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The Weekly (2019– )
Where are the additional episodes?
18 June 2019
I just watched Episode 3. Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are a "10" rating. I've rated things on IMDB for years. I want to rate episodes soon after they air, if not the day they air. This is an amazing show. It's showing the Truth of people/things/situations in a time where censorship, misinformation, and flat-out lies have become the new normal. Please, if anyone sees this, add them? Or at least explain what the hold up is? I REALLY want this series to continue after Season 1. There is going to be a huge void that Vice News has been cancelled. Thank you.
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12 Animated Disney short films (Released 2015)
25 March 2019
I watched this 3/24/2019.

While some films had more adult themes, with proper adult supervision and guidance/discussion if needed, they are fine. They contain various important life lessons.

I did appreciate the short intro by the creators of each film. It gave a bit of background, that for me, made me appreciate each film even more.

The whole collection was a treat. Sometimes emotional, always well-done, overall delightful. Gave each one a 10, except "How To Hook Up Your Home Theater", which I gave a 9 (only because Goofy isn't one of my personal favorite characters).

Walt Disney Animation Short Film Collection (2015) 12 films Total run time: 1 hour, 29 minutes

(Time listed below reflects the start point of each film in DVD/location within entire film).

John Henry - :55

Lorenzo - 11:54

Little Match Girl - 17:20

How to Hook Up Your Home Theater - 24:45

Tick Tock Tale - 31:45

Operation Secret Santa - 38:41

The Ballad of Bessie - 46:35

Tangled Ever After - 52:47

Paperman - 1:00:00

Get a Horse - 1:07:27

Feast - 1:14:07

Frozen Fever - 1:21:11
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A Million Little Things: The Day Before... (2019)
Season 1, Episode 12
Love the show, wanted to point out a funny thing
3 February 2019
On this episode, that aired 1/24/2019, I JUST saw the EXACT commercial from the boards that Rome was presenting to his possible commercial ad job.

I was catching up with The Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert (aired 1/16/2019) & the commercial showed a woman going through airport security with a bottle of salad dressing. Security says it wasn't allowed on the plane, so she opened it and chugged the bottle like a beer.

Even the motto was the same! "You either love it or you REALLY love it."

That CAN'T be a coincidence. It was shot-for-shot, just like his presentation to his table of clients.

Maybe an inside joke with the folks working together in the TV industry?

I wish I knew the story behind this "joke", nod/wink.
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Me, Myself and I (2017–2018)
A shame that amazing series' are always cancelled too soon!
23 July 2018
Told throughout 3 times if his life, this is a fun, heartfelt, amazingly acted, touching comedy that, in my opinion, ended too soon.

I grew to love the characters, hoping for the best for them, feeling pull on my heartstrings when life would go from the up' to the down's.

I think that I can live with the series finale, even though I wish it wouldn't end. In my imagination, I can see all of their possible futures.
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Lethal Weapon (2016–2019)
This is what happens when I let my heart care
12 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I rarely post spoilers. But the latest says R is leaving, and maybe somehow the series will continue? I can't imagine that.

I usually accept finales/endings, react/feel, then move on.

I knew the end was coming, that the actor was said on the show news that he wasn't coming back, but I didn't actually expect what happened. How the heck would the same character be played by another actor?

I love the show and everyone else, but if the next season was solving this crime, then it would be a completely different show.

If his character "survives", and is just played by another actor? The writing/acting/story would have to be the most top-notch ever for it to be believable and work.

I know that it'll take me a while to shake this. I realize I'm more sensitive than average. So, instead of trying to calm down, I'm rewatching a crazy mind-blowing season 1 of a series so I can watch season 2 that I have sitting on my queue.

I need to enter another world where I know is a twisted sense of reality, because I can't deal with the painful, but incredibly amazing finale I just experienced.
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This is the telethon, NOT a film.
13 April 2018
Live. A telethon to aid those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma includes performances from Texas native George Strait. Appearing: George Clooney, Barbra Streisand, Julia Roberts, Beyoncé, Jaime Foxx, Rob Lowe, Matthew McConaughey, Dennis Quaid. Approx 1 hour.
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Ignore the cheese, Enjoy the dance!
24 September 2011
I just watched season 1 on Netflix streaming. Sure, the story is a little cheesy and disconnected in places, but wow, the dancing (what really matters anyway) and the music are awesome! And I'm not even a huge fan of hip hop dance or rap music, (which feels like it mostly stems from) but I still really loved this.

I really loved it when the story/segments were more dark, and I can't wait to see season 2, since it's supposed to be about the villains. For instance, I loved Dark Nurse, when the Bad Doctor dances with the one girl (don't want to give anything away), and even though it's not as dark, I loved the Tap Dancer.

I was super surprised, but happily so, to find out Harry Shum Jr. was in this, and did a major part of the choreography. He's not just a great dancer and a cute face on Glee. Loved his segment, which it also says he wrote. Nice!

Wow. Anyone who hasn't seen this and loves dance should watch it asap!
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Much better than most people give it credit for. I liked it!
3 June 2008
If you only like films with big explosions and shallow story lines, this isn't the film for you. If you enjoy psychological thrillers, twists and turns, indie, low-budget gems, then you will be pleasantly surprised. I am an avid film-lover, from the big Hollywood productions to the indie hand-held labors of love.

This is an intense, complex, psychological thriller that is acted very well. The direction and cinematography impressed me a great deal. I don't find many films with smart, layered scripts. For the first 15 minutes, I was a bit off-kilter. It did jump around. But, I found if I just relaxed and didn't try to figure everything out, the film ended up more enjoyable. It doesn't spell it out for you or hold your hand the way that most big budget films do. This is a thinking person's film.

Unlike some of the reviewers, I didn't find the ending confusing at all. I will say, though, that I did not like the alternate ending. While it was well-done, I thought it completely changed the tone and meaning of the story. I am one of those people who don't need a "happy ending" with all the questions tied up in a little bow. I like a little mystery. I like to stretch my mind.

There were some disturbing scenes in the film that may put some people off. Without giving too much away, the dog thing was very hard for me to watch. It was one of those, "it's only a movie!" moments for me. There is not much gore, but what there is, is cringe-worthy.

Overall, I recommend this film for those who want to mentally participate in the unfolding of a interesting and challenging story.
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Starved (1999)
I was disappointed. What a shame.
3 June 2008
Although I gave this film 2 stars and didn't like it as a whole, it did have some interesting moments. I think that if the director didn't include the B-storyline of the friend looking for Monica, it would've been a better film. The acting was pretty bad on that side of things. I would've liked the film to have focused on the dynamics between the man and Monica.

I will also say that the ending was a little abrupt for me. I know this film was "based on true events", which makes it pretty tragic. But what I found more tragic is that the story wasn't presented to the viewer better.
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Mulberry St (2006)
A pleasantly surprising horror film. Very enjoyable.
3 June 2008
This is a story idea that could've gone very wrong. I was pleasantly surprised by how well this film was done.

It was very Indie-looking from the beginning, with gritty film stock and no-name actors, but after worrying for the first few minutes that this could mean "cheesy", I realized that the film felt authentic instead. I was made to feel a part of the community of Mulberry Street, so when things start to go wrong, I felt as anxious as the characters.

I like films that make me forget that I am watching a film. I like it when I get lost in the world I am watching, no matter how fantastical the situation may be. The writers / director kept a story very grounded in "reality", that could've been silly or unbelievable. They didn't over-explain or show too much of the horror / gore of it all. I think the best horror stories are the ones where the audience feels as though they are secretly peeping into other peoples' worlds. We get to sit in our comfy chairs and watch their safe little lives fall apart in a horrific and disturbing way. This film pushes it just far enough without breaking that line where "suspension of disbelief" becomes "that would NEVER happen".

If you like all things horror, old school style, I think you will like this film. It is clearly made by people who love the genre and care a great deal for the underground art of move-making. I hope to see more from these writers and director. They have a new fan.
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Powerful and Innocent
20 June 2003
I don't know what I was expecting. Possibly a badly done coming of age story? I got the opposite of that. Yes, it is about the love of one woman for another, but more than that, it is a raw and powerful love story. We get to see their relationship through Mouse's (Mary B) eyes. The film's passion and desperation spirals faster and faster and I for one, was left breathless in the end. My heart broke just a little. It's well worth a watch.
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In the Woods (1999)
It was like torture, the bad kind.
19 June 2003
I'm all for a good B horror film, but this was the most horribly done, worst acted, most retardedly written thing I have ever seen. The sets were laughable. The gore was stupid. I kept wondering when it would be over. I have an unfortunate need to always watch the whole movie, no matter how bad, just to give it a chance to get better. This one never did.

June 2008 ~ After reading some of the positive reviews, I reevaluated my opinion. With every film I watch, I try to find something positive. I am an artist myself and I know that a lot of effort and love goes into any production of art. I try to see it from the writer's, director's, even the editor's point of view. I try. Really, I do.

But, unfortunately, I have to stand by my original review. Sorry guys.
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