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Showgirls: Exposed (2010 Video)
Disturbing. Provoking. Completely shaved.
1 February 2011
If you like movies in the style of "Crank 2" this is for you! Crazy, sexy, cool sequel to Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls. Better soundtrack, more naked girls, more color, more darkness, more pervert fun!

There's even a "pool scene" (LOL), but this time the girls doing nothing else than just showing their bodies!!

It's eye-popping uncut! The tag-line on the cover: "Disturbing. Provoking. Completely shaved." - So true!!!

The girls are very young and damn hot, especially a blonde from Nomi's 8mm diary took my breath away.

I really like this bizarre music film crossover, but better keep away your children.
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