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The X Factor (2004– )
'The Celebrity Judge Show! ...oh and some random people from the streets
10 October 2012
I've given this show 2 stars for one reason. When it first started it was good... They showed loads of people in the auditions, they all got screen time, and the judges hardly featured...

...But a few years ago, the producers seemed to have decided 'Normal people are boring' and the cameras feature on the glitz-and-glamour judges, and practically ignore the contestants.

This show has become more of a mindless sham as it's went on. Origionally the contestants received lots of attention, they showed probably 50 people in auditions an episode (even if most of them only got a few seconds. Now you barely get eight people in an episode, and only listening to about 5 seconds of them, maybe a WHOLE MINUTE if they kick up a fuss. Or if they have some sappy or sad story behind them.

The 'Sob Story' seems to be a common feature of the show nowadays, with at least one per audition episode. If not that then it's always a 'pretty boy' who gets lots of attention because all the brain-washed girls fall in love with them and will pay money to vote for them.

The voting just seems stupid now. Back when they had 3 judges, votes MEANED something, but now they have 4, they can decide from the bottom two who stays and who goes, which is very unfair, as the public may as well not have voted in the first place. Also for the results show, it's all crap, and you only need to watch the last 5 minutes (now probably extended to ten because of all the judges getting screen time 'making up their minds') During the auditions, it's predictable what the judges are going to say every time, depending on how much screen time said act gets. If it's 5 seconds, definite no, 30 they're thinking about it, but probably no, full song/performance = certain yes. But even then, they let through some crap acts, just to be money makers for when it comes to the votes (as half of the time they get a record deal somewhere or other, just by appearing on the show, example: One Dircetion) because they might have the 'little kid', the 'pretty boy', the 'sob story', the 'contestant that doesn't sing modern pop unless they have to...

This show started off half decent, and has just fallen into a crappy celebrity-obsessed shambles...
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Regular Show (2009–2017)
Its awesome!
25 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
-May contain spoilers-

I love Regular Show, as it's nothing like you think it's going to be. The episodes seem normal, but trust me, they're really not!

Regular Show follows two characters Rigby and Mordecai, as they work at the park... Well, I say work, all they do is goof off.

My brother introduced me to this show, and I was thinking 'ok, this just seems like any other show on- WHOA WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?!' it has unique stories, non-cliché characters, and trust me, it's nothing like you'd expect it to be.

I agree with some of the lower-star reviews though, some parts of this show you think would not be suitable for kids, because there's a few things that only adults would get. To quote one: *While Mordecai and Rigby are playing a video game* "Kick him in the junk!" *Rigby and Mordecai mash buttons* *Scene changes to video game. The game characters are kicking at some junk, as in garbage, around the bad-guy's waist but near where his 'junk' would be*

To tell the truth, I think some parts of it are a bit... extreme for a kids show, but if you look at the movie All Dogs Go To Heaven, cartoon dogs are shown drinking and gambling, it shows Hell, yet it's still a kids film.

Its worth watching, either way.
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Animation, excellent! The rest of it...
3 March 2012
I loved the book when I read it, but the film? No... just no...

Fantastic Mister Fox doesn't need anything else added or changed about it. It doesn't need a weird lawyer, or exsplosives or anything... And when the cousin came to stay... I mean what was that?! I admit, I do love the stop animation in this film, its brilliant, but the rest of it... It seemed too Americanised. I mean, Roald Dahl, the writier of the book was English, it should have stayed English, and not strayed so much towards American. American voice actors would have been OK, and it animated by Americans would be OK, but the story was killed.

They should have stuck to the book a little more...
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Jaws (1975)
Boring as hell
6 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
We were made to watch Jaws in film studies at college... and I sat there bored out of my mind.

IT wasn't actually part of the course, our teacher just wanted us to watch it, and I just sat there like ''ok someone's been eaten by a big shark. More people are like 'We have to stop it!' another person gets eaten 'We have to stop it!' then people come along who can stop it...''

So they throw a load of chum in the water and suddenly, in a very predictable move, the shark pops up behind them. Then there's the most famous line of the film 'WE're gonna need a bigger boat'.

Eventually some very well dragged out I-don't-even-want-to-know-how-long minutes the shark swims around and they watch it as it swims around with a yellow barrel on it. OK I suppose that's one way to track a shark, but they watch it swim for AGES.

The only part I liked about it made me laugh:

When the shark exploded in a big red mess.

Everyone in my class could see how it was good for it's time, but it's 2011 now, films have moved on. People who saw it at the cinema, fair enough. But compared to effects nowadays? It sucks!

...Well all that and probably because I hate the whole 'water' or 'sea' or 'pirates' theme. (Yes, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN SUCKS TOO!!!!!)
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Watchable... But that's it
17 June 2011
As the title says.

i watched this film with my family one Saturday because it was on Sky Movies and it looked like it might be good.

We sat there watching it, but that was it. The effects were good, but that was the only thing good about it. The main characters got on my nerves, The story was OK but not great.

I was expecting something better, I am a huge fan of the Fantasy genre, even if Fantasy and magic and everything gets dragged into real-life surroundings, only with magic powers or a few monsters to allowing it to be classed as 'Fantasy'.

I've watched the Percy Jackson film on Sky Movies, and I nearly enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the book series. If there are books of this, I won't bother reading them, the film was bad enough. I say that, I admit I made it to the end without shooting myself in the head. It wasn't so bad I felt I had to switch it off before my head exploded with putting up with the annoying characters for about 2 hours, I could sit there and watch the whole thing. Not watch it happily or entertained, I could just... watch it, feeling indifferent. It's not good, not bad...

Personally I'd only say watching this if there's nothing else on TV. Don't waste your money on a DVD, it's really not worth it. Only watch it if you're bored and there's absolutely nothing to do.

Doing chores and cleaning are more fun than watching this.
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Primeval (2007–2011)
A Worth Watching TV show, until Series 4 (May contain spoilers!)
2 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
*May contain a person rambling on for a bit*

When I first watched this show I fell in love with it. The episodes had fantastic stories, and really cool characters. Abby and Connor are the best, and Nick Cutter was a close runner-up. The effects are a bit cheesy, I admit, but it's a good show... Seasons 1,2 and 3 were awesome, and are seriously worth watching! But... It WAS a good TV series Until Season 4 popped up. (DOn't get me wrong, I still like 1,2 and 3) The first episode of Season 4 was OK, with the Spinosaurus and Abby and Connor trapped in the past for a year... But after that it just began to fail miserably.

You can tell it was made by a different team of people, by all the camera shots used (Those little not needed slight zooms), the getting-worse-by-episode-acting, the stories that make no sense and seem pointless, and the dialogue is spoken in episodes is cut in too suddenly, making un-realistic speaking in a conversation.

The believable sci-fi/mild-horror show Primeval has gone to fast-speaking-unable-to-keep-up-with-what's-happening rubbish! And they've changed Connor's character so he's gone from geeky-but-likable to near-useless! And what's up with that girl who sits at the annomoly detecting screen? She's only there to wear short skirts, and she's not needed at all! They all get in these buildings and places, no questions asked, no one there to wonder why people with guns have charged in! In the older series, they're asked questions about why something's happened, why they're going into a building/have to close somewhere off, while now they go where ever the hell they like, and no one cares!

When it came to Season 4 episode four, with the kids in the school... Man, the continuity in that was stinkin' terrible! First, the team get in the school building, then the kids lock the doors. So what happens in the next shot? The ARC team are shown walking through a door, which had been locked, then next when they try going through a door 'It's locked!' And that keeps happening throughout the episode UNTIL NEARLY THE END (But even that had a horrible continuity error) the end, where Connor has reset the system, so all the doors are unlocked, and then after that they ask 'Connor, can you get these doors unlocked?' 'YEah, I'm doing it now' (HE's already unlocked them by reseting the system! DUH! They've been unlocked for about 5 minutes, you could have gone through that door! *Face-palm*

The fourth series completely sucks, with dialogue spoken/cut in too fast, terrible continuity, and the people from the past (forgot about them)are annoying and seem pointless, I'd give Series 4 -10/10, but the first 3 series, with more of a sci-fi/mild horror element are a definite 10/10.
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Digimon = Awesomeness!! **Review may contain Spoilers**
5 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
*Sorry for the long review!* I remember when Pokemon and Digimon were first broadcast in England. Pokemon came out first, at that seemed pretty cool. My brother loved it, and I liked it... But a few weeks later when I saw the adverts for Digimon I thought ''that looks like Pokemon, it must be as good''. I was wrong... IT WAS 50 BILLION TIMES BETTER!!!!!

I found Pokemon same-ish and boring after four episodes. it was literally: "Wow! A new pokemon! Lets get it! Oh no, Pikachu's been stolen by Team Rocket, Lets get him back and blow them up!" That was pretty much the story in EVERY SINGLE STINKIN' EPISODE!! In Digimon, OK I admit the animation isn't 100% and the jokes are pretty bad sometimes... and the English dub probably isn't as half as good as English Subtitled Japanese episodes but ignoring that, you have one of the most brilliant anime/TV shows on the face of the Earth! (Series 1 was the best, Series 2 was pretty cool, Series 3 I loved, Series 4 I had to watch online as it was never broadcast in the UK... And I can see why, it was just an epic fail... First three series? BEST TV SHOW EVER!!!)

My brother loved Pokemon and he claimed Digimon was rubbish. So what did I do? Made him watch an episode, and another... and another... Then he watched the whole series, with me, quite happilly. I was fascinated by the characters in Digimon and how they changed. They were so real! Tai was the leader of the group, Matt was the cool kid, Sora was like the friend to everyone, Izzy was the computer-obsessed smart kid, Joe was a bit of a geek, Mimi was the person who went shopping at the mall, TK was a little kid, Kari (Who appears later in the series)is another little kid... It's amazing how much they change in the series! Tai was a bit 'Everything has to be done my way!' Without letting the others get a word in, but as the series continued, he changed and let everyone else have their say. Matt was a loner, but he became more of a team member later. TK and Kari the little kids, while still being 8 year olds and the end of the series, grow up and become more mature (Just because you're tall it doesn't mean you've grown). Mimi, who thinks she's perfect and the world will always be perfect for her, changes as friendly Digimon die and she begins to realise that bad things happen and that you have to deal with them. (My favorite characters were Sora, Matt, Gabumon, Biyomon, Gommamon, TK, Patamon, Kari, Gatomon... OK that's a lot of favorite characters, but still)

Digimon's probably the reason I'm like I am now. When I first watched this as an 8 year old, I didn't really understand what was going on, but watching it again, so many years later, I can understand it, and I can see a lot of the characters personalities in myself... And I'm still learning from it. I had an argument with a friend, and thought they were to blame. I went home and watched an episode of Digimon 'Princess Karaoke' which was focusing on Mimi and how she treated Tai and Joe, and how her nightmares were trying to tell her she'd done something wrong, and Sora helped explain... And I realised that I was probably the one who'd done something wrong. Thanks to Digimon, I still have one of my best friends today, instead of losing them over a silly argument.

Don't dismiss this as a cheesy kid's show, it actually has a lot of meaning hidden in it. It's surprisingly WAY more than it first appears. When I was 8 and first watching this show, I wished I could go to the Digital World too... I wish I could have been part of the group with my own digimon friend...
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