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No Good Deed (II) (2013)
a fun, atmospheric piece of genre film making.
19 June 2013
Sohail A. Hassan's 'No Good Deed' is an atmospheric horror film that plays with genre in a fun way. The director doesn't rely on shock jumps to scare you (although there are a couple of good ones!), but instead creates a foreboding atmosphere that builds to a pretty intense finale. There is one scene in particular that is as intense a scene as you will find in any decent, mainstream horror film. (I'm not putting any details about the scene here so it can creep up on you as it did me!)

The photography is excellent and the visual and creature effects are effectively executed. The characters are engaging in a way that makes it easy to get drawn into the film, and I also enjoyed the way that the two main characters have fun with the buddy cop genre.

'No Good Deed' is a good, fun piece of genre film making.
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