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Thumbsucker (2005)
Great performances, but a strange vibe.
1 August 2005
Despite the other comment, (obviously written by a studio jerk) this movie is not going to be the next Napolean Dynamite. Thank god. we don't need more idiotic 13 year old girls quoting otherwise good movies to death. Unlike the aforementioned movie, Thumbsucker seems to have substance, however unnameable that substance is. I saw this movie a few days ago and I'm still not sure how i feel about it. I know i didn't hate it, but i'm not sure i could say i loved it. This movie is very much like a Todd Solondz movie, without as much graphic sex. The leads are great, but Keanu is completely superfluous. The movie is pretty funny at times and pretty heavy other times, but it never seems to slow down too much. I really hope this movie does well in a wide release, it would be a shame to see it fade away like so many movies of its kind.
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That other post seems to be forgetting something
21 March 2004
If anyone else remembers the show, then you might remember that Dana made fun of the sponsors for the first 10 minutes of every show (at least that's my memory) Don't you remeber when, right after a mountain dew commercial, he made 3 minutes of mountain-dew-looks-like-p**s jokes? And as we all know from his movie Wayne's World, you don't make fun of the sponsors and get away with it. He had new sponsors every week, and pretty soon nobody would touch his show. Gee, what do you think happens next? Sponsors pay for the show. nobody pays to air the show, the show DOESN"T AIR. don't say that ABC is afraid of letting too much funny out, it's ABC. they needed funny (and they still do) more than [some clever analogy here].

This show is off the air because Dana Carvey expected it, wanted it, and wanted to have fun with it before it got pulled. He wouldn't have messed with the sponsors so much if he didn't want the show to be yanked, he did it anyways because it was insanely funny. That is comedic genius. Not "master of disguise."
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