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David's Mother (1994 TV Movie)
26 October 2003
this is one of the best movies i have EVER seen. not just tv movie. movie period. go to amazon. go to ebay. and buy this movie. its absolutly brilliant. and kirstie alley is indescrible..

kirstie alley plays sally goodson. a lonely,self deprecating woman that has spent her whole life taking..well the last 16 years of her life taking care of her autistic son david. over those years shes let go of things she didnt mean to. her marriage,her life,and even her older daughter all because she wanted to tend to her sons everyday needs. not only because she liked it,but because it made her feel like a whole person. thats something shes never felt before. Her sister played by stockard channing decides that she needs to meet people and get out more so she introduces her to John,played by Sam Waterson. He wants to help her,and love her but shes afraid...shes afraid to love someone and get intimate and she doesnt want anyone to help her take care of david. While this going on a social worker catches up with the fact that david needs to be in a home,or a place to take better care of him that sally is. Theres just so much she can do to help him. Shes trying to prevent this from happening because the last thing she wants is to loose him,she would fall apart..

I cant tell anyone enough about this movie and most importantly about kirstie alley. shes my favorite actress ever and in this movie you really can see what she can do. just coming off of cheers in 1994 when this movie was made she recieved a well deserved emmy. i beg you to see this movie. its amazing.
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Profoundly Normal (2003 TV Movie)
amazing.simply amazing.
22 July 2003
im still getting over the fact that kirstie wasnt nomainted for an emmy for this. it was WELL deserved. more than well deserved. the story about two handicapped people coming together and showing people that they can succed on thier own is enough. but her preformance? if you didnt see it,you missed out. all those people out there that dont consider her a real actress. despite the fact shes done as much drama as she has comedy. but this really gave everyone the chance to see what she can do. what everyone could do,the movie was the best tv movie ive seen in a LONG time. kirstie alley should win an emmy for this. to go along side with the one she won in 1994 for 'davids mother'. also amazing. but i cant believe she was just ignored for this. anyway the story which is based on a true story by the way is captivting.the actors are dead on but its kirstie who shines. what can i say? nothing but the best..from the best ever.
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Suddenly (1996 TV Movie)
i liked this..
22 July 2003
i probably liked this because im kirsties biggest fan so even if she does something not so fabulous i'll say that it is. but i pick out her good and bad points in everything bc i so know what shes capable of lol. ive been following her since i was like 2..and now im 16 so im the only opinion you need to listen to guys lol.but honestly i thought it was good. not AMAZING like some of her other work. but good. her preformance was pretty emotional and real i thought i mean jesus that other person that commented on here was off base.the story is pretty simple and sad and kirstie is through the whole movie just dealing with the fact that she cant walk again and she does a good job. that other comment was harsh lol it was good. if you see it on watch.
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Veronica's Closet (1997–2000)
its the best!
22 July 2003
man i LOVED this show! i personally loved it bc it was kirstie just doing what she does best, being funny and doing it in that kirstie way that she so wonderfully does that no one else does. and the writing was great man! what the hell? why did it get canceled? i swear to god that if it didnt get canceled it would be the best thing on tv besides will and grace lol. veronicas closet was FUNNY. people were way to harsh with thier comments man. kirstie alley is so whiny and obnoxious and fat and annoying. blah blah blah dont you people get it,thats what she does! thats her style. she puts it in like everything she does. and its to be FUNNY! jesus people just dont know good ole comedy anymore. anywho i taped like every episode of that show and i really wish it was still on. kudos kirstie! yeah and everyone else in the show lol.
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