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30 July 2018
In the age of online streaming, this is the reason to go back to "The Movies"! True spectacle like this proves that the experience of the big screen is no where near obsolete.

Even in a market over saturated with over the top action films like The Avengers or Star Wars, Mission Impossible: Fallout indeed accomplishes the impossible by feeling as fresh and original as ever.

An intense roller coaster ride from the word go! Great direction, amazing cast, awesome script and very cool score, 10/10 stars! Go see the movie and long live the cinema!!!
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This movie was like a video game cutscene and not a good one at that.
25 November 2017
I don't do reviews, but when I do it's usually because something is so great I'm just really compelled to give praise or on the other hand something is so baffling, like this movie. Something must be said, people must be warned. Something has to be done to stop those responsible and they have to be held accountable and tried for their crimes.

At this stage it doesn't seem right critiquing DC's tired efforts of pulling of a cinematic universe. It's like making fun of a kid that just keeps on falling down flat on his face, at this point one really has to sympathize. So many millions, so many eggs in one basket...Hey who's excited about Aquaman: The Movie? The execs at Warner Bros sure hope you do! Remember when movies had a heart at its core? When they made you feel emotionally invested in characters and the choices they made? You felt there was something at stake, something to be lost, a sense of thrill and danger? I don't think this is asking too much of our movies cause these are the bare minimum of what a film requires. However today that might be asking too much.

The ironic thing is, the Justice League cartoon, that used to air on Cartoon Network which was essentially aimed at children, met ALL of those requirements and so much more. The characters and world they inhabited were dealt with seriousness and explored in depth. So why does the movie supposedly aimed at adults treat the material so childishly, presenting the shallowest possible versions of the characters? With low brow humor like Flash asking Batman what his super power is, to which he responds "I'm rich." Sure it's cute and gets a chuckle, but interestingly enough something so juvenile wouldn't be found in the Justice League cartoon series, aimed at children.
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Power Rangers (2017)
Dull, bland and generic. Too boring for kids and too childish for teenagers. Avoid at all costs.
9 April 2017
Based on the exciting big robot/superhero series for kids, this reboot has nothing in common with the colorful TV show besides its name. Washed out are all of the things that made kids gravitate towards Power Rangers leaving behind a hollow product that bares its name. In place of all of the things that gave Power Rangers its distinction, costume designs, set pieces, music and intense action is now generic fluff and bland characters. No kid who sees this for the first time is gonna fall in love with it like they did the original show.

They blew it. They had the opportunity to make something that could stand on its own against big robot movies like The Transformers or superhero ensembles like The Avengers but now won't even be noticed alongside these movies. And while to this day people will remember Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, they have already forgotten about this movie when leaving the theater.

Do yourselves a favour, instead of watching this, Youtube ''Megazord Dragonzord team up'' and see something really cool.

P.S. Boycott Krispy Kreme donuts.
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