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Crude, sour, but I can't help but love it
14 May 2004
The script is often shoddy, the acting sometimes atrocious, but if you are willing to look beyond these things, you might just find an intense, comedic rollercoaster charting the ups and downs of five twenty-somethings.

Starring Ralf Little (Perhaps the most famous of the five, due to the success of The Royle Family), Sheridan Smith (Reprising her role as Little's love interest), Will Mellor and Natalie Casey (Hollyoaks) and Kathryn Drysdale, a previously unknown face somewhat, we have a promising cast, who while may not have hit the mark quite yet, are certainly in line for a promising future.

Two Pints has a great variety of characters, some tedious, while others eerily humourous, the image of Donna's mother will forever haunt me.

"Have you ever experienced an older woman?"

Ugh, so in summary, while obviously not a frontrunner for many academic awards, Two pints has many golden moments, and perhaps in a few years, when the cast having been famed or forgotten, this show might get the recognition it deserves.
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The Quintessential Quiz Show
14 May 2004
Running for 14 years now, and through fire, brimstone and Presenter Prostitution Scandal, still going strong, the recent vein of guest presenters bringing strong new variety to the show.

'Private Eye' editor Ian Hislop and veteran funny man Paul Merton spearhead this quiz show, led formerly by respected actor Angus Deayton, of 'One foot in the grave' fame have sculpted a masterpiece manifested in this programme. At first, I was wondering how a show about current affairs could be so comic, but the news provides us with an inexhaustible supply of scandal, potential parodies, and hilarious opportunities to lambast politicians and such like, which is what 'Have I got news for you' has been inspired by for the last fourteen years.

Joined by two guests, usually politicians, comedians, journalists, or Boris Johnson, the format surprisingly has never grown tiresome, and with recent classics such as Angus'... Well, departure, the infamous 'Tub of Lard' episode, and 'Elton John' Joining the guests, I am hopeful this show will continue for many years to come.
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Little Britain (2003–2006)
Am I missing something?
12 May 2004
Having watched this show on more than a few occasions, I can't help but feel as if something had slipped past me. Is there an underlying joke I have so far failed to understand? Because in my opinion, Little Britain is nothing but repulsive rubbish.

As I see it, the two main actors here (Both acclaimed in their own right)do nothing but twist your arm in a variety of painful ways to make you laugh for mercy, perhaps Little Britain's style of comedy simply isn't for me, but I fail to see the funny side of the same characters performing the same sketch (more or less) in every episode.

Oh well, I guess it all boils down to people's differing taste. A comedy award, and positive comments abound might be what Matt Lucas and David Walliams have to pride themselves on, but Little Britain simply doesn't agree with my sense of humour...
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