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The Clay Bird (2002)
This the first movie from Bangladesh nominated for Oscar
16 October 2010
Matir Moyna, known in English as The Clay Bird is a Bengali film directed by Tareque Masud, a film director of Bangladesh. The film was released in 2002. This the first movie from Bangladesh nominated for Oscars. The film is set in the late-'60s, prior to Bangladeshi independence from Pakistan; the film deals with a young boy named Anu, in a Bangladeshi small-town, with his strict and deeply religious father, mother and little sister.The story starts with a boy Anu whose father fears his boy's corruption by the outside world sends his son to study in to a strict Islamic school called Madrassa.

This film reveals many allegations and documented cases of physical abuse in madrassas, such as corporal punishment, beatings and other such practices ( for example writing Arabic with left hand was a great sin, having TV which considered as a box of a Satan in home etc).
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