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Kung Fury (2015)
The Most Cheese you can put into 31 Minutes!!!
30 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This slice of the 1980's Action Movie Genre never had so much CPM (Cheese per Minute)!

This Battle Royal in the name of Justice and American Liberty has all the best intentions covered by a thick gloss of Jalapeno Cheese Sauce.

Including a cast that includes:

Extinct Laser Raptors TriceraCops Vikings Kung Führer The Hoff- Meister 9000 "10 Number Speed Dial" Infurred Hooker Dogs (get it, Fur?) 80's Animated Heaven 2001 Movie References...

...and so very much more!

Lets see more of this incredible insanity; More Cheese Please...

Kickstart the full Length Prequel ASAP!
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5th Gear (2002– )
How Fifth Gear is different and better than Top Gear.
24 February 2011
Fifth Gear is made for hard core car enthusiasts who want to be informed. Top Gear is made for the masses of average people who like cars and want to be entertained. From experience, it is easier to get a woman who doesn't enjoy cars to watch an entire episode of Top Gear than Fifth Gear.

Fifth Gear is about the cars first, the location and the hosts come second. Top Gear is more about the guys, the locations and the post production special effects than the cars IMHO.

Fifth Gear's hosts; Tiff, Vicky, Jason and Ben are all professional racers that take that experience to the show. They are professional drivers first, TV Hosts second. Tiff and Vicky are also ex-Top Gear Hosts and worked with Jeremy Clarkson until the troubles that plagued the 2001 season of TG.

It was in 2002 that the current Top Gear format and the then new Fifth Gear both appeared on British TV for the first time.

Now, I like both shows, but Fifth gear appeals to the Car enthusiast in me and pumps more adrenaline in my veins than Top Gear ever has...
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