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The best thing is the effects - which are rotten.
2 April 2011
I can think of at least 2 things wrong with the title. If not actually neverending though, it is certainly sufficiently interminable that not many people will sit all the way through it. The effects were the main selling point of this movie, which is odd because they were lame even by the standards of 1984 and for movies aimed at children. Don't forget this is the same year Ghostbusters and Gremlins came out, so it can't really even be forgiven as just antiquated. In short if you really must have a dodgy 80's children's movie based around its own use of animatronics, go for Labyrinth, which would beat this turkey by a mile even if David Bowie wasn't in it.
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Ghost Rider (2007)
Nicholas Cage's head skinned and on fire! A must see!
28 February 2011
The idea to do a film of Ghost Rider actually came after Nicholas Cage had his head skinned and his skull set on fire by critics, as a punishment for Knowing. The scenes where Johnny Blaze apparently has Cage's old facial features are the only CGI effects in the entire film.

Seriously though, if you like Marvel comics, and/or superhero films it's a great romp, that doesn't waste a character that could so easily have been wasted by the Hollywood machine. Sure there's a few clichéd set pieces, but there aren't many superhero movies (or Nicholas Cage movies) that don't have them, and fans of the Ghost Rider comics will see all the scenes and set pieces they'll be hankering to see done in a movie.
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