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Firefly (2002–2003)
What was FOX thinking?
7 March 2005
I had not heard a word about this show until a box set was recently handed to me as a gift.

What an incredible surprise!! Every character has a mystery surrounding them that immediately draws a viewer in. The stories are very well written, full of intensity and surprise.

This show has many of the same qualities the likes of the Simpson's and X-Files had when they first aired. Witty, unique, quirky. The Exec's at FOX must be daft to not have seen Firefly given a solid time slot and some support would easily have a 7 year run.

I guess from their point of view it's cheaper and a lot easier to put another reality show on TV.

Here's hoping the coming movie rekindle's interest in a series.
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The Tomorrow Man (2002 Video)
27 July 2004
I am not sure if I was more shocked by how bad the movie was or by how many good reviews in the commentary area of IMDB this film has been given.

Yes it is a low budget film - and yes certainly one can live with a decent story that has really basic cheesy effects - but I must disagree with many of the reviews I have read because the acting and the dialogue in this film are absolutely horrible.

I kind of got the impression Corbin Bernsen was doing a friend a favour by spending what looked like two days of his time shooting the film.

My recommondation for anyone who is thinking of renting or buying this DVD - don't! Find something else, anything else - because no matter what other film you chose it can't be any worse this film.
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Seven Samurai (1954)
Huge Disappointment
3 February 2004
I gave this film a 1 out of 10 simply to try and lower it's over all rating on this site so other's don't make the same horrible mistake I did by renting this 'classic' based on the usually reliable rating system that the users of IMDB offer.

The film is long, overacted, choppy, and in general of very poor quality. I am at a complete loss as to why this is on the top 250 nevermind in the top 10.

Of all the wonderful films on the Top 250 of all time I can say to anyone out there - if you miss seeing this film you aren't missing much at all.
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Children of Dune (2003– )
How one Actress can spoil a good thing
17 July 2003
I caught some of the Dune series on t.v. a few years ago. It looked interesting enough to buy the DVD set for home viewing. I enjoyed the first mini-series enough to buy The Children of Dune.

The Dune world is an interesting one. Sort of a sci-fi/supernatural mix meets the lives of rulers and royalty. As I have never read the books the series are based on I did not have any background knowledge. This did not prevent me from enjoying both series.

I would suggest to anyone thinking of watching Children of Dune before Dune - don't. Children of Dune was more enjoyable because I understood the history.

I would also warn if you are looking for amazing effects, or incredible production quality - this is not something you will enjoy. It is clear that this is relatively low budget production.

What I enjoyed most about Children of Dune is there is more to it then lead up to the next battle scene - there is lenghty and involved dialogue. There is a story to tell and a culture to reveal and for the most part the actors do an excellent job of being believable characters in this strange universe with one noteworthy exception.

Susan Sarandon - Tbis is an academy award nominated actor?

I cringed every time she appears on the screen. Fortunately she is not one of the main characters, but I quite honestly do not know why after a few takes the Director did not take her a side and say - 'sorry you're just not working out we're going to get someone else'.

Simply her bland performance did not fit - in any way. A shame indeed as I think if you can manage to sit through the scenes with her highschool drama class performances you will enjoy Children of Dune.
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Crazy Movie
19 June 2003
Warning: Spoilers

I actually bought this DVD as a second half of a 2 for $20 deal. I remember watching it as a kid on t.v. and being fascinated by it. It seemed so real!

Now some 30 years later - well it's almost comedic - the over the top acting is a must see. Gene Hackman seems to yell all his lines, Borgnine couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag in this one, Roddy McDowalls plunge and subsequent death by splashing water is marvelous, and Leslie Nielson, well lets just say this must be the role that inspired Airplane!

Some other incredible moments - keep an eye on any time the survivors are walking anywhere - I swear it takes them 10 minutes to walk 10 feet. And my favourite - the ending where the rescuers find the group of 6 survivors and are more than happy to take off in their helicopter and leave behind anyone else who might be alive in the ship.

This is a classic.

And thank goodness we've come such a long way with movies in the last 30 years.
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The Canadian Conspiracy (1985 TV Movie)
I thought this was for real?
25 May 2003
I will never forget watching this show. I was still in highschool and my mother and I laughed and laughed when we saw it. Everytime they showed pictures of Canada it was snowing, people were in igloos, that kind of thing. As it turns out the biggest laugh we got happened the next day. My mom was talking to one of her hairdressing regulars and brought up the show - the regular immediately jumped in to say - Isn't that terrible what the Canadians are doing to the Americans - I got so frustrated seeing that was going on I turned it off.
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