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Black Books (2000–2004)
13 February 2011
This comedy with Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and Tasmin Grieg is one not to be missed. It is truly hilarious, with not only great one-liners but also farce elements. The character of Bernard Black is played superbly by Moran and plays beautifully off Fran (Grieg) and Manny (Bailey). One of the best British comedies, from Graham Lineham, who also wrote Father Ted and The IT Crowd. It is a pity there are only three series of this wonderfully smart, witty and laugh-out-loud show. Each story is full of great moments, but it is the character from which the comedy stems. The direction and writing are superb and the acting by the main cast is outstanding.
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Cops LAC: Life Is a Rodio (2010)
Season 1, Episode 13
6 February 2011
A well structured, entertaining and well shot episode of the fantastic series. Good story twists and interesting character dynamics. This final episode of "Cops L.A.C." was a good send off and it's only unfortunate that Channel Nine is not going to continue the series. If you enjoy a good cop drama, with some black comedy, then his show is for you. The previous episodes of the series were also good, and are a must see!! Guest stars also shine in their roles. The setting adds to the drama of the show. Fantastic Sydney views give it a nice 'home grown' feeling for Aussies. The whole concept of a murder mystery cop show is great, and works really well in this fast paced show. The quick cuts and energetic acting give the show a modern feel.
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