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Great film, incorrect credit details in one case
21 November 2012
The sole Director of this superb documentary was Michael Charles Tobias. There was no co- director, as the existing credits would have one assume.

It was a wonderful film that shows Connery to be a great philanthropist as well as a superb and charismatic actor of myriad dimensions. This film shows his beautiful marriage to a great painter, his modesty, his great sense of humor and his wonderful quality of evanescent youthfulness. Eternally young. Eternally a master of his craft. Connery is without doubt one of the finest actors of this or any generation - with by far the greatest voice - and this all comes out in this remarkable and diverse portrait. Connery's admirers within the Hollywood community are among the great artists of this cinematic age. That should come as know surprise. There has rarely been so star studded a constellation of participants in a documentary. This Intimate Portrait is a must see for anyone interested in the life and times of Sean Connery.
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