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Amazing is all that it is
5 May 2014
When you watch a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end it is the sign that its an amazing movie.For me, this is by far the best Spider-Man movie i've ever seen. It was funny, dramatic and had this action sequences that were mind blowing. I truly, truly loved it and even when i thought i hated it i Loved it.

The fact that this one is based in the comic books gives the movie the best script, the real story of Peter Parker. I'm not saying that the other spider man movies were bad but they weren't true to the story, but the truth is, i never liked them. There's always gonna be people that say Tobey Maguire was better as Peter Parker but for me is not the case, i think Andrew Garfield is perfect he portraits the young conflicted and vulnerable Peter that makes Spider-Man a real human hearted hero.

Andrew and Emma were so into their characters, they draw me into and I'm still into the spell.
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Not so bad
10 March 2012
At first time i was thinking a lot for seen these movie, because right now Nicolas wasn't doing good movies at all. Still, this one wasn't the greats neither the worst. Makes you wonder hows gonna end, some things a little weak of interpretation, story line was good, acting was very well got to admit, action quite impressive how this one can fit in the believable context. I was expecting to see more the other characters, Guy, January.

Despite all the little missing things was a good movie. But i still want to see more of Nicolas, he did great movies a years back, we deserve more from him as an actor.
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