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The X Factor (2011–2013)
don't listen to the "critics" on this one
12 September 2012
I've seen thousands of movies and hundreds of TV shows, and I can tell a good one when i see it. And this is not one to throw away... Of course, you must be into this kind of TV shows, but if you are that person I really think that you gonna like it... maybe not everyone will love it, but i'm sure it deserves at least a 7 from the most critical critic... And men, there are some good voices in this show... no spoilers but I gotta warn you that there's a very ugly scene in the beginning of the season, which I think that judges could have stopped before getting to the votes (if you have seen it you know what i'm talking about) All the things considered, a good family show for a nice evening.

Enjoy it !
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