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Stranger Things: Chapter Nine: The Gate (2017)
Season 2, Episode 9
Raiders of Hell
14 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Warning do not read unless seen episode.

Once again, the show finishes strong as it has another season finale that is another of my favorite of all time, by once again doing what all good season finales should do, payoff to what it's been building up toward.

There are some really touching moments in the beginning. Really love the reunion we see between both Mike and El which was just beautiful, just seeing both come to each other and interact again for the first time in a long time was beautiful. Even like Hopper with both Mike and El. Mike of course is angry with Hopper and has a right to be, having El out of his life for so long and worst of all his friend lying to him. Hopper though isn't proud of what he's done, he though he was doing the right thing but he's not so sure anymore. And of course, Mike is letting some steam out and then both hug, which to me was Hopper way of saying "I'm sorry I fraked up."

And as both El and Hopper are heading toward their objective, both have a good talk down. Where Hopper admits to El he fraked up. I do understand his position, how some of the trauma of losing his daughter contributed and his has many good reasons for protecting El, and that anyone can be overprotective when it comes to friends and loved ones. But overprotection is never good for the people your protecting nor is it good for the protectors, because truth of the matter is, we can't protect them nor ourselves from life. Even El admits she fraked up a little to as she hasn't always made things easier for him. Really like it when both held hands in the end of the conversation which showed that things between them are good again and that things from now on are going to be different.

The final conflict was well done, we saw all three Strange Raider groups each doing their jobs to sever the connects or destroy the Hive Mind.

From Raider Group 1: Joyce, Johnathan, and Nancy they are performing an Exorcism on Will at El and Hopper's cabin. There was just heavy intensity which is reflected from the amount of heat their emitting which is palpable as you see Joyce, Johnathan, and Nancy sweating like hogs, made me feel the heat looking at them.

I almost couldn't help but be on the edge of my seat as we see Joyce forced to turn up the heat, from the intensity and emotion on her face you see she is hellbent on drawing the Hive Mind entity out of her son and Johnathan is concerned about killing Will in the process and is trying to stop it, just like Joyce I'm thinking "no don't stop!" which you shouldn't in an exorcism; I honestly understand his concern but it's the only way to fight and save Will's soul. We of course see it works, the heat is too much for the entity and it flies out, we see a touching scene with Joyce and Johnathan getting Will back once again.

Raider Group 2: Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Max and Steve their objective is to go back to the tunnels, get to the center and incinerate it to draw away most of the Demi Dogs away from El and Hopper, buying them time for them to do what they need to. We see an obstacle they must get past before they go out which is Max's psycho stepbrother.

Really liked seeing Lucas as this psycho was threatening and about to physically attack him, Lucas kneecaps him. Then Steve delivers his set of punches on him, and we see the psycho just laughing his ass off, I knew he was probably holding back a bit but maybe also just gets a sick kick from getting hit.

We then unfortunately see the fight turn around not in Steve's favor, but this leads to a great moment when we see Max, she gets the heavy sedative and then sticks her psycho step brother in the neck with it. He starts to go night night, but before that happens she gets a bat and there is a moment that sort of reminds me a little of the scene in "Bloodsport" just like Dux gets Chang to say Mata, she get him to back off and trust me he better back off or the next swing won't miss. I loved that that was just bad ass and felt so good, he had it coming, but most importantly shows she not taking his crap anymore.

It's also really cool and funny when we see her jack his car and she drives surprisingly well though not perfectly as she's going real fast, man she must be really good at the video game "Pole Position". But of course, we see all of them get to work and it's suspenseful as they are traversing the caves, trying to get to the center on time but also staying alert for any hidden dangers. Really like a couple of the close calls which really put me in suspense.

Raider Group 3: Eleven and Hopper their business in the facility was suspenseful as well, straightforward stuff seeing both of them sneak into the facility to get where they need to be. Hopper of course is providing cover for El, seeing his shoot some of the Demi Dogs. But of course, it was El's using her scanner powers that was cool.

Just seeing her levitate and give her scanner power her all, that look of pure fury on her face, even seeing some of that fire color throughout most of the area I was thinking, yeah this is the Phenix force. Well sort of but at least it was portrayed and looked better in this show where in "X-Men: The Last Stand" and "Dark Phenix" it looked like crap, and that two strikes for that franchise that's just sad. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing Mille when she gets older play Jean Grey when they make an revival to the "X-Men" film franchise somewhere along the line, heck her character is a little like that character.

We then get down to the final minutes which are just all-around sweetness and is sort of the payoff we've waited a long time for, the Snowball dance. We see the characters dance with the right people from Lucas with Max, along with Will and some girl so it looks like he's got some magnetism.

Really liked Dustin whom has a hairstyle that makes him look like Huey Lewis at the time, which makes sense as Huey Lewis was big in the 80's. But it's really sad when we see as he makes an effort to ask girls out, each one doesn't want to dance with him but worst of all put on the damn mean girl routine by snubbing him, sad thing about that scene is things like that still happen. It was great when Nancy comes and dances with Dustin, really likes what she says to him and she's right they really don't know who their missing out on; this gives Dustin hope that he can have a girl in his life and she's out there, which I feel this is a partial set up for in next season which would be more than fair as two of his friends Lucas and Mike now have significant others so why not him.

The best part though for me was when El she comes to the dance and she is in a dress with her hair all grown and you saw that look on Mike's face, then both of them dancing and even kiss each other it was just absolutely beautiful, after everything both have been though, from this moment of their lives you knew it was all worth the wait.

However, by the end while the Strange Raiders are celebrating, the Army's of Darkness are plotting.

Rating: 4 stars
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Salute Your Shorts: Cinderella Play (1991)
Season 1, Episode 10
Princess of the Play
14 October 2019
This is my fifth favorite episode of the show, it's a Dina centered episode which is cool as she's one of my favorite character. But what makes this truly unique is how Sponge is acting as sort of her number two which I thought was interesting, I always like it whenever a show switches the dynamics around which keeps things fresh. Let alone Sponge is a character I feel is a little underrated, I don't feel gets to be on the main stage much.

There are a lot of funny scenes in this episode, like in the beginning seeing Ug give out the news of the upcoming Cinderella play and then says something stupid and then everyone is just throwing crumpled paper balls at him, that cracked me up.

As well as the play itself which doesn't disappoint which is a fun quirky version of Cinderella which was pretty darn good, kind of which most plays that adapt fairy tales would do quirky versions more often. But it was just comic silver when we saw Tully constantly beat Donkey Lips whom was in a mouse mask with a broom and doing some raping. But unfortunately, Dina is late on her cue which makes the beat down a little long to the point Donkey Lips can't take it anymore and just frustratingly walks out of the scene and takes the mask of, I just always get a hard laugh from that.

Dina is just great as usual as we see she is just getting star struck as we see the lead role fame gets to her head. But once she hears the news of the other camp attending the play and who is in it, like any shooting star she crashes straight into the ground called reality hard; she gets a bad case of stage fright. This I can emphasize with because I'm an actor myself and I get a little nervous when performing on stage.

Like the scene where she supposedly gets Laryngitis and then ZZ she then brings in a remedy for her condition where Dina is all covered in some wraps of some smelly herbal mud substance which smells. But Sponge like in the fairy tale is the guardian angel she needs; we see him talking sense into her. And he's right she's just being human, when it comes to performing in public it is scary, constantly hoping you don't fail as you in front of many eyes counting on you not to, that is pressure inducing.

Sponge then give her a key to doing what she does by taking her focus off of the audience and thinking of something else which is what keeps her from focusing on her fear but also finding her confidence, which is part of what acting is about.

Rating: 4 stars
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Cinematic Excrement: Leonard Part 6 (2019)
Season 10, Episode 4
Grade F Spy
13 October 2019
This is one of my favorite episodes of the show, this was bound to happen. Yeah, I remember this film, I remember seeing this as a kid and enjoying it. But as I said I was a kid, back then I was still too young to tell the difference between a bad and good film or in this case a bad and good parody.

I remember there was one visual joke about this film on either an episode of "Animaniacs" or "Tiny Toons" where the tiny good guys are trapped in a video store and the bad guys are after them. Just as the bad guys are in a certain position, the good guys then push down some VHS cassettes and they explode which were each the titles of box office bombs, guess where this film fell in.

Smeghead really tears into this one and almost looks like he's in pain just mentioning most things, yeah Sean we really feel your pain. He points out why this isn't just a failure of a parody but film in general. From certain facts like the actor playing Lenard's Butler Tom Courtney whom was a two-time Oscar nominee and three time tony award winner. I know what you're thinking and probably what most people years ago seeing the film thought, what the hell is he doing in this piece of crap!? It's common knowledge that not every film even A list stars star in is going to be a winner, but still you can't help but wonder how the hell their agents never saw this coming. Still Tom does good with what he has which makes him one of the only good things about the film.

I know this parody was going for absurdist comedy, but the absurdity goes straight to plain stupid and out of place, as for comedy it's just not funny. From one moment where a whole swarm of frogs kill an agent in an unconvincing way (not kidding guys), the stupidest thing about the scene isn't just the bad special effect but also the guy in it stays in the car and is still taking notes; seriously why didn't he get out of the car.

A scene where some hit men are taking shots at Lenard which he manages to avoid and everyone of the staff are still working, a scene that would have been funny had it been in a better movie and properly executed. Lenard using grade A beef patties as weapons against the evil Vegetarian henchmen and it burns them like acid, yeah, the list just goes on.

I just really like some of Smeghead dry sarcastic comments like a couple of scenes where are creepy and foreshadowing considering what's happened with Cosby now, which just amps the creep factors up. Or even how his eyes go a little wide and he once again as some dry sarcastic riffs mainly that scene with he Bird Men and the ballet, yeah, I know Smeghead what is up with that.

Avoid this film like Grade F meat. However, this episode gets a Grade A.

Rating: 4 stars
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Pole Position (1984–1985)
Spy Racers
11 October 2019
This is another cartoon that has speed under the radar. Most video game to cartoon adaptations either make it to the finish line or don't, this one fortunately does. I was a kid from the 80's and I remember playing the "Pole Position" games when I was about six years old as they were one of the first video games, I've every played, they were so much fun. I remember running into this animated show on the "USA Cartoon Express" early morning and it really blew me away, I honestly never knew there was an animated series adaptation based on this game let alone possible.

This show to me is not just fun but also one of the better examples of doing a video game to visual medium adaptation right. It's true that making this into a pulp spy thriller is a radical difference but you have to understand that back then this was a time when adaptations on just about any to every other medium had rules, and with a game that was simply about racing it was opportunity to do about anything.

The show is sort of like with anime series "Speed Racer" which features some spy episodes, but also another show in the 80's "Knight Rider", you can say this show is almost more of an animated adaptation of that show as both formats are similar, what I like about both shows and this were that it was just a beautiful combination of two genres that doubled the fun and thrills of both sports and spy thriller.

The main characters Tess and Dan are solid both are teens or young adults I'm not sure which, yeah I know people their age as spies is far fetched but it's an 80's animated show you just roll with it. Anyway, Tess and Dan, they both have a good back and forth, there is some personality like Dan whom is more of a daredevil on the aggressive side of things more. Tess is the older sister which makes her a little more mature, levelheaded making sure Dan and things don't drive off course. But also, she has some spunk and is energetic.

Even like the Ai Car characters Wheels and Roddie whom both are pretty much like KITT on "Knight Rider" or even "Jarvis" from Iron Man. Both have personalities, with Roddie he's a bit on the brainy side and Wheels whom is on the cool side, like the voice which sounds like something from a 70's blaxploitation film.

Their boss is Uncle Zachary whom they never meet in person as he's always on a video screen, much like how Charlie in "Charlies Angels" is always on speaker, which I thought was a nice touch giving it a little mystery. In a way this sort of makes the show a bit of a wish fulfillment fantasy because as kids some of us dreamed of driving race car and maybe even being a spy and kicking some butt.

But of course, this show were in it for the vehicular action which it has plenty of. Really love the design of the cars where one is a red sports corvette that's Tess's car, and the other Dan's looks futuristic, and all the neat features they have which come in handy, as a kid I wanted to drive those.

The chases are cool really like how the show creates the illusion of speed. Just seeing how fast they pass the environments by and what ever features from the cars they need to employ to clear a path. I remember being on the edge of my seat as a kid sometime imitating the turns and movements the cars were making. Even like there's the sports aspect they kept where we both engage in some stunt shows, really like the design of the tracks which are unique. As well as races which happened in an episode or two.

Of course the other highlight is the theme song which is awesome, it's one of my favorite theme songs of all time. It has such a catch beat but it's a song that just sings fast racing action.

The only real speed bump on the road is it was sort of formulaic which made the show rather predictable, it really would of benefited more with plotlines that differentiated more like infiltrated some shadow organization or even have Tess and Dan do a little more away from the cars.

I wouldn't mind a revival of this animated show which would not just bring in new fans of this show but the classic video game franchise that helped start the racing subgenre in video games.

For animation I'd say a combo of both CGI and regular hand drawn animation or plain hand drawn animation, whichever preferred just to make sure it looks good. We can have a little more depth, like the origin of how the cars were made. What's happened to Tess and Dan's parents where that could be an ongoing plotline where they are either kidnapped or killed during a mission both were on and this could be an ongoing plotline where both Tess and Dan have to find them or find out the truth about their demise. Maybe latter on have some other characters which would me other cars with different designs, features, as well as different personalities for the cars.

Or maybe even a live action TV show adaptation from Justin Lin and any other director that did the "Fast and Furious" movies, heck those films are a lot like the cartoon series. Well all thought worth a test run anyway.

Pole Position has enough mileage for fun.

Rating: 3 stars
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Gomez and Morticia Begin
10 October 2019
This is part one of my favorite and only two parter of the show. I really love this two parter because it's one of those origin/pre sequel stories done right and it no doubt predates them in general before it became common place. It's true that they could have used younger actors to play young versions of Gomez and Morticia as both in the past timeline are supposed to be younger. But I'm sort of glad they didn't because we all want the genuine article, let alone it wouldn't have been as funny.

I really like how you see how different both Gomez and Mortica really are as we see Gomez, he was a sickly person that seemed to be a bit of a germaphobe and shut in as he was never able to get out much. And Mortica whom we see is dressed and has the same hairstyle as Wednesday with those pigtails and black dress; her character is on the shy side and is sort of a wall flower but interesting all the same.

We see the reason why both really are a great match for each other because both not just have certain common strange interests like Morticia raising her monster plant Cleopatra whom is right now small, or the type of gourmet lunches both Morticia and Gomez have a taste for.

But mainly both really bring out the best in each other which is part of what makes a good relationship. From seeing both Mortica and Gomez play with trains together and where Gomez got the idea for his tendency to crash his trains, which is kind of cool, but we see that Gomez's time with Mortica has made him feel less sick and a bit outgoing.

Even like some of the little things which are revealed. Like seeing that Grand Mama is Gomez's mother which I honestly never knew. But also, Morticia's mom whom is played by Margret Hamilton whom is well known in "The Wizard of Oz". It was just a perfect fit, I always imagined that actress would be Mortica's mom; really liked seeing a little back and forth between Grand Mama and her which brought some depth.

And of course, Aunt Ophelia, always love Carolyn Jones performance you're really buy there are two different people, Ophelia truly is a sharp contrast to Mortica. We can clearly see why both Gomez and she are not a good match, yeah Orphila is sweet but crazy. Really love that violin recital scene which was well something, during the playing she is sawing the violin off with the bow, that always cracked me up; how the heck she was able to do that with the bow is any ones guess, but shows she has super strength and probably owns lots of violins.

Will Gomez and Mortica get together, you'll just have to wait for part two.

Rating: 4 stars
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Scorpion: Toby or Not Toby (2016)
Season 2, Episode 24
Caught in a Web
9 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Warning do not read unless seen episode.

This is another one of my favorite episodes of the show, once again Mark Collins rears his ugly head. Mark Collins is a villain I just plain hate, this guys circuits clearly aren't firing in the right places. However, what I really love about this episode is that it's once again a Happy and Toby centered episode which is cool as both are my favorite characters and honorable mention in fictional couples as both have truly had the most development and chemistry.

The only bad thing is the new edition Tim, I thought he was just unnecessary he's kinda just a filler character much like Harry and Bidwell in "Doctor Who", granted he's not useless he's has some use like for the Webbing situation, but like I said some. Also he's just you typical romance obstacle on the right guy or girl getting together with some generic BF or GF we don't give two fraks about, which to me is one of those clichés that need to die, seriously it's bullcrap just put Walter and Page together already.

Anyway, down to business it's your life on the line thriller where we see Toby is held hostage by Collins. You really feel pathos for Toby as we see Collins is just going in out of his way to just hurt Toby and even Happy psychologically. Just hearing him spewing all kinds of bile mind twisting crap just made me want to just deck the guy, snatch his glasses and stomp on them. I know that sounds bold but what he says can really push anyone over the edge; you can tell from the look on Toby's face after listening to Collins he wants to do just that, even Happy looks like she tempted to use one of her tools on Collins.

From hearing all the bile things from Collins, it truly shows how diseased his psyche is but also that he never was part of Scorpion and never shall be. Also, despite what he says and taunts Toby's love for Happy, Collins knows nothing about love, the only love he capable of is for himself, nor does he know about friendship or anything in life the only think he knows is evil.

The suspense is really solid and engaging as we just each of the members of Scorpion at their best trying to find Toby and beat Mark's sick game. But I also feel both Toby and Happy are at their emotional best to, as we see those deep feelings are surfacing and finally becoming solidified.

It comes down to the final minutes which are probably the most suspenseful situations ever as we see Mark has concocted a "Saw" like bobby trap where Toby is trapped in the middle of a dental floss Web and there is a jar of acid that is slowly tipping down on Toby. If they trip the wrong wire the jar comes down, if they don't get though the wires the jar will tip; it really kept me on the edge of my seat as Scorpion is just playing "Minesweeper" with the wires. Will Scorpion be able to break though Mark's Web, you'll just have to wait and see.

Rating: 4 stars
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Scorpion: White Out (2016)
Season 2, Episode 13
Cold Comfort
7 October 2019
This is an honorable mention of the show, it's another that centered on Happy but also Toby. This is the episode that finally bring Toby and even Happy's feelings for one another to the forefront.

This is a survival episode, I like those kinds of episodes because the characters are really put to the test, mentally and physically. When you see Happy's line is cut, you instantly know Happy is in deep crap and she's in a very unhappy situation. This situation is unique for the rest in scorpion because it's a lot more down to Earth, this is the kind of thing that could happen. Most of the problems Scorpion deals with a are practical/technical problems but here this is an element of nature their dealing with. The think about the artic cold is that there are subzero temperatures just everywhere you walk, and the blizzard makes things worse because you can't see crap, if you get remotely lost or wander too far off your dead.

The show also has a good subplot with a satellite they must put in place a satellite to reestablish coordinate communication with soldiers pinned down in a fire fight who need extraction. Really liked seeing Ralph contribute to give the soldiers more time and his interaction with the army ranger captain. This subplot just increases the tension because it reminds you there is a ticking clock on not just the soldiers but Happy and Toby.

There are a few moments you actually worry about the lives of both Happy and Toby as things are just getting colder and bleaker by the minute, you really feel the cold, ice, and snow it's just palpable; made me have to get a blanket watching this episode. There are some humorous moments as usual, when Happy sees the self help book she's been trying out and then chucks it away above her and says an angry remark to it, yeah that's one thing I can agree with her on, most self-help books and programs are scams let alone don't really help. It was sweet seeing Toby finding her and coming to help doing what he can to keep both alive, but also finally coming out with a heartwarming confession.

Rating: 4 stars
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Scorpion: Don't Burst My Bubble (2017)
Season 3, Episode 18
Bubble Trouble
6 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Warning do not read unless seen episode.

What I like about the episode is for once Happy is in charge which is cool as she's my favorite character in the show. I really like how she was running the show which makes sense as engineering is her expertise. But also, the character Ada is one you care about, and of course she's played by Mary Mouser whom you may know as Daniel LaRusso's daughter Samantha LaRusso in "Cobra Kai" which is cool since that's one of my favorite shows. Scorpion has helped a lot of people in the past but most of them never really had much depth, there were sort of like in most action shows episodes the guy or girl of the weak in peril. Ada has a good deal of range where we learn enough about who she is as well as a sweet optimistic personality that has a beautiful mind and heart. But I just really liked the back and forth that was going on with both Happy and Aya whom are sort of like sisters.

All these things made us want both Happy and Scorpion to win, because it really felt like it mattered. There are parallels and slight similarities to both characters. From the fact both are into Engineering but how both have their dilemmas to deal with. Happy is a person that isn't the most social but it's understandable as she has had some bad traumatic experiences in it and seems like she keeps herself in a figurative bubble to keep people away and so she simply won't get hurt. But deep down she really does want to socialize and have people in her life which she did successfully acquire in time. Ada she also wants to socialize and be outside of her bubble so she can not just see outside but make contact both physical and mental, despite her medical conditions that limits her to even doing the simplest thing.

As usual really liked seeing Happy and Scorpion at work as they are devising quick and logical solutions to keep Ada alive. It was really tense, you really felt there was a ticking clock on Ada's life, even like that when bad situations occur they didn't feel like they were padded in just to fill in the extra time which is a fundamental problem this show has; but actually felt like bad situations that are plausible and can occur in the heat of the moment.

We even see the little subplot with Sly's campaign which is a little sad as we see dirty politics just rears its ugly head, when opponent smeg head launches a viral video to tarnish and slander Sly's image. Personally, whenever I see mud slinging I never believe it, in fact I always find the source that sent this kind of information highly suspicious.

Throughout the ordeal we of course see Sly busy at his job which is saving lives, which just goes to show why Sly truly is worthy of the position because he actually gives a damn about people other than himself. But it's when we find out who sent it, is when things get sad and it' s Allie. I'll admit when we find this out it was just heart sinking, I really like Allie, but she really disappointed me. I understand the reasons but wrong is wrong. Any leader or boss that tells you to do something unethical or even illegal you shouldn't work for at all. I remember thinking "your better than that or at least you should be". Cabe despite how much it hurts him does what he has to do and breaks it off with her; I felt Cabe did the right thing because it not just shows the strength of his integrity but his friendship and love for Sly and why he honors it. Allie may have saved her job and got her smeg head boss to win the election, but she lost something more valuable on that day.

Though it doesn't end on a sad note when we see it ends on a slightly happy note, when we see Happy and the rest of Scorpion do something special for her which shows that Ada as well as Happy aren't alone. And that hope in being Happy exists.

Rating: 4 stars
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Sectaurs (1986– )
Medieval Buggy Fantasy
5 October 2019
One of the great things for me about being a kid in the 80's decade was how they just had some of the most colorful and creative toy lines, but also was just a golden age for the fantasy genre where just about anything can go. "Sectarus" is unfortunately one of those franchises that sadly flew under the radar and just never had the proper chance to gain altitude.

I really love the concept which is rare in the fantasy genre being set in post-apocalyptic setting but in an alien world which I think is awesome. There really aren't that many in the fantasy genre that utilize post-apocalyptic settings, only ones I can think of are the film "Wizards". But also, the animated shows "Visionaries" and "Thundarrr the Barbarian" both also under the radar (and both I also reviewed).

I really love the fantasy world as you have a humanoid insect race, where there are the pleasant ones that look human and of course there are the evil ones that look inhuman. I even love that it's a place that has swords and shields, but there are also guns, a little magic and even technology which is this planet has become rare and scarce and science has become a forgotten practice. That's the other thing that is fascinating and I feel show why we shouldn't take technology and science for granted and appreciate any old and new while we still have it because when it's gone it's gone for good.

I really like the designs of the world where we see some strange alien mountains along with structures that are all organic based, which makes sense as the inhabitants are part insect. Even like how in some parts of the episodes there some Greek Mythology is incorporated, here it's an alien version of some of it, which I thought was cool. But most of all I really love the different kinds of creatures that we find and discover which makes sense as they're in a way the really stars of the franchise.

Music is also soild, there is a theme song that is pretty good if not one of my favorites but has that tune of otherworld fantasy and adventure.

The voice cast is very good it consists of some familiars like Dave Gilvezan one of my favorite voice actors whom is well known as Bumblebee (not a pun) in "Transformers" he gets to play the lead hero Prince Dargon, his voice just fits like a glove as he's always had that tone that just sings out hero.

Peter Cullen another favorite voice actor plays Mantor one of Dargon's compatriots and mentor he does good as usual with what he's got.

And last there is Arthur Burghardt whom was known for playing the voice of Destro in "G.I. Joe" he plays the lead villain Spidrax another in my honorable mention of favorite animated villains really like the helmet he wears sort of a anamorphic samurai, his character is just a merciless and ruthless that will stop at nothing and no one to conquer and get whatever he wants. Really love his voice which is just full of ruthless menace and intimidation that is just music to my ears.

But of course, we're all here for the action and adventure and this mini series has plenty of it. The choreography is solid, really like the medieval weapon combat and shootout where we do see the characters hit. But my favorite combat is the aerial assaults where we see Joust but in the air much like with the video game "Joust". But it's just really cool seeing the character just ride those bugs and just engage in combat. But also, dog fights with the guns as well as chases.

This is another franchise that has revival potential, we can have another animated series or better yet a live action series but have them on a premium channel with a big budget backing it. We can create more depth into the world of Sectarus like see more lost technology and even more hints on its lost past, but also a lot more depth into the world they live in now, with this we could get more creatures insect and other.

May 'be put a Lovecraftian spin like certain ancient otherworldly structures but also change the origin a little like there was some otherworldly mutagen that came to some point in their world and infected and spread throughout the entire planet; well their thoughts to consider anyway.

Also, I would love a DVD and Blu Ray release of the miniseries, since Time Warner has the rights have the Warner Archive company release it, I see no reason not to.

Overall this is one of those under the radar animated gems, that is worth a test flight.

Rating: 3 stars
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Ghosts'n Goblins (1985 Video Game)
Grave Hopping Fun
4 October 2019
This is one of my favorite video games of all time. This gave is pretty much the start of the Ghouls and Ghosts franchise and it's a very good start. I remember as a kid playing and seeing this in the arcade, I thought it was cool as I'm a fantasy fan and was into "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe".

It's your simple damsel in distress scenario, but it's really in how you rescue her that counts and in this game, you really have your work cut out for you. The graphical presentation I thought is very good, I like how they created a dark fantasy world, which wasn't common at the time this was before games like the "Dark Souls" series. The game always takes place in the night, there are some gothic and even dilapidated structure wherever you pass which adds to the spooky, isolated, and unfriendly atmosphere; this world just has death written all over it as it's just designed to kill you.

The gameplay is solid it's the typical platform action as it's going from point A to B, controls your basic attack and jump but there's nothing wrong with that. You have a decent variety of weapons, my favorite is the shield which you get in the latter levels, I just think it's cool being able to throw shields at your enemies much like Captain America.

Music is also very good there's a solid sum of tracks but the one track that stands out is the one from first level which is practically the theme song of the franchise. I really love that track because it's sort of a combo of a spooky fantasy horror and medieval action adventure tone.

I even like the character designs, which are cool. From the main character, but mainly it's the monsters I really like whom truly are the real stars of the game, hence it's title. I like that they look threatening but at the same time a bit comical much like with those monsters (or should I say fake monsters) in the "Scooby Doo" cartoons. This doesn't just add to the humor but also makes you feel like your playing through a Saturday Morning Cartoon.

There is a good variety of monsters like the zombies that are always in purple wardrobe, little flying demons whom kind of remind me of the Subspecies from that horror film series from Full Moon, just with a wingspan. The red Gargoyles whom is known as Firebrand, Tan colored ogres with a heart sailor tattoo, Venus fly traps that shoot out eyeballs, the list goes on.

And the bosses also look great and in good variety like a Cyclops, Flying Purple Dragon and my favorite Satan. I'm not kidding that is the final bosses name, it's a unique design on Satan (ok it's probably just the genuine article just another monster with that name) as he has a lion like head which consist of blue hair, another face which is on his chest and is wearing a kingly robe.

I really like how the game has a sense of humor, it's not one you take too seriously or take itself seriously. Like those heart tattooed ogres where one of their attacks is to puke maces balls from, the fact each zombie is always in blue attire (it's not like there a Macy's in that world) and just the fact that when you get hit you lose all your armor and have to fight in your boxers.

Yeah, this game is really hard, though that's because the game is actually by it's nature short as it has about six levels with two stages within them, which is to be expected from these games. Though I'll admit I remember the amount of frustration I felt as a kid having to go through the ordeal again and again which is a common staple to these game and most hard games in general.

But despite what I felt I was always still having fun, and the difficulty isn't totally unfair it actually is fair, sometimes when I died it was because I made a misstep, an error in judgement, or failed to do something at a certain time. The game operates on the trial and error principle, you can't expect to get it right the first time. Perseverance in this and the other Ghouls and Ghosts games is the key, if you keep with it long enough you be able to find the way though. I can get though the levels easily, ok not really but not with as many problems as before.

Ghost and Goblins is grave hopping fun.

Rating: 3 and a half stars
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Nostalgia Critic: Nostalgic Commercial Specials 1-7 (2016)
Season Unknown, Episode Unknown
Commerical Nolstalgia
3 October 2019
This is my fourth favorite episode (ok, it's a series of episodes but rolled into one). This so sort of what MST3K and RiffTrax are to the Shorts. Here it's on commercials of yesteryear. Yeah, back then in my age there were a lot of colorful and interesting commercials, some good, some bad, and some bizarre. I'll state at least a few I liked from the specials.

Laser Tag Second Commercial: Just like the first one, the second is just as good. In this one it's obviously inspired by the movie "Rollerball" as we see the skate track and everyone trying to nail each other while in motion. Like that last moment where we see the bad guy has nailed everyone but one name Rocky (ironic movie reference) and Rocky calls him but and both go one on one, who winds you'll have to see for yourself. It was funny when the critic points out what Rocky yells out which even, I have no idea what he just said.

Laser Pro 9000: This is another pretty cool one despite the fact this laser tag product didn't sell as well. But it was a cool commercial all the same, their always done like action films. This ad it seems to take place in the future, and we see one faction of teens (though they look rather old to be teens) come to some futuristic club and must fight off some futuristic gang in a laser tag battle. Really like the dark futuristic industrial settings in that commercial. Though as the critic pointed out it starts are kind of strange as it seems like it's also another ad, but also how the guy poorly delivers the name of that product.

HBO 1983 bumper: Really love how the Critic gave this HBO bumper phrase but also on who we need to see bumpers like this for that channel again. I highly agree, personally I miss seeing bumpers like this for most channels, if you're going to advertise for your channel at least make it interesting and entertaining. That music was cool which sounds like it cold of been a theme for a Football special.

Crossfire: Yeah, this commercial is awesome, I remember seeing this as a kid and enjoyed the heck out of it. It was cool because it took place in the far future and you saw two opponents just playing against one another. That music was just awesome, and it was also thrilling to watch as you wondering who is going to blow away who. The critics reactions to this commercial on key with how any of us felt seeing it. On a side note really like the little skit in that top 11 Avatar episode seeing both the Nostalgia Critic and actor/voice actor Dante Basco play against each other with the Crossfire which was funny.

So, tune into this Farmers Market of ads, just like some of the products advertised their relics of history.

Rating: 4 stars
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Musical Hell: Jem and the Holograms (2019)
Season 1, Episode 79
Outragiously Bad
3 October 2019
This is my favorite episode from "Musical Hell". It's a duo or should I say triple critic review as for the Diva's number two its they guy from the channel "That weird guy with the Creepy Guy with Long Hair" along with number three which is his assistant the Elder God Chathlu.

I'll level with you I was a kid from the 80's and "Jem and the Holograms" is one of my favorite animated shows of all time. When I saw the trailer for the live action adaptation I thought, "What the frak is this?". Being a fan of the franchise, you can imagine how much disappoint I and every other fan felt seeing this soul draining trailer and worst of all the film itself (for the record never saw it in theater, thank the lord).

I love each point both critics really point out. Like Sin 2 which is wrong esthetic which I whole hardingly agree, that really was one of the biggest problems with the movie it shouldn't of been set in our decade, it should have been in the 80's decade which is part of the charm of the animated series in the first place, it was a product of it's time and reflected it's decade. It wouldn't have been so awesome making the film into a period piece and it wouldn't have been hard the TV show "Stranger Things" and even movie "The Wedding Singer" did it so why the hell couldn't they do it.

Even like it when both critics point out the many bits of bad writing and clichéd as hell which there really is plenty of in this film, even a novice writer would be able to point out the mistakes.

And this is a sin from me is the music itself it's not memorable, it's also a bunch of passable modern day tunes we hear most to all the time; not one song from the original animated show or even an original song designed 80's style; the discarding of most of the songs from the original show is a guaranteed kiss of death.

It was funny seeing all three critics just rightfully ripping this film to shreds. From how both Diva and Creepy Long-Haired Guy just bounced off each other along with Chathlu joining in. From that beginning when the Diva summons the Creepy Long-Haired Guy and Chathlu, really like it when the Creepy Long Haired Guy makes a Jem reference when he first appear and has a green haired wig. And his assistant Chathlu he makes deductive reasoning as to where they are.

Really like what both Creepy Long Haired Guy and Chathlu say about the middle of the film which made me snicker because it's true, the middle in fact almost all of the film is just fraking boring because nothing really happens, except that scavenger hunt crap which really makes no sense at all by its nature it's really filler crap, even all three critics state this.

Last thing that say really makes me chuckle when they get to the scavenger hunt part, yeah Diva and Chathlu I'd actually rather watch a Slasher film than this, better yet it would be cool to summon Jason or Leatherface into this film then you have yourself a movie.

Yeah, the film was truly, truly awful. But this episode is truly truly outrageous.

Rating: 4 stars
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Nostalgia Critic (2007– )
Nolstalgic Terminator
29 September 2019
Nostalgia is a strange thing sometimes, it's usually about the fondness for our past and treasure the sacred relics and experiences within but sometimes there are some memories that aren't so bright and rosy, or don't withstand the test of time, sometimes there is just garbage in your gold. But what really makes Nostalgia endearing is the simple fact we can still enjoy the things form our past, so long as it still brings us joy.

This program is pretty much what MST3K is to sci-fi/horror/and misolanious shlock, this show is too family movies or simply movies we came across when we were kids. Though not every film or TV show he slams I agree with and some come off a little bias as some are judged too much by adulthood /high standards which I'll admit is one weak point of the show, but then this isn't set in stone so to each his own.

But I really do like his insights some of them really are on the nose and he has some memorable and funny lines. Really like Doug's performance as he's almost a live action cartoon character sometimes as he just has these manic bursts at the right times and places.

You can sort of emphasize with this guy because, it's a common on reality we all deal with when we were kids we saw things differently. But when we've grown up those rose-tinted glasses are stomped on and we see things as they are and have acquired new tastes, knowledge and perspectives in life that sometimes certain things in our childhood aren't as rosy as we thought or remembered them to be.

There are several memorable and good episodes, I'll just state a few of the ones I really like since there are so many and still counting.

Top 12 Christmas Commercials: Yeah, this one is a list but it's a good one, Doug's reactions and two cents and jokes on the manner are spot on. Really like the picks as some of those are mine as well like the Flintstones Fruit Pebbles commercial that one always warms my heart let alone the fact "The Flintstones" is one of my favorite animated shows. Along with that number one pick which is my favorite one, I won't say what it is you must see it for yourself.

But there are also some really odd picks as Doug stated in the beginning which I remember also mainly that one ranked number 11, which was a commercial that became a controversy for years and I still wonder what the hell they were thinking; if you don't know which I'm referring to I'll give you two hints, it's coffee and always starts with "Best part of waking up."

The Commercials Series: Yes, I know it's commercials again but to me it's always the highlight of the series. As we get to watch along with Doug commercials most aimed for kids and some that are well known from the yesteryears of the 80's and 90's. Yeah, I was a kid in both decades, and I've seen my share of some of those commercials and remember some fondly along with some of the products.

Really like some of his comments which are funny but some of them are also just his own two cents on how he feels about each of them, in the latter episodes he sometimes includes some little skits based on some of them. My favorites are when he does the video game commercials, one of them that sticks out is the one for the game "Pole Position", that one cracks me up but it's also an awesome commercial just as the game is.

Batman and Robin: This episode is my absolute favorite, as Doug just pours his absolute distain for the film which I totally share in; in my book it's not just one of the worst sequels and comic book films of all time but just one of the worst films I've seen in general; I honestly which I could leap back in time like Sam in "Quantum Leap" and bring my past self to see another film, yes I was one of the unfortunate people that saw this film in theaters. I won't say anything else you just have to see it for yourself. Yeah Doug, I and a lot of other Batman fans really feel your pain.

Nostalgia no matter how we remember it good or bad, has become an art form of hilarity in the present.

Rating: 4 stars
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Massacre of Time
28 September 2019
This is another Halloween episode from the nerd and is part 1 in a two parter. I'll admit this isn't one of my favorite episodes, let alone two partners but it's fun all the same.

I'll admit when I first discovered there was a game based on one of my favorite horror movies "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" I was really stunned. I never really grew up with the "Atari 2600" I was an NES guy, but I have known most of the game from that system but I honest didn't know this game ever existed for that system. Let alone they attempted to make a survival horror game for the Atari 2600 based on a R Rated horror film, that must've taken some balls to do that.

Well for the game all I can say is they tried but didn't make the cut. It's cool you play as Leatherface, but the problem is this game is so boring because there hardly anything else to do in the game to keep it interesting. Some of the animation is odd and unimpressive, alright I know it's an Atari 2600 but at least with their quality games they put effort in making them look good.

Like that car in the background does look bigger than the house, Leatherface's chainsaw is colored blue which makes it look weird, I honestly don't know why they couldn't give it a gray or silver color. Even the kills are strange once you hit the victims they turn into what look like tea cups, ok I know the red graphic up and down is suppose to be blood and the middle is the character lying down but it's really hard to tell unless you imagine really really hard.

James as usual is good, really liked his comments about getting stopped by the smallest obstacles which any human can easily walk past. Thought that works to James advantage when he's being chased by Leatherface.

The real highlight of the episode is in the very beginning when James and the Hillbilly seller are in business negotiations, really liked their back and forth, it's funny when James points out and puzzling over a certain logo image from the out of business video game company which is suppose to be an explosion I think, really like the Hillbilly's reply back on what the logo is, which is also ironic to what the game really is.

This episode makes the cut.

Rating: 3 stars
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Nostalgia Critic: Batman Forever (2018)
Season 11, Episode 6
Bat Turbulance
28 September 2019
This is a solid one, once again it's a duo episode, this time it's with the critic called The Last Angry Geek. On a side note really liked that RiffTrax with Doug and the rest of the crew that was a solid one, so if you're a fan of both RiffTrax and the Nolstalgia Critic it's one to check out.

Yeah, I've seen the Batman Forever film, even as a kid seeing the trailer for it, I knew something didn't feel right. I didn't hate the film when I first saw it, but I really didn't enjoy it that much, something felt off. And as time went on this sequel really hasn't aged very well, I understand they were trying to go a different direction, but it wasn't the right one, it's not as bad as "Batman and Robin" it's just average.

Actually, I wouldn't call it a sequel as it feel more like it's own cannon which I think was the true intention. I think the biggest problem with the film is how uneven it is in tone, as if the film can't decide if it wants to be lighthearted or serious.

The skit from the beginning and end was kind of funny we see a couple of the Nostalgia Critic crew involved with Malcolm in make up as a Two Face impersonator and Tamara as a Nicole Kidman impersonator, though the real good thing about this skit is seeing both Doug and Last Angry Geek are in conflict with the John as the Joel Shumaker impersonator whom is clearly trying to con them by playing the forgivable manner ploy; man it's just sad that Joel directing rep never really recovered after well you know what movie. Even ends on a cliffhanger note which is a little strange, I won't say what it is you just must find out yourself.

Really like how both Last Angry Geek and Doug just take their jabs on this film. From keeping tabs on the amount of slow mo moments in the film which really are frequent and even certain other moments. Even like one moment where there is a slight comparison to both Michael Bay and Shoemaker, yeah not a fan of him also.

Two moments I really like are when the Last Angry Geek keep pointing out the new gizmo Edward Nigma/The Ridler keeps bringing out is a cone but keeps being advertised as a box which really makes no fraking sense, would it of killed the writers to make one small easy edit.

One other moment that was funny was the scene with the sliding entrance to the Bat Cave, which I guess makes sense as Bruce has to enter the Bat Cave and become Batman at certain times. But it's funny how both pointed out the little flaw to that form of entrance, when we see Doug put that to practice. Even like what they say on the scene where Dick/Robin jacks the Batmoble which could of easily of been a dead giveaway which is something both critics humorously point out, when you think about it a third and fourth grader could make the connections.

Overall, not one of my favorite duo critic episode but it's still one unlike this film gains altitude for fun.

Rating: 3 stars
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Musical Hell: Peter Pan Live (2017)
Season 1, Episode 56
Crashing and Burning in Neverland
27 September 2019
This entry is an honorable mention in my book. This episode is the fifth anniversary for this series and what better way to celebrate it than with one of the worst live musicals to TV productions ever.

I remember the 1960's Peter Pan live which was shown on occasion at the time, one of those occasions was the 80's decade and I was a kid from that decade which is why it's another relic from my childhood; it's not one of my favorite musicals but it was fun all the same there were some memorable songs, like my favorite one "Captain Hook".

Sadly this modern version fails to gain the same altitude as that 60's version, in fact you can say it crashes and burns; yes I was one of the unfortunate people that saw this version so you can imagine my disappointment and the disappointment of anyone else that remembers the 60's version. Heck that "Peter Pan" play scene from the film "21 Jump Street" is better than this version.

The Diva demoness as usual is at her best just ripping this plane wreck to shreds. I think the real tragedy of this modernized musical was it could have been good, as the production value was on par and the supporting actors were cast right and put on really good performances, really liked that girl that played Tiger Lily she's hot and really looked good in that costume. Ahem anyway back on subject, so everything looked like it was rigged not to fail except for a couple of huge problems.

Both the roles of Peter Pan and Captain Hook are clearly miscast. Though for Alison Williams I didn't think was bad for Pan, it was just the wrong type of performance and her singing is decent but nothing that stands out.

However, the biggest offender is who we all thinking off Christopher Walken. Don't get me wrong I really like the actor and his work, but this isn't one of them. His performance well what performance, as we see him just simply as the demoness puts it texting it in.

The persona for hook he puts on is the same one he usually puts on in the SNL skits, only difference is in those he's funny but here he's not as there is no energy in what he's doing and is half assed from beginning to end, let alone doesn't even sing and dance much.

The other pirates around him including Christian Boyle who plays Smee (as well as Wendy's father, why the heck couldn't he have played Hook) are all good but even they can't save the show. Really liked hearing the demoness Diva take jabs at Chris in this, like a moment of tap dance which put a little smirk on my face, yeah Chris you're not fooling anyone let alone not even moving the one foot tap right.

Couldn't help but snicker when the demoness brings up that famous clap scene and we see a montage of cameos of some fellow youtubers. Some of the things they say are just random as they say with mock enthusiasm what they believe in.

The worst part about the modernized version of the clap scene is they displayed a text graphic, where people had to text to save tinkerbell, I kid you not. I really didn't like that touch because that was just cheating. "Peter Pan Live" crashes and burns but at least this episode flies high.

Rating: 3 and a half stars
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Super Mario Bros. (1985 Video Game)
Super Platform Hero
16 September 2019
This is another one of my favorite video games of all time, this game is a timeless classic that has not just revolutionized platform action genre of video games but changed our perspective in how video games were made and played forever.

Believe it or not this is the very first video game I played, I was about 5 or 6 years old; every time we went to the video arcade, I played this game every chance I could get. I just absolute fell in love with this because it was nothing I've ever seen before and had just about everything I could ever want in a game.

And once I got the NES console of my own, I played the heck out of the game, it really made the experience all the more awesome because I had the video game at my home and can play it any time I wanted and as much as I wanted; let alone getting that console and game with it truly changed my life forever as it really set my on the road to being a gamer as well as game collecting. Even today as an adult I still play this game, which shows how timeless it truly is.

There is so much to love about this game. The graphical presentation was great for it's time and still looks good today. I feel this game is one of the prime examples in using graphic presentation the right way and for the right reasons. I really love the amount of detail from the presentation, from how well designed the characters are down to the background which presented an entire world. But also made it feel like you were playing a cartoon show, which makes sense as 80's cartoon shows were one of the big things of that decade.

Music is just excellent and timeless as you can probably get them as your ringtone or even hear numerous remixes. From that theme song which always makes me think about Mario every time I hear it, the underground, under water, and the final castles which always had music that really made you feel a sense of dread and danger and for good reason.

But of course, what really sold this is he gameplay is just excellent, there were plenty of platform action games before like the arcade games, "Donkey Kong". But the thing about that game and others where they were contained action as they all took place in one arena.

This game was much different as it was more than just going from point A to B in one area but a whole piece of land and more and more after it, which made this game feel like you really were on an adventure. Each of the levels and stages are always different which all contain a different challenge, you truly never really what to expect.

And to me that was just part of the joy of the game to have different experiences and play through them. Like the underwater level, which was really cool, I always love underwater where your always trying to avoid those squids or bird like fish. Then there are the castle levels which are the trickiest, I'll admit as a kid made me nervous because by their nature their death traps designed to kill you.

The game's difficulty isn't too hard but it's not that easy, I really like the difficulty in this game where it's actually balanced where at first it's not so hard but as you progress the game gets a little more challenging and tricky, which really tests your actions, reactions, and wits. It's true there are no continues but that's because by it's nature the game is actually not too long, you can zip by each of the levels once you get them all down, the ability to acquire extra lives, or if you know the secrets you can win the game really fast.

I really love how each of the levels also contain secrets from those question blocks even hidden ones which always contain points or even power up. Like the mushroom that can make you grow bigger, which is just a device to give you another life in the game. The star which gives you temporary invincibility. But my absolute favorite is the Fire Flower, which is awesome as your almost unstoppable, you can wield and throw fireballs at about any opponent including the end boss on each of the worlds.

There is a very good variety of enemies which always change the more you progress and get more dangerous. Like the Gombas whom are evil walking mushrooms. Thought two I've always was the most concerned about was this turtle that was flying on a cloud and kept dropping red turtles that were armed with nasty spikes, those things made me nervous because they were really hard to kill, except if you have a fire flower or even if possible a turtle shell. And of course, Koopa himself which was Bowser's name at the time (I still don't understand the need to change the name), him always shooting out fireballs. The only ways to beat him are with the fire flower or to somehow find a way past him to get to the axe to chop the bridge down which gets tricky further on.

And of course, Mario himself whom is pretty much whom Mickey Mouse is to the Disney Company. He was one of the very first video game protagonists ever and he's still endeared even today. This video game protagonist was truly special because this is not a protagonist with muscle, but one that was from the blue-collar end of things as he's wearing that plumping uniform. This made him relatable because he was the average joe that was chosen to save both the princess and the fantasy realm, it really shows how anyone can be a hero.

This vintage classic just like Mario himself is timeless fun.

Rating: 4 stars
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Arena (1989)
Space Fighter
14 September 2019
This is another under the radar gem, that I really like, yeah, it's true this isn't a sci-fi classic, but it could have been. I really like that this is a sci-fi film that gets into the future sports subgenre which I don't feel is utilized much and I'd personally love to see more of because there really is lots to explore in that subgenre.

The film is pretty much "Rocky" or "Street Fighter" in space. Personally, I think this is an awesome idea heck this could of made a really good episode for the "Power Rangers" franchise, actually makes me wonder why the heck any of the entries never did tournament episodes.

The characters and cast are pretty good, there is surprisingly a good cast a few of them are sci-fi TV alumni. Like Armin Shimerman and Marc Alaimo whom were in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and Claudia Christian from "Babylon 5" they all act well.

Paul Staterfield is solid, he kinda looks like Christopher Reeve even sounds a little like him; man, Christopher Reeve in a sci-fi sports film that would've been something. He's a solid typical underdog protagonist Steve Armstrong whom is a person with big dreams in fighting in the Arena but just having more in life in general. As we hear no human has ever or has been aloud to compete in the Arena. In the story there hasn't been any one on one fighting sports involving humans for years which I'll admit is stupid, nor has it been explained or elaborated on. But then again that makes us want his character to be in the Arena and win, prove all of them wrong; yeah, it's a common cliché in sports films but it works every time.

Also really like the guy that plays his friend Shorty played by Hamilton Camp whom is a four-armed alien. He's sort of the alien Burgess Meredith/Mickey as he looks, and sound like him. He's funny as he's got a bit of spitfire and aggression. But like Mickey he's sort of Steve's mentor/father figure toward him, helping in guiding him on the right path.

Like Quinn whom is played by Claudia Christian, she is Steve's manager. I like that she like Steve is a bit on the underdog side of things. Despite managing fighters none of them along with her company always came close but never made it. Steve is their best chance she's been looking for so long. She really has a commanding sensibility about her along with her big ambitions, but she doesn't let that cloud her judgement as she does care for what happens to Steve and his wellbeing. Which I like shows that she's not just a boss but a friend.

Despite the low budget it was used well, I really like the creature effects, each of the aliens are unique and even have a little personality which makes them stand out and a little funny. There are some interesting looking aliens like but of course my favorite and whom is the main challenge throughout the film is Horn. He almost looks like he could be one of Skelator's cronies from "He Man" as we see he is half monster half cyborg. But really like the characters persona as he's really conveys some ruthless hungry menace but just simply that he loves to inflate his ego and get attention, which sort of makes him an alien version of Apollo Creed. There is this other whom is some half humanoid half insect creature with those spider like legs and hide, he was cool despite not too mobile but he occupied lots of space in the Arena which makes sense; and really like some of the verbal taunts on Steve which made that alien kind of funny.

The fights are solid, the choreography is good it's a little more boxing action, but I didn't mind. It was cool seeing both the aliens and Steve just land those hits on one another, so it wasn't one sided. Really liked seeing Steve's fight with that giant insect alien, which was cool almost a David versus Goliath battle, like in that battle isn't so tough once you hit him in the right places. Along with that fight against Horn just seeing both pounding on one another.

The only phantom punches the film has are I don't feel there are nearly enough fights. Steve has a total of two, or should I say three if you want to count the sparing session. Also wish we had a montage scene, where we would see Steve is just knocking each alien he faces while some cool music plays, that and the lack of more fights were lost opportunities.

And the reason for this is mainly because the film is slightly hampered by a subplot that wasn't very interesting by its nature it was really a filler obstacle. Don't get me wrong the two Star Trek alumni Armin and Marc do a fine job in their roles but should have been saved for another sci-fi film.

And a little romance story that goes nowhere and was just a waste of time with Steve and some girl we don't care about and whom we know is wrong for him for so many reasons. These things don't hamper the film too much it's still fun, but still subtracting these things would have made the film even better.

I love to see a remake of this or even just simply another film with this similar concept but make it with mixed fighting styles mainly mixed martial arts so we can see both the humans and aliens execute more moves against one another. Maybe a video game based on this film or at least another fighting game based on the sci-fi genre which I feel that genre in video games needs more of.

But another proposal if possible though not likely a licensed comic book series adaptation since the Full Moon Films (which was Empire Pictures at the time) has a comic book branch and has done some licensed comic adaptations on franchises "Puppet Master" and "Trancers" so why not this one, see how much further Steve's career has gone and is going, but also see many more aliens he fights. Well it's a thought anyway.

Like any fighting match "Arena" is worth a watch.

Rating: 3 stars
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Spining with Power
14 September 2019
This is another under the radar gem, it's not totally overlooked but doesn't really get a whole lot of credit or as much attention as the others which happens in most long running franchises. This was also the last entry in the Neo Saban era and I thought it was a solid finish; yeah it's true the Neo Saban era wasn't the franchise's best era but it wasn't a total loss as there were two solid franchise entries "Dino Charge" and this one; so two out of four isn't bad, it's better than none.

The show is going with the Ninja concept once more, but unlike "Ninja Storm" which was fantasy this one is sci-fi which is cool and something I'd love to see more as it's a combination of two of the things I love in life sci-fi and ninjas.

The plotline doesn't reinvent the wheel as it's the typical alien invasion scenario but one thing that actually is unique is how the aliens have this game show where each monster they send down to attack the Rangers is televised, sort of like the movie "The Running Man". That also isn't exactly a new premise, but I thought it was cool having that in the franchise.

The monsters and their designs are good as usual, especially the two main villains like Madame Odious whom has this fox mask and kimono robes which signify elegance but nastiness which makes the character more deceptive hence her name. But I really like the design on Galvanax it's pretty much an exaggerated Shogun Samurai look but all the same it's cool, and he's really menacing looking. Both are decent villains though not my favorite as they are on the two-dimensional side but they serve their functions.

The music is sold, the theme song is fun really like the fast guitar tunes which fit the nature of the show, and even there is a remixed track or two from the first "Power Rangers" show in a episode or two, one of them is one the track you would hear during the Zord battle which I thought sounded cool. I always like remixed tracks showing you can still do more with the track or making them sound even better or unique.

The Ranger characters are cool as their all unique, my favorite is Presto whom is the Blur Ranger. He's cool I like that he's into magic and has big dreams of being the next David Copperfield or any other great magician. Though he's not perfect as he's a little ill confident and his magic act doesn't always work out the way he wants it to as sometimes something goes wrong in the trick but Presto doesn't give up as he keeps plugging away at it and he does get better every time, especially in his confidence.

Haley and Calvin are solid, Haley I think is cute and kind of hot, she sweet but has a certain energy to her, really like that she's into drama and acting which I am myself. Calvin, he the passive aggressive type as am I, that is into automotive but mainly loves to fix and build them. What I like about those two is the fact they're in a relationship. Which I thought was interesting and sort of a first for the show.

Sure, there have been couples in the franchise, but it was most of time just the beginning of a relationship. The chemistry between both I thought was sold there's a good back and forth between them I bought they were a couple with a history. Though it's too bad these two didn't have more episodes together which I'll admit is one weak point of the show, I really would of liked to of seen a little more interaction time between the two, or maybe even a episode where we would see in a series of flashbacks as to how both became a couple to provide depth to them.

Sarah is sold, she's another one of my favorite Pink Rangers if not high on the list. She's fraking gorgeous and hot, with persona to boot. She sort of the technical officer of the bunch much like Billy in the first "Power Rangers" just like him she's inventive, very much into science and technology as she has that hoverboard all the time, but she's energetic and outgoing as there is always a lot she wants to do.

But of course, we're all in it for the action and it doesn't disappoint as it's ninjarific. The choreography is well don't, really like the fluidity of the Rangers movements which makes sense as the martial art Ninjutsu part of it is based on constant flow. Like the design of the Helmets as each of them have a Shuriken of different design.

The weapons are cool, from the Ninja gos they use and those shurikens which are not just the morphers but are a hook up feature to the gos. The Shurikens they amplify the power of the users but what I really like is how they can mix it up sometimes which can double the power as well, which makes the powers the Rangers utilize seem less stationary and keeps the bad guys guessing. The Zords are also cool and memorable looking, there is this one zord that acts as a command chair to help double the power.

Thought this show has some turbulence in its spin cycle. One of the weak points are some bits of humor are weak, but then again that's comedy most of the time there will be hits and misses. The biggest miss is Victor and Monty, these guys are fraking annoying their obviously poor man version of Bulk and Skull. I honestly didn't find both funny as their loud and obnoxious, let alone self-serving blow holes. They just take up time which would have been in better use for the Rangers.

And last the show has the same fundamental problem as "Dino Charge" where the second season doesn't have as much momentum as the first, it wasn't bad at all I still enjoyed watching but it needed a little more spin.

But the main problem is I don't feel there is much or enough character development. Don't get me wrong the Rangers in this show are solid and seem to be well rounded characters ,but I felt they could of used a little more depth so we could explore and know them even better as well some advancement in their personal lives and not just lifestyles.

Overall, this was a solid entry, it's not on my favorites list but it's good fun all the same that's worth a spin.

Rating: 3 stars
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Turtle Tour Boiling in Hell
11 September 2019
This is one of my favorite episodes of the show, this is one of the Demoness's best roasts as she delivers us from these imposters in a half shell. Yeah, I'm a fan of the TMNT franchise and there are a lot of things to enjoy about it, this isn't one of them.

It's sort of one of those times where you look back and you can't help but think what the hell was going on though my mind seeing this, better question yet, what they hell we're they thinking. You could say by its nature it was really one big ad campaign ploy, which fails miserably.

I really like each sin is addressed, and I highly agree this Tour has sinned a great sin and you want them to be roasted for it. Really like her comments on each of the songs which are yeah really bad, it's basically Christian Rock (which I'm not a fan of) but even more pretentious and cheesy but not in a good way as this just stinks of limburger cheese; I wonder if some of the kids that actually sang along to some of the songs look back embarrassed, because I honestly wouldn't sing any of these songs near the public.

Thought the only song I don't mind is "Pizza Power" which I'll admit is the only enjoyable song, maybe it's because this song was used as part of the theme for the "TMNT Turtles in Time " arcade game which for the record is so much cooler than this tour show.

Though I remember half the time even as a kid watching this I was kind of restless, I was just waiting for Shredder and the Foot Clan to come out so we would get some fighting action, they do come out but unfortunately a little to few far between. And there is one battle but it's lame as it's not choreographed very well and we only see Donnie with his bo, yeah that's the only weapon we get. Though the worst part are the jokes that even "Deadpool" would cringe to.

Of course this comes to the Demoness stating this as one of the sin, as the Turtles aren't being themselves because their not doing what they do best which is to kick some ass, which they don't do in this crappy concert, which is weird when you think about it.

My favorite line from the Demoness is "Thank Lucifer the villains are back." Yeah seeing enough of this concert, makes you sort of route for Shredder and his Foot Clan to win. Even like there is this meter they have where the arrow points to bad, really bad, and totally uncool and the arrow movies to the third one which is ironic.

So, yeah, this tour earns its place in Musical Hell, may these imposters in a half shell boil to Turtle Soup.

Rating: 4 stars
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Nostalgia Critic: War of the Commercials (2017)
Season 10, Episode 46
Advertisement Warfare
11 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Warning do not read unless seen episode.

This episode is an honorable mention in my book, but it's still loads of fun as it's once again that time of year again which is always my favorite time of year, as we once again visit that farmers market of the tv ads of yesteryear and get even more comedy from Doug. I'll just state three of my favorite things on this episode.

Mickey Mouse Talking Phone: I never had this toy when I was kindergarten age. Seems like a cool concept where you dial a single number and you would hear a Disney character. Though the problem with this toy was the voices didn't sound or match up with the Disney characters.

Really liked that skit where we see Tamara and her buddy, they have a Disney phone and dial up each number based on something from Disney, but it's based on the negative aspects of Disney. I couldn't help but crack up ever time I saw their reactions, yeah it would be mine if I had to deal with a crappy phone like that. Word, of advice just stick to the Disney animated movies and TV show (good ones on both counts).

Tiger Electronics Handheld Games Mega Man, Double Dragon 2, etc.: Yeah, I know Doug, James Rolfe, and certain other gamers have a distain for these things but believe it or not I'm not one of them. I've played with those handhelds and actually have those around, they were would you would say cheap entertainment as it gave you a bit of that experience like the actual video game even though you'd still want to play the actual game; but better than no game at all.

Anyway, what makes this commercial funny is the kid paying them is just acting extremely hyper, as he's playing, he's just dancing and jumping everywhere all around the screen, while some almost catchy music is playing in the background. He even gets excited for a golf handheld game, I'm not kidding, strangely the announcer describing the details a certain way almost makes the game seem exciting.

Pole Position Video Game Commercial: I always love the video game commercials for retro video games on retro consoles, it's also the type of video game commercial I sorely miss, because with these there was always a sense of humor, fun and creativity.

This commercial is one of my favorites and yes, I remember the video game Pole Position, I've played it in the arcades. This commercial is just high-speed fun and funny let alone a little crazy as the first part of the commercial almost plays out like a Monty Python skit. Really love that announcer what he says to the dad of what looks like a nice family that look nice but uncool, which really made me crack a smile.

Really loved seeing the racing action as we see each of the family members they are driving their own car and racing against each other and other cars, and there is that Kenny Loggins like song playing, it was just exciting and the interesting part about this is we don't get to the video game footage a lot latter. Really love a lot of what Doug says about this commercial.

Doug then in the final minutes does a parody on this commercial by taking the concept of the announcer and just going nuts with it. But what makes the skit funny is when it suddenly goes for Black Comedy. Really like Doug's reaction to that parody, I remember thinking "Yeah, that really did Doug, um I'll be over there."; you just have to see that for yourself it's just priceless just like this special.

Rating: 4 stars
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Doug and James coming out with it.
10 September 2019
This is another favorite episode from the show. Once again both Doug and James team up which makes sense as both are fans of the TMNT franchise, here their about to serve slices of pain on the anchovy of the franchise, yeah guys I'm a TMNT fan too, I feel your pain.

I'll admit it's almost hard to believe this even happened or existed for that manner. I remember as a kid, I was excited by this as I saw advertisements that this was going to come to Yakima which was my hometown at the time to the SunDome. Though it got canceled which you could say was a blessing on my part. But latter along the line, I got to have a VHS copy of this tour, even had a cassette tape also, and yeah back then I did enjoy this rock tour special.

However, as time went on of course those rose-tinted glasses have been discarded and stomped on, and as I see and hear it now, I see how truly bad it is and justifies the reason why I stopped watching and listening to the tour. It was just fun seeing both Critic characters play off each other, they both have some memorable lines and moments.

Really like that beginning which is a parody on the opening of the morning talk shows, where there is the theme from the TV show "Alf", and we see pictures of both in so many places and having a good time together. My favorite one is when we see both laughing together while a hydrogen bomb cloud is behind them, that one always cracks me up. It's also funny how both have mugs and are always drinking coffee almost within just mere seconds.

But my favorite moment is when both are just acting angry and in dire pain as they are hearing another of those so-called rock songs, yeah, those songs really were that painful. Doug and James are coming out with hilarity.

Rating: 4 stars
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Nostalgia Critic: Batman and Robin (2008)
Season 1, Episode 19
Batman and Robin flying into Batcave Abyss
9 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Warning don't read unless seen episode.

This really is my favorite episode of this show, and on further note it was the first episode I saw of the Nostalgia Critic. Yeah, I was one of the unfortunate people that saw this film in the theaters, I really wish I didn't; I wonder what else was playing at that time, should've of saw one of those films instead.

I've seen my share of bad live action comic book adaptations which were numerous at the time, let alone bad sequels. This film is just the absolute definition on bad comic book adaptation and sequel in general. And for the record I'm a fan of the "Batman" franchise, Batman is one of my favorite fictional heroes, so you can imagine how much disappointment we suffered.

It is so much fun seeing Doug just roast this film, he is just at his best under the worst possible circumstance; he has so many funny lines and moments that to me are just comic gold. From the very beginning he takes out some hidden cyanide capsules and when he sees some of the first clip, he attempts to put them in his mouth, yeah Doug I don't blame you.

But the highlight is when Doug he then sees that dreaded (do I dare say it) Bat Credit Card. I remember when I saw that for the first time I thought "What the Hell!", I still can't believe they used this sight gag I know that the 60's Batman is know for having sight gags but that just fell completely flat and out of place. Doug, we see just completely flips out and it just gets funnier as he recovers but then relapses several times.

And of course, there is that final song he sings which I'll just say sums up the time watching the film perfectly. Yeah, Batman and Robin was a terrible film but at least we good one of the best episodes of the show.

Rating: 4 stars
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Descendants 3 (2019 TV Movie)
Final Crossing
6 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Warning do not read unless seen movie.

Like all good fairy tales, they eventually come to an end. This really was an interesting fantasy franchise which is why I'm a little sad at seeing it go, but when you think about it what else were they going to do, as the entire cast was getting older unless they put them in Auradon University next and seeing them deal with collage life. But that's will only happen in the realm of fanfiction, personally I'm fine with this coming to an end before rust settled in, thankful this turned out to be a good if not a great end.

The music numbers are fun as usual, two of the ones that are a good listen are Hades and Mal's number that was a lot of fun seeing both singing and dancing together. Another was seeing a solo from Sofia Carlson/Evie "One Kiss" that one was a lot of fun putting on the moves while singing, she always has good moves.

But that sequence was also funny as by its nature it's one big suspenseful delay as she is uncertain her kiss will be true love to awaken Doug, which is understandable as love can be scary sometimes as it holds the unknown aspect. Really like the look on Mal and Uma's faces while Evie is singing it's the same think we're all thinking "Just do it already!"

I like some of the new editions, like Doctor Faustus's granddaughter, she's fun as she's sort of a fortune teller but also just has this slick charisma.

Another of course is Hades, despite not in the film that long he was a lot of fun. I really like the look of him, which is the Billy Idol look, which is cool as I like Billy Idol. Really like his cool but also slightly devious dynamic. It was interesting though I wouldn't say surprising as I actually saw it a mile away and probably right now it's no big secret anymore, on Hades being Mal's father which makes sense as both of them have the same fashion sense, are mischavious, let alone weld fire; so I guess you can say Mal is the princess/daughter of the underworld so that's cool.

Really like how both Mal and him play off of each other as it's a bit of a strained dynamic but also you see hints that deep done some of that is an act as both really do want some sort of connection with one another which makes it a bit sad because you realize how much time both have lost with each other. From a little more of what we discover about Hades you can't help but wonder if he would have been a better parent for Mal than Maleficent.

But most importantly really like seeing all the characters again well except for Lonnie whom is sadly absent which is one weak point I'll get to latter. Each of them is themselves and I like that we see they all have some good scenes and even more well rounded but also shows how much further they've came.

From Carlos played well Cameron Boyce whom is sadly no longer with us, this was literally the last film from him which sucks, same can be said about a lot of other actors that were gone too soon; but here he finished well.

The highlight was seeing both Carlos and Jane interacting with each other which was sweet, I like the mature sensibility about it as we see both have been in a relationship for a while, from that Cake he and rest were going to deliver to her Birthday party, which becomes a running joke as that Cake just keeps getting smaller. But we see the gift Carlos gives her which really signified the sweetness but is also funny as it sounds almost like a name for a candy.

Really like Jane in this film also, despite also not being in the film that much you really do get a sense of depth with her as we see from that Birthday party, she's became more social and outgoing has more friends in her life. But also, her wits are sharp as we see her jump into the enchanted water to counter Audrey's spell.

Mal and Ben are good as usual and it was interesting seeing how their relationship is taking the next step as we see Ben proposing. Some would argue their both still too young even though both actors are in their twenties. Both have good chemistry even though once again not a lot of scenes with the two together. Really liked seeing Ben in Beast mode, which was something I've been wanting to happen for a long while.

I really liked seeing both Uma and Mal gang work together to save Auradon from Audrey. Really like how we see slowly but surely both factions are slowly but surely putting their differences aside, form a bond, but see the good nature in Uma and her group. Like with Gill whom despite not the brightest bulb he has this innocence to him, like how he really enjoys the small things in Auradon like eating berries which further addresses the poverty issue on the Isle, and shows how we should be grateful for what we have and take for granted.

But also seeing how he has some big dreams, mainly to sail on a ship and see the world. As well as seeing both Mal and Uma combining their magic in a situation or two which shows it's truly better to make friends than enemies.

Of course, we have the main villain whom has been kept a mystery for a while even the trailers didn't reveal anything on the villain which is a good thing and something I feel movies trailers need to do more of again. The main villain is of course Audrey, which really was no surprise to me, I had a feeling after what transpired from the first film this was a long time coming.

It's true her character isn't sympathetic or at least I didn't feel sympathy for her but that's that point, as we see she hasn't changed one bit as she's just as self-absorbed, vain, and prejudicial as before. Even a bit of a hypocrite and Primadonna when she yaks about certain things like, why she wasn't invited to Jane's party; well for one thing your not her friend and two you a jerk, wonder if that ever occurred in Audrey's mind why she's not well liked. We see that she soon is pushed to the edge and that attitude she holds is amplified from Maleficent's wand she jacks, and we of course see her do some pretty bad things.

Now here are somethings about this sequel that really hold it back for me, which makes this my least favorite volume of the bunch. It really sucked that Lonnie wasn't in this film as she is one of my favorite characters in the franchise, but due to the fact they couldn't' get the actress, it couldn't be helped.

As I said the bromance Jay has in the film with Gill and Harry isn't bad, but it's just not the same, like a lot of fans I really wanted to see more back and forth between Lonnie and him which would've given depth as to how far things have gone between them, so, this I felt was one big lost opportunity.

Another problem is Audrey herself, don't get me wrong she's not a bad villainess but a little weak because most of the time she's just fraking around instead of getting down to business. Which I always found so stupid, it's sort of like that tired cliché that seriously needs to die where the good or bad guys sometimes have their opponent right where he or she wants them and does nothing; seriously the more they delay the more they practically hand out another opportunity to they opponent.

Or even go a little further with her character like steel some more objects in the museum which she had the grand opportunity to, like Mal's spell book or better yet a Necronomicon which would have heighted Mal and Uma's challenge. But also I feel Audrey character needed to be rounded out a little more she does come off a little two dimensional, we do get a little depth on her troubled mindset but not enough or maybe even show a little internal conflict to what she's doing, but is so wrapped up in her own greed and vanity she is slowly losing her humanity.

The film isn't really that exciting which is a weird thing to say but it's true, because in the middle nothing really happens. Well ok, things to happen but it just feels a little too few far between. There should have been more sticky situations to intensify things more and the action in the film is a bit lame, it's not bad but they could have been a lot better.

Like having a better final battle much like "Avengers: Endgame" and "A Better Tomorrow 2" where it all comes to a big payoff where we would see both Uma and Mal friends against some sort of demon or skeleton army Audrey summons up and we would see everyone fight. It would be a fitting send off as we see everyone is doing their part.

Like Jane and Carlos use some sort of combative technology, Evie use some spells and a sword and Doug with her also using a sword, Ben transforming into his beast form and ripping the evil army to shreds. And in the final minutes of the battle still have Mal in dragon mode but then have Audrey turn into a pink dragon and there would be an aerial battle between them. I know sounds extreme but why not, it is the final movie so have some fun while you can, but also shows why Mal and Uma and their friends are truly forces for good.

But the real problem I have is there is a serious balancing issue as most of the characters mainly all the supporting characters really didn't have much of a hand in things, let alone in the film that much, which amounts to more lost opportunities.

Overall, despite being a mixed bag entry I did like the film, but as someone that really liked both the first and second film, I think it could've been better. Now it's time for me to get real, farewell Descendants cast members Dove, Sofia, China, and all the rest of you, you really did make this fantasy world and it was an interesting journey with you guys but like all fairy tales sooner or latter they must come to an end, which is why I'll miss you guys, so farewell.

Rating: 3 stars
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Take Two
6 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Warning do not read unless seen episode.

This episode is a good episode, it's not a favorite of mine but I like is all the same. I always like stories about people making movies because I find them the most interesting and relatable as I love movie making and is my field of expertise. Also, the fact that their making a horror movie which is cool as horror is one of my favorite genres. I like the plotline which sort of feels like a "Scooby Doo" mystery.

There are a lot of good scenes, one I like is when both Alicia and Shirley have an interaction scene together in the horror film their making. Just hearing Shirley's delivery makes me wonder why the heck she didn't play the lead girl as the dialog Alicia delivers poorly feel like the kind of things Shirley would say and could nail in a heartbeat.

Alicia, I'll admit is not one of my favorite characters in the show, I always found her a little annoying. Though maybe that's the point as she literally a self-absorbed drama queen. There is one scene which I'll admit really made me feel bad for Bart as we see Alicia do too many edits and revisions on his script without consulting him just to give herself more scenes.

Just hearing Bart on the direction, he wants his story to go, I can't help but think, "why the hell didn't you direct this picture?" He clearly knows what he wants this film to be but most importantly filmmaking in general, unlike Alicia can't direct or even act worth a toss; here's a tip for you Alicia take acting and filmmaking lessons. Though one thing she says I found kind of funny "Who would want revenge on me?" I thought "You want a list?"

As for the mystery it's intriguing as usual as Shirley and Bo are trying to make sense out of the connection between the missing/destroyed tapes and the werewolf prints we see and following its trail.

There is this character in the episode that's interesting named Hype whom is sort of a performance artist/method actor whom gets a little too into the roles he plays but really like one thing he says to Alicia and I thought, yeah even he knows what will make your film better.

Though I'll admit the answer in the mystery is obvious as it has been waved right in front of us from the beginning but then again like in filmmaking it's really more the filmmaking process that maters then the end result. The only bad thing is the ending, it felt a little unsatisfying despite the result being predictable, the character Bart should of had something in the end like hearing he's entering a new film competition and directing on his own, but oh well.

When it comes to Shirley's life, who needs movies.

Rating: 3 stars
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