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Castle: Driven (2014)
Season 7, Episode 1
Best show on TV - but not this episode - hopefully this season will be righted.
2 October 2014
Castle is still my favorite show on TV but this is the first episode where I could hardly make it through, and the only one I would never want to see again. The "police" work in the beginning had my hands in the air asking out loud if they had new writers ( they didn't ). One hallmark of the show is the intelligent writing but that was sorely missing. I lost count of how many times I said " he or she or they wouldn't say or do that" - even my wife who was getting on to me in the beginning started saying the same. I'll still be watching and hoping for the smart, and fun individual episode; also hoping that the next "they wouldn't do that" doesn't have to come out like the previews suggested.
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