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Little (I) (2019)
Switching and all is not a new idea ,, but It's definitely likable
10 July 2019
So the idea of switching bodies and girl going young and all is not new .. how it all ends is kinda expected .. but it is a sweet movie ... the cast are likable bunch of people i think they made it look somewhat good.

I previously watched Marsai Martin in Blackish ,, so i like the little girl from before and I "for a bit" expected that she'll embrace her role of that strong a$$ smart "evil-ish" kid so it was good.. also loved Regina Hall and Issa Rae as much ..

The movie fine mixture of mediocre Fantasy and above average comedy .. watched it ;)
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The Professor (2018)
touching, funny and a brilliant mix of good directing and high class acting.
10 July 2019
Just wow,, first time seeing Johnny Depp into this level of Drama since Secret Window ,, add to that his lighthearted comedy was a perfect addition to the original genre.

The plot is not new (of someone dying of cancer trying to live his last days to the fullest) but it all looked original and genuine and that's not because of the cast , but also because of the script itself felt quick, connected and easily followable ... in fact i have not been this focused with a movie screenplay in a while ,, it was just good.

As for tha cast ,, i don't think it needs to be said .. Depp is as always the "captain" of our hearts :D . he was a real "beast" in here ;) , the other cast members from Danny Huston to Rosemarie DeWitt and Ron Livingston they all made a very good effort making this not look like a solid rigid drama .

Final one word .. Recommended .
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Happy!: Resurrection (2019)
Season 2, Episode 10
What started on Christmas passed by Easter and is gonna finish up on Halloween.
1 June 2019
Oh my goodness,, How much this show is so underrated !! and I thought for a second that nothing can top the last season creepiness !

The plot stood up strong and kept on the fun element wrapped up by a lot of thrill, action and heads decapitating !! I think haven't seen so much blood since i don't know !! 300 !!! but what's weird is it all seemed fun !! and in one episode there was that big fight of Sax and the prisoners in the house with all the 360 degree camera movement !! it all looked brilliantly directed .

Each and every member of the cast developed his/her character in an amazing way ... it looked now more like a pro act in a 10th season thriller .. this season though we seem to have lost a couple of characters ,, but boy there are so much to do in the Halloween season "if there'll be any".

So speaking of "next seasons", Syfy has not yet made any decisions ,, the show had a bit a rough patch with the viewership but it is way too popular than many other shows in the network so ,, my expectations (hopes) is we'll see Christopher Meloni and Happy the imaginary donkey/unicorn by next years April ;)
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Vice (I) (2018)
All this time I thought Bush was a dick, turns out Cheney was the real Dick ;)
24 May 2019
So jokes aside ,, the movie was so eyeopening, had a lot of info we already knew but portraited in an amazing way ... the post credit scene shows exactly the divided reaction in the users reviews .. people though on both "political views" should understand that the movie is a result of extensive research of tens of autobiographies, biographies, statements and interviews .. If it was "lies" they would've gotten their a$$es sued, but wait !! didn't happen .. the fact that Adam McKay (director/writer/Oscar winner and 3 times nominee) identifies as a democrat (as some reviewers stated) does not make the movie any less real and full of facts .

The movie supposed to be in the Biography/Comedy genre, and believe me you, it excelled at both ,, directing the movie was brilliant ,, and this is not the first time Adam McKay and Christian Bale work on such project.

The movie was educating ,, to "some" lets say it was a sci-fi movie :D but anyway ,, the majority loved it ,, me included and deserved all the buzz it created ... Cast wise ,, they all did amazing ,, from Bale to Amy Adams, Steve Carell and that comidec image of George W. Bush by Sam Rockwell ,, it was all a masterpiece.

Watch it like you would watch a documentary on National Geographic because it is a documentary except you'll have a giggle here and there and you'll know more about how things work in DC and you'll have fun ,, it's a win win win. ;)
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High Life (2018)
genius movie idea mixed with the worst production ever ...
24 May 2019
Budget: 9 million US dollar ,, they made only 1.8 million in box office ... that should tell you what's what.

The idea of dangerous criminals being sent out to space is genuine and first heard off "to me" ,, but the budget seems to be split like 8 millions to Robert Pattinson and the rest is for renting out a storage facility and a computer guy !!! I mean come on !! even "the space" looked like a windows 95 screensaver !!!

There are like 8 producers ,, didn't they really see something wrong going on !!!! Directing and writing wise ,, Claire Denis did a real bad job ,, i mean even in Europe she's not that big of name !! and I knew she's weird when i saw that shockingly unnecessary room that with the "white stuff coming out of" :D :D I mean that is weird even by French standards.

Anyway, I expected much ,, the idea has much to expect ,, Pattinson made me expect much , and he do deserve better ,, so Nah thanks.
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This episode coming after TBBT series finale is just the best tribute ..
17 May 2019
The end of this finale made me really well-up ,, as the main series "the big bang theory" wrapped up with an emotional finale ,, attributing all the "young" characters the finale of "young Sheldon" has had the same effect on me ... the whole series was a great idea of spin-off and for those who said and still are saying that the show can't go further as TBBT ends, I say you know nothing ... The show made it's own personality and it is shining with individuality and ingenuity.

The series since the last season had a vibrant fresh idea ,, and this season specifically had it's own special taste ... the characters now are all aware of the responsibility they have ,, spinning-off of one of the best sitcoms on TV to a greater comedy.

The show has been already renewed for two more seasons ,, so the genious writing/directing of Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro would stay for a bit longer...
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Sneaky Pete: The Brooklyn Potash (2019)
Season 3, Episode 10
In just a day, 10 episodes, 10 hours, 10 stars and the show surely did deliver ...
12 May 2019
Well ... as expected the 10 hours of watching "fake Pete" in action have paid off , filled with thrill and drama ,, a con after another a web of lies and truths all being uncovered ,, the excitement was at peak up until the end ,, and even then .. Pete remains as Pete :D

The plot was still of Marius Josipovic being entangled with his "new family" and as being dragged into their drama ... the new cons this season were brilliant ,, so unpredictable and you wouldn't really know who's gonna scam whom.

The cast was amazing, they've known each others for what !! 3-4 years now ,and the chemistry shows that .. the due of Giovanni Ribisi and Marin Ireland was genius and back and forth and level of tension when they're around each other is entertaining to watch ,, the character of Taylor Bowman (Shane McRae) have grown noticeably and introducing Lizzie (Efrat Dor) added so much to the danger element ... and of course not forgetting the other characters that brought up that quick comedic lines here and there to soften up the tension ,, "Real Pete" for instance was amazingly naive and funny in one of the episodes.

What I liked most about how it all ended (supposing it is ending, no news for a renewal yet) is that it shows how good of a person Marius is "or at least tries to be" and it opened his emotional side right at the end.

Amazon and all the other online streaming services are just ruling the market in class .. they might not have that long list program filling all the slots like NBC, CBS and ABC ,, but they surely do have that high class, skyrocket ratings for a long remembered TV shows.
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Lucifer: Who's da New King of Hell? (2019)
Season 4, Episode 10
A finale like this gives me hope ...
9 May 2019
A hope for another season to give a real closure to all characters ,, a hope for another one hell of that devilishly fun experience like the one we lived throughout these 10 episodes ,, And i would not expect anything less from Netflix.

The season that we have been waiting for so long have come back stronger on the monster network .. And as Lucifer is the king of hell , Netflix have now ruled all over tv.

The plot was tight an connected ,, dealt perfectly with the new subplot of Chloe knowing about Lucifer true self .. and along the line kept on the fun at peak with solving individual murders in each episode ... loved how the psychology of the characters have grown .. and how the subtle comedy add so much to lightening up the scenes and every once and while being a break of the quickly/excitingly escalating thrilling events.

Last but not least ,, Netflix have known for awhile now that they have made a clever choice listening to the fans and picking up this show and i don't think they will give up easily on it.
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The Upside (2017)
For a guy who watched the French version back in 2011,, this is really good..
8 May 2019
I still remember watching the french movie "The Intouchables" like 7-8 years ago ,, and let me tell you ,, this movie looked similar but so different ,, you can feel that it got its own personality ,, the idea of a rich disabled man who's lost his wife and looking for assistant is the same as before , but the due of Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart was fresh and exciting... add to that , the comedy was clever and subtle.

The cast was amazing ,, they all did very well ,, as i said Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston were phenomenal and I love Nicole Kidman ,, i mean who doesn't.

So overall,, the movie was a success ,, waited two years to be on the box office since its debut in multi film festivals in the US and Canada ,, so don't wast more time and give this version of the story a shot.
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The Prodigy (2019)
Not impressed at all ...
7 May 2019
I was expecting a lot of this movie ,, but then sadly realized that the couple of scares that appeared in the trailer are literally the only scares in the whole 90 minutes movie .. I mean the idea is nice even though it is not authentic , it felt short and somewhat slow at points ,, the script was a bit lacking and the plot was all over the place ,, Directing wise the movie did not set the bar high ,, it was mediocre at best.

Cast wise ,, it was close to awfulness ,, the Mom's acting was not even convincing "facial expressions problem" and the kid was meh ,, i mean even the CGI ,, i kinda expected a bit more of that cinematography thing ,, but Nope ,, nada ..

So i was disappointing ,, movie is not recommended for Horror fans or even thrill fans for that matter.
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Oh My !! that brought me back ages to when i was a kid ... this movie got to me real good !!!
7 May 2019
The story itself is amazing, and being a true story and seeing all of these authentic home videos I saw before the movie and appeared in the credits just gave it much more sincerity and excitement.

I remember back in the late 90's , when i was still a young naive little kid I actually used to watch the Rock, Hulk Hogan and Rob Van Dam and all the others and try to do all of their special moves on my younger brother after filling the room with all of our mattresses .. I actually used to look up to these guys .. but after a while i just had "other interests" and just stopped watching it .. watching this movie now ,, just brought up all of these memories back.

Aside from the story ... The script is brilliant, the Rock appearance even though it was for just 3 or 4 scenes I loved it ,, and the acting was amazing ,, Florence Pugh did an absolutely fantastic job,, hated her a$$ in "Lady Macbeth" back a couple of years back ,, but man I am 100% a fan right now ... also Loved Nick Frost ,, gunny as hell ,, he added a lot to movie,, and the surprise "Lena Headey" ..or Cersei :D ,, i kinda expected to see more of her ,, as the home videos showed a lot of character from the mom.

Last but not least ,,a huge thanks to the funny brilliant Stephen Merchant ,, been always following him "mostly with Ricky Gervais" but here he has shown his true colors ..

Anyway, to wrap things up ,, go watch it now, it did well in the box office ,, positive reviews all over .. so don't wast more time .
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So slow for a two hours thriller ...
19 April 2019
The idea of the movie is original and has potentials but the script and the directing didn't quite help .. it was a bit slow especially for the first half , then events picked up and you could feel some action going on ,, but still you can also sense some drag ,, though the ending was unexpected ,, so i gotta give them that at least.

The cast was mediocre,, the two leads , Antonio J Bell and Chinaza Uche did well but they didn't have enough chemistry to make this work .. the other characters were just okay ,,

final judgment, really good concept with below average effort by Faraday Okoro... could've done more.
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Capernaum (2018)
So real, so tragic, and so worthy of the Oscar nomination.
18 April 2019
My goodness !! the story is just heartbreaking and so real !! as a guy who lived in that region for a while i sadly did encounter such tragic and gloomy situation where little kids live in the streets like nothings ... but man the movie, graphic , just captured every bit of the misery the kid Zain has lived.

this is the third collaboration in screenplay writing between Nadine Labaki and Jihad Hojeily and they are both a well known figures in the Lebanese cinema ,, now Directing wise .. Nadine Labaki did one amazing job that led her to the Academy .. the essence and scenery of the struggle actually made me well-up !! i mean capturing a 12 years old in such situations is hard to imagine but wow ,, still impressed and shocked.

The cast was unbelievable good !! that kid Zain and "Rahil" they made a nice duo and they made each and every scene a masterpiece ,, i mean the parents too !! in the court scene .. impressive .

Final thought ,, the movie is easily in the top three foreign movies I've watched this year ,, so please don't miss it .. you won't regret it .. you won't ..
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Escape Room (I) (2019)
well it is good ,, but had some mixed feelings at the ending.
18 April 2019
The concept of the movie is really good ,, to be honest it is the first time i watch a movie about an Escape room (taking away the fact the Saw movies are kinda escape room theme ) but the idea was nice and the rooms puzzles were intriguing and thrilling in some point .. though i wouldn't say it is a horror movie as some other websites described it .. but IMDB actually got it right with their classification ,, it is a PG-13 Action, Adventure movie .

The cast was okay i guess ,, some of them did actually seemed inexperienced and hesitant, but in general it all went well.

Over all , i would say it is a good movie to watch when you want to watch a thriller but you've already watched all the blockbuster ones on the big screen.
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Hereditary (2018)
first half creepy a bit jumpy, second half was just jaw-dropper .
18 April 2019
Had to wait almost a year to watch this movie ,, regret each an every day .. the movie is just an old type of simple horror with a perfect story and sensational directing.

The first half of the movie was a bit slow gloomy and filled with creepy scenes ,, then things get more jumpy and crazy missed up scenes .. and what's more important and in fact amazing is that the real whole story was not fully understandable up until the last 30 minutes ... it's also where things get more graphic and noting that "someones head was decapitated in the first part of the movie" ... the writing was really good ,, but the directing ,, Ari Aster did one hell of a job.

The cast was amazing ,,, Toni Collette was amazing and her interacting with the scenes and involvement was mesmerizing ... Alex Wolff in that scene in the class "which was shown in the trailer" my goodness that was creepy.. the girl Milly Shapiro did very well too.

final thought ,, the movie is a step-up in the genre so if you haven't watched it ,, go now and do it .. because it'll be mentioned as part of the Horror movies waking up revolution in a couple of years.
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A Vigilante (2018)
Nice purposeful idea,, disappointing directing ..
18 April 2019
The plot is really good and present a real "heard off" problem in society , globally speaking...written and directed by Sarah Daggar-Nickson which is a known solid feminist and as her first movie , this did not quite deliver the amount of Drama, Thrill or even emotions the way i expected.. i did expected more action and a bit more complexity to the story.

It's an Olivia Wilde movie ,, i love her , she's my American "Emily blunt" :D :D and she did well ,, her facial expressions were on point,, but since we're speaking about cast ,, i kinda didn't see any !!! the cast looked lacking and not memorable at all .. i kinda wished the'd brought another A-lister bu Oh well.

Final thought ,, the movie has a great idea ,, but as i said , the execution was not as thrilling as the trailer advertise it to be.
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Mirage (2018)
Oriol Paulo should have more worldwide recognition
24 March 2019
This is the 3rd movie i watch for the Catalan director, and man did he deliver another masterpiece.

The plot is genius and most importantly "current" coping with this age and so original. The script itself was tight and connected ,, and even thought it was a bit slow in the beginning but turns so helpful to clear things up before introducing the "time lines change" idea.

The cast were all perfect ,, from the lead Adriana Ugarte to Álvaro Morte (the guy from the Netflix show money heist) and Chino Darín and even the kid was really good.

Netflix knows where to invest ,, the other day i read that Steven Spielberg attacking Netflix that they shouldn't be on the Oscars and so on (After they won three Oscars for Roma by Alfonso Cuarón) .. My say in this was ... "The future is now old man" , Netflix knows whats worth spending money on ,, and they harvest what they planted.
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Free lesson on how to make the exact same movie but better.
10 March 2019
Oh my goodness how much i enjoyed this , even better than the first movie !!

The plot is the same , time loop , die, wake up again , this was a barely geniune idea of a plot in the first movie but the script was genius ,,, the script in here was even in a higher intense level of action/drama and the comedy was much more noticeable with more funny characters "the guys in the lab" so it looked richer than a usual sequel would look.

The cast was amazing, bringing new faces , "Suraj Sharma" and "Sarah Yarkin" and making "Phi Vu" role surface much more was just what the movie needed , Israel Broussard was really good , and Jessica Rothe was hilarious and her facial expressions were even better.

Final thought, I have not expected for the movie to be this good,, and the ending was a bit open to a third movie "even though it might look unlikely" but still the two movies of "Happy death day" are now on my list of "not to be forgotten" movies... yep it is that good ,, watch it.
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By far, best episode of the season to date.
22 February 2019
The level of tension was just immeasurable ,, bringing up a new key player to the game all went vague up until the last minutes when we knew for real who "really" killed Nate's father and who's messing up with Laurel ..

This episode is the one that precedes the season finale next week , so i could only imagine what bombshell is waiting for us on the 28th :D just can't wait.
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The Guilty (2018)
What do you really need to make a good movie !!!
9 February 2019
Budget : 3.4 million dollar yet the movie looked priceless ... the simplest plot and the most shocking somewhat unpredictable turn of events .. Add to that being purposeful ..

A good man on a phone is all you need... this is the movie that is Directed and written by Gustav Möller ... first shot ,, his first anything on the big screen and sure as hell he didn't miss .. the lead Jakob Cedergren performance was on point , he aced literally every expression .. i mean i don't speak Danish but man he made me be all sucked in into the dialogue with all of that level of tension.

The movie premiered like on October last year yet for some ungodly work it missed out the awards season !!! WHY !!! this should've been there nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film in the Academy this February !!
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MY GOODNESS !! they delivered 200% of what I was waiting for ...
8 February 2019
The plot was strong and connected ,, proceeding with saving the soul of Kim Ja-hong during a long trial of 49 days ... and introducing the side story of the kid and the grandfather and their protector was a bold smart choice ,, and finally we know the truth and connection between the trio "Gang-rim, Hae Won-maeg and I Deog-chun" ... It was literally near perfection, the cinematography and visual effects were spot on ,, and even the script had more action than the first movie it still didn't lose the emotional dramatic part.

The cast was even better than last time ,, they now get along "in away" and you can feel the banter and back and forth comedic lines flying :D .

The final two scenes in the credits were amazing and shocking and a possible open gate for "finger crossed" a third and last movie to see how the story of "Kim Ja-hong" will finally end :)
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Robin Hood (2018)
I sat through the whole thing .. so i'd give it a fair so very generous 4.
6 February 2019
The plot is not as bad as you'd think,, the story is easily followable and good action in some part ... Now here comes the problem that messed the whole thing up and made people really confused ... This is a 100 million dollar budget movie ... yep "100 million" ,, yet they got the historical facts all weird, the make-up and cloths are totally 21st century fashion ,, The accent is soft and almost faked-like and not as it should be !! I mean Russell Crowe "the Australian" was 100 times more 12th century British than this ... Ben Mendelsohn and Tim Minchin accent was awful .. and they casted "Eve Hewson" for Marian !! what are you doing .. even Jamie Foxx was well !! not bad but not good at all .. and i really had my hopes up when it came to Taron Egerton .. I mean even the set !! "Nottingham" it was just all factually wrong ... I mean they got that Nottingham Council House lookalike right "which was built in 1926 :D :D" but then i remember Oh wait I'v been there ,, this is Dubrovnik of Game of Thrones ... Gosh!! i'm still shocked that where did the 100 millions go !!!!

The story as i said it did well in the Action/Adventure genre , I gotta be honest it had a bit of excitement and explosions which was a nice modernization but every couple of minutes I get back into being distracted but some silly cheap obvious mistake in the production or the Set Decoration or the Costume Design.

Anyway, the movie is a total disappointment ,, it's been on the screen since November last year and lost 20 millions so that gotta tell you something.
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Overlord (2018)
J. J. Abrams definitely does not mess around when it comes to his own money ;)
4 February 2019
"Produced by JJ Abrams" ,, this was all i needed to hear to just jump and go watch the movie on the same day.

The plot might look at first or when you watch the trailer a bit silly or repetitive ,, well it's anything but ... the story is captivating and goes really quick ,, so no time for a single yawn ,, please keep in mind, the plot is not about "Zombis Nazis" or another "Dead Snow".. the movie is much more mature than that .. the script is spotless and easily followable.

The cast did a very good job, they literally all did well,, from Wyatt Russell to Jovan Adepo and John Magaro and even that Nazi officer :D

Go watch it and don't even waste more time reading reviews ,, it is totally worth it .
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Burning (2018)
wouldn't say the best this year, but definitely got something special in here.
4 February 2019
So the plot is good ,, got all of that mystery drama mix perfectly ,, the script was a bit confusing and somewhat short but it kinda didn't matter because for me the focus was so concentrated on the phenomenal physical and facial expressions , so you rarely notice any dullness or gaps.

Cast wise ,, the lead Ah-in Yoo was amazing ,, and on the shoking ending just left me gobsmacked ,, Jong-seo Jun was also fine ,, but come to the legend Steven Yeun ,, i wished he would have taken much more part in this ,, i mean the minute he left the show, "AMC walking dead" has gone downhill . I liked him in "Mayhem" he did well in there . so i wanted him to pop in here ,, but i think as a first Korean experience he did fine.

final thought,, the movie is absolutely what you want to see in a mystery genre film ,, so don't miss it .
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A Series of Unfortunate Events: The End (2019)
Season 3, Episode 7
The story of the Baudelaire orphans has finally come to an end
2 January 2019
On January 13th 2017, the Journey of the Baudelaire orphans started with a caution ...

"Look away, look away ... This show will wreck your evening , your whole life, and your day ... Every single episode is nothing but dismay ... So, look away ... Look away, look away ... Just look away, ... There's nothing but horror and inconvenience on the way ... Ask any stable person, "Should I watch?" and they will say: ... Look away. ... "

And they didn't lie, but thank goodness we didn't listen and we looked instead, stared and glared .. followed each and every moment of the story not matter what type of tragedy they face.

"A daring life of impulsive passion leads only to tragedy".

Since day one , the show have proved to be not only a Netflix hit but a TV phenomena ,, with the passion presented by the writers and amazing work by the directors ,, the makeup , the visual effects, and the music ,, it all made us the viewers be more and more entangled into this web of unfortunate events .. what makes me agitated that in the TV business this show, over the last three years, has never been properly recognized !!! i mean even the Emmy nominations were for things like "Costumes" and "Outstanding Children's Program" ,,, Neil Patrick Harris performance alone should have collected 2 Emmy's ,, but again who knows how the business works... I mean "Jim Carrey" himself wasn't recognized for his amazing performance of the same role back 2004 .. so .!!!

The whole crew from Actors to Directors, Writers, to Composers "especially Jim Dooley", film editors , Production team , Costumes , a long list of Makeup department, visual and special effects, they all have made this project possible ,, An of course to Netflix for being "statistically" by a mile the best streaming service network ever.

As for the finale, it was as satisfying as ever,, ended the journey perfectly , and gave conclusion to literally each and every character in the show ... so, Farewell Baudelaires and everyone who tried to help them but failed and Farewell Count Olaf and all his henchpeople.😁😁
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