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Unintentionally amusing
1 June 2003
I rented this movie with complete disdain for those ubiquitous books, the authors of which have basically replaced Dante and Milton as the writers of choice from which some Christians will derive their theology. That said, I am certain that whatever money-grubbing televangilist thought up the idea for Left Behind, Left Behind 2: Electric Bugaloo, and their inevitable 237 Satan-sent spawn will be allocated to the newly created Tenth Circle of Hell. I hadn't seen the original Left Behind, but I felt I knew enough of the plot (everyone but feminists, gay people, the ACLU, and Jews inexplicably disappear off the face of the Earth) to follow its sequel. I was basically right. Most of the enjoyment I derived from the movie were the bizarre and/or unintentionally funny moments sprinkled throughout: One of the "Believers" bursts through the door and expresses his delight at watching someone become "saved" in such a manner that I was reminded of bad porn. A Jewish guy screams "God is dead!" And the Antichrist isn't Jerry Falwell, which just seemed wrong to me.

I can understand why Christians would want to produce films which exemplify or explain Christian teachings. I just don't understand why these movies are always so... bad.
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