heart of the show, whats addicting about is no matter how self absorbed we become, our best nature is drawn to a simple life, absent of complications. After watching the movie again, the dark comedy is more apparent, but I am happy to say that in the "Life and death of Peter Sellers", Sellers himself interpreted the character as I thought of it when I was kid. Gardner is a man who is sublimely content with no past and no future, and therefore no worries. As a kid I kind of new that as innocence. So if you rent this movie don't just see it as a black comedy, but also see it how a kid might, and for that matter how Peter Sellers saw it.
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Spinal Tap
16 December 2003
I recieved Spinal tap as Christmas gift a couple years ago. I loved but recently I started watching the Nanny on lifetime and got nostagic for spinal tap and now I can't stop watching the show it just makes me laugh at all the sly ways it pokes fun at this lovable industry. But as fellow fan I am outraged that the first user comment for this group is comment that declares this movie as overrated. If you like toilet humor then well thats your thing, but this movie stands on its on sly wit not just obscene visual gags attacking minorties in our society. This movie made fun of white grown up men living out adolescent dreams. After all they didn't even show the Smell Glove cover, and yet just the words from Bobbie's mouth made it hillarious.
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the real darth vader
11 November 2003
Circa early 1980's, I was 10 and like all of my friends I dreamed of swinging a jedi light saber. Now maybe it is my own particular intelligence but as I jumped from couch to couch, I overheard this most intriguing dialog. The words sunk deep giving birth to a knew conscience. And for next 2 hours I thought about human motives. I thought about how poorly women where treated, I thought how much father's want to be proud of their sons, I thought about son's and how much they wanted their fathers to be proud of them. Empire Strikes back had nothing on this. Even as kid this movie made sense.
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Booty Call (1997)
28 June 2003
I could not stop to laugh at every joke in this film. But was most intriging about it is how all the character represented there particular minority with dignity. Yes there where sterotypes but there observations of each other where dead on. On a side note, many of my friends have talked about how Rush Hour is the first time popular movies address the issue of East meets black in films, this film introduces this relationship between these people in a healthy way.
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