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Kudos to director Renjith and Mammootty
1 January 2011
This movie is well taken with a excellent message of " Don't go behind laurels, if you deserve them they will come looking for you". Every 10 minutes in the movie there is some kind of message to the viewers. Mammootty was so involved in his role and performed exceptionally well, I think this will remain as one of his best movies for the next decade or so. Again there is no words to explain how well Renjith has directed this movie, he has spent time and effort and gave importance to every crew in this ship. If you see the movie you all will understand how each actor and actress is well placed to make this a magnificent movie. Ranjith also has studied Thrissur very well and has taken so much care in portraying exactly how Thrissur natives will behave in their daily life. I wish every director gets to take these kind of movies there by raising our standards. Cheers to all the crew and cast of the movie "Pranchiyettan and the Saint" even saints will like this movie.....!!!
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