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16 January 2013
Locations, as ever, helped... but the rest was, for me, rather a damp squid. The plot was shallow and unbelievable. Hathaway seems to have turned into a dullard. The banter between him and Lewis was gone. The maverick - get the job done - approach was limited to JH turning up for work with a whiplash injury. The 2x 1 hour episodes, a week apart, is just silly. I recorded them and watched them back-to-back, so skipped the adverts, so that one may need a re-think. I will of course continue with the series - again recording and watching them together. But if this is typical of the whole series it is probably the right time to bow out. That said I am hoping this is just a blip and the next episode(s) will be back on track.
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Oh Dear ! - What a disappointment
26 December 2010
I have long admired David Suchet as Poirot - he was, to me, the definitive - I have most of the DVDs, and can watch the films and TV programmes over and over.

I had looked forward to him doing Murder on the Orient Express for a long time, for it to be shown on Christmas Day was a bonus. I watched it last night on ITV. What a dreadful disappointment. The character with the moustaches may have been "edgy" and a twist added to the story.

But....It wasn't Christie... It wasn't Poirot (at least the one I have known - and loved to watch) (Please! Where did all the religious bits and doubt come from?)

I just wish it wasn't Suchet - because then there would still be something to look forward to.
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