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Sucker Punch (2011)
A must watch for..... the first 10 minutes.....Stunning Action sequences.....Spectacular background score.....but not for the people looking for intellect
25 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, The movie had no brains looking from storyline perspective because it is a 10 min storyline presented in a 110 minute stunning show.

I have a tendency to enter a movie theatre with absolutely no expectations, considering so many bad experiences I had, but this was one of the movies I was expecting to watch this year considering this is the first written story by Zack Snyder unlike his previous movies which were adaptations and I am not disappointed.


1. Presenting a Short story in a magnificent way. - Of course it is Zack Snyder

2. The first 10 minutes - Most of you mayn't admire it the way I did. But no one other than Zack Snyder can do it.

3. The Girls - The main lead Emily Browning was perfect as Baby doll and role of other characters too was well-constructed.

4. The main lead is generally given a lot of focus in most of action-fantasy movies but the attempt was more on presentation of the movie than for building the characters, which is commendable. The entire movie had that awesomeness till the very last minute.

5. The last and most important is the Background score and Tyler Bates at his best which made the action sequences more beautiful.

6. About the ending, "YES" I won't say it is splendid but it is not what I expected so I liked it as I already pointed out the movie was not about characters.


1. Some of the action sequences are too fast-panning especially one in the train which could be done better.

2. Honestly, there is nothing called a Bad Part. It is and Action-Girl-fantasy movie ... so there are flaws but that is the least concern...

So, GO Watch it !!! A decent flick that won't disappoint you
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Mirapakai (2011)
A routine movie AGAIN!!!!
5 February 2011
Nothing Great!!! All those aspects I expected from a RaviTeja's movie are there. He succeeded in meeting up to his new title "Mass Maharaja" with his diverse way of walking, dialogue delivery and action.

So, the problem here is "That's it"..Nothing new you would expect from his movie, its same routine story and acting.

Richa was good as a homely girl and Deeksha Seth was actually very good as an arrogant girl.I was surprised the film received a U/A certificate, though there is not much of violence, the chemistry between the stars is quite uncomfortable to watch with the family.Especiallly, picturisation of a song must receive A certificate.

Overall, it is just a time-pass flick but not a real entertainer. So, I give it -

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A Treat for eyes
5 February 2011
The big guns "Disney" entered into Tollywood with this movie. The movie had a lot of hype from the day one, the whole cast and crew are responsible for such expectations like the actors Siddharth, Sruthi Hassan, Lakshmi Manchu and the veteran director's son's first movie in a fantasy cum epic adventure.

The first time I watched the trailer of the movie, I felt this is a must-watch one in 2011 films. Though I didn't have much expectations on this film as such, I was satisfied that it was a good movie.

One of the reasons the film wasn't appreciated by many is because the story slightly deviates from the main plot the film is supposed to move on, but overall it has all elements that a family could watch, though the comedy sector needed some refinement.

The roles were well chosen for especially Laksmi Manchu as Irendri. Sruthi Hassan was extremely beautiful and glamorous in those rich costumes, Siddharth was OK, Harshitha was good as Moksha

The debacle of the movie is the music department(which i don't want to talk about at all), the story is average, but will be a nice entertainer to watch along with your family. Since, it is a Disney production, don't expect it to be in Hollywood levels, the good point of the director is he kept in mind about those aspects that B or C class audience also enjoy it.

Overall I give : 8/10.
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