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Mad City (1997)
I liked the entire concept of the movie
25 November 2005
We all know the media likes to sensationalize stories, sometimes give a specific story more attention that it deserves just because everybody else is. Most of us have just learned to accept it. This movie creates a good example of that happening, and really goes in-depth to show the audience how the media salivates over a story that has been sensationalized. In that sense it is a true satire. Keeping that in mind, the movie is pretty good for a few chuckles. It's certainly a funny movie, but it's not something you can expect huge laughs from.

On that note though, it does make you wonder if the events portrayed are really the way things usually go down. The irony is that there are a few big names in the movie who probably get harassed by the same media, possibly in a very similar way. This movie probably could have done better in theatres, but the media didn't pick up the story at the time.
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RoboCop (1987)
Production Showed NO fear
2 January 2004
Considering it was 1987, there was a lot of stuff, most of it gory, that would have been censored in most other movies with similar scenes. You can often tell in other movies that they do things as to lower the rating like not showing certain things. NOT HERE. If they wanted to show you something, you saw it.

That was what really made me like the movie compared to other movies this type.
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The story was weak, yet still done well
4 November 2003
The plot was kind of stupid. There was little to understand, and even that was not justified.

Considering the horrible story that they were trying to tell, the movie was good. (It did the best it could with what it had to work with)

Lastly, maybe it was me, maybe it was the TV, maybe it was because I watched it at 4:30am and didn't want to wake people up, but I also thought that the music played between scene changes was WAY too loud compared to the dialogue.
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A Man Apart (2003)
Great acting
28 October 2003
Vin Diesel has shown ME that he can act in Boiler Room, so when I saw XXX and Fast and the Furious I knew it wasn't him, it was the plotless scripts. Now that I've seen this movie, I can be reassured. Vin Diesel has really worked hard with his character, minor details which make it human really have brought the story to life.

The story itself is a very good one, which has you rooting for the protagonists the whole time.
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This Movie is about as Canadian as they come
13 October 2003
Let's get this straight, this IS a good movie.

I was, however, disappointed. I expected this movie to make me laugh until my sides split, it failed at that. The movie was indeed very funny in that it had good jokes, but the trailer was misleading. The movie turned out to be a Drama with jokes tossed in to make it appear as a comedy. Fortunately for Hollywood North, Red Green was out at the same time as a redemption.

Now that one of the two flaws is out of the way, let's get to the good. (I'll touch on the other flaw later) This movie was beautifully Canadian. Granted curling is not our national sport, it is a sport in which we excel at done on our national surface (good job with the title by the way). It did wonders for the game of curling I think. It taught us enough about curling to let us appreciate the game more but not be bored by the movie. It also made the game more appealing.

It also did everything Canadian. Every single thing about the movie was Canadian, to the extent that Americans do with some of their movies. For example, many American movies are filmed in Toronto or Vancouver and they make a huge effort to hide it. When Cutter and his father are at his mothers grave, the camera makes certain that you see the Ontario plates on the truck. I can't count how many times I saw something to do with Tim Hortons and there were a lot of references made to Canadian cities. Just having Bob Bainborough and the Tragically Hip was another emphasis on "THIS WAS MADE IN CANADA"

The other flaw was that this movie seemed like it had a lot of ads IN it. I too often saw a can of Pepsi or a cup of Tim Hortons, not that it took too much away from the movie, but it kind of makes you wonder...

One last thing about the trailer being misleading: Leslie Nielsen is not THAT important of a character in the movie, he was more tossed in to have a Canadian who has made a name for himself.
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Short Circuit (1986)
This movie has been under-rated
13 October 2003
This is NOT one of the best movies of all time, and I am not going to try to tell you that it is, however, this movie has been made well and considering it was made in 1986, it's funny. It's not 2003 funny, but it IS 1986 hilarious. The movie kept me laughing enough, and I felt that the ending was also a nice one. I'm not going to spoil the movie as to what makes the ending great, but I liked the way the movie ended.

I also think that the type of people who would enjoy this movie are the people who feel like Newton Crosby. He's devoted his entire life to something (science and technology), just to have others who used to be devoted to it steal it all away from him. It's almost like the whole movie you want to score one for the little guy. Most of us have been there at some point in our lives. This movie kind of captures that, and if you watch the movie with that intent, it does keep the viewer intrigued.

The movie also makes you appreciate what your life is, when you see just what the robot can do, and you realize just what your mind is capable of.

All in all, I think I found it a lot more touching than it should have been, because it was 3:15am when I started watching it, and I THINK I watched the movie Pi right before it.
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Amazing--All things Considered
12 July 2003
More often than not..... Excuse me, MUCH more often than not, a TV show that has been turned into a movie is a complete failure, Red Green had an even larger challenge because the show had so many daily segments that couldn't be thrown into the movie (e.g. Handyman's corner) however he uses his genius to throw in the same concepts into the movie. It was pretty nice on plot and hilarious. Been a while since I laughed that hard at a movie.

The one thing this movie fails to do at no fault of its own or anybody elses is appeal as greatly to the non-watching audience (of the TV series), and had it tried to be more sucessful in that aspect the entire movie would have failed in every way. Sure there was some lost potential revenue, however the Red Green fans should have loved it.

If you watch the show, you cannot hate this movie. Many TV shows that become movies SUCK, sometimes this ruins the show too cough...cough...Power Rangers...Cough... Excuse me there. LMAO.

It was good because Red Green stayed in character for the movie and didn't make a new personality for the movie. Same goes for the rest of Possum Lodge.
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The Ring (2002)
An Amazing Horror film
1 July 2003
Let's face the facts:

1) The concept was even dumber than Minority Report

2) Horror films are just a mixture of drama and bad luck

Having those two things as disadvantages to the film, still did minimal harm, it's a great movie that I'd recommend to anybody.

I don't generally like horror movies, and this movie was slightly too unrealistic in the sense that there were WAY too many coincidences in a row, however, it kept me entertained throughout the entire duration. The ending was a little stupid, but I guess where it left you is probably the best that could have been done, as horror movies don't often have sequels, at least none that are related to the original AND good.

The Ring all in all, is a good movie and a good story, I can't say it's a good horror, simply because I don't know, I have nothing to compare it to. It's arguably the best horror I've seen (that instantly comes to mind) and as much of a movie buff I am, that is saying quite little.

By no means is this movie a waste of time, it took a stupid concept and turned it into a great movie. In that sense it was like Minority Report, but good.
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Great Movie
23 June 2003
When it started, I was slightly cheesed, I didn't think it would be a documentary, but this was a great one at that.

It was mistitled in my opinion (not that I can think of a better one off the top of my head) but it still did what it wanted to. The film maker looks like a smart guy.

The movie also shows that Canada is much better than the USA, which was a great plus for me.

I really do love what this movie did, and I am more inspired to see other documentaries now.
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Chasing Amy (1997)
Not as good as Mallrats and Dogma
23 June 2003
I am NOT going sit here and tell you that this movie sucked. Simply because it didn't.

This movie was great, a great watch. I loved it as I do all Kevin Smith movies.

However, a lot of people think this is the best of the 5. I think Mallrats and Dogma were ahead of it.

I think that it had potential to be funnier, but focused too much on the plot. I didn't hurt the movie, but it hurt the comic aspect of it.

I gave it a 9, only because of Mallrats and Dogma
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Not as bad as people like to think
20 June 2003
I am not going to sit here and tell you that this movie was amazing, mainly because I don't like telling lies. But I am yet to hear anything good about this movie from anybody I know. It's not that bad of a movie. It will make you laugh, and there is a story. It is kind of stupid, but all in all not a waste of time.

This movie basically appears to be a stepping stone for Ashton Kutcher's movie career, I want to see how he does in the movie Just Married, then we can decide if he should retire after "That 70's Show".

Personally, I rated this movie a 7.
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Osmosis Jones (2001)
What happens when a kid is taught biology too early
20 June 2003
This movie was not all that bad, however it appeals to kids who wouldn't really understand what's going on. They'd just see cartoon characters fighting, and be entertained and the whole knowledge of the body would almost have no effect on the kids.

This movie felt like something an 8 year old would think if they were taught what we're usually taught in Grade 8 about cells and all that other stuff.

I think the largest problem with this movie is that it was made to appeal to kids under 10, but it's directed at kids 13-17. So the kids who that it appeals to don't really get the full joy and benefits of the movie and the kids it's directed at don't usually get interested.

Another problem it faces is that this type of story, HAS to be a cartoon, and there are SOME people out there who think that cartoons cannot be good, so once again that age 13-17 age really doesn't take interest
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Bad Boys (1995)
Not as funny as I hoped
20 June 2003
I came into this movie thinking that it was going to be hilarious, it was funny, but not very. There were a few things that I'm still laughing about, (I just watched it yesterday). I am a HUGE comedy fan, if there's a big comedy, I WILL watch it, and despite the fact that this was not all that funny, I still liked it, and I will go see Bad Boys 2 at some point in time.

This IS a movie worth watching, with enough laughs to not annoy you (there's nothing worse than a movie trying to funny and failing). It's definately worth the watch.

The funny thing is that I think if the movie came out today, it would be rated AA (PG 13 for you Americans).
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About Schmidt (2002)
Not bad, but just disappointing
19 June 2003
I expected this movie to be amazing, it failed to deliver. It was well acted in, but I think the problem was that there was no character development. It's the type of story you would LOVE to hear from an old friend. The kinds of things you would want to hear everything about if you know the characters, but watching it unfold, knowing that it's a movie kind of makes you feel uninterested.

e.g. when he looked at his childhood home, I didn't really care that it was a tire shop, but if it was a friend of mine, I'd be hanging on his every word.

The ending WAS the slightest bit touching, when you realize just what the smallest things do to other people. I think the whole movie was trying to be based on that. Small actions and wishes do get magnified later.

If you had a choice between this and another movie, I'd probably pick the other, but if you have a couple hours to spare, this is NOT a waste of time.
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