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It's OK.
24 March 2011
If your standards are too high,than this is not just your cup of tea.

It is a simple romantic comedy about a Radio personality who, by the nature of her job, is giving advises to callers in her program about love and relationship.A anonymous-she caller asked for her advice about a forthcoming wedding in which she advised her to call it off.Trusting her,the girl swiftly did what she told,that leads to his groom to be revengeful.With a goal to let the Radio host taste her own medicine,the man play a plot that will ruin her life as she ruined his.Then cliché follows.

Th cast is strong.The plot is cute.But it did not give so much justice because of some intriguing flaw.It's very unreal and contemporary fairytale.Not to be taken seriously.
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Unfaithful (2002)
Good Lord we have this movie :))
17 March 2011
I am a bum of reviews.It gave me the tiring feeling to construct sentences at all,but this movie is so great that I have to fight back my sloth and share my deepest admiration.A film about Family, affair,love and morality.Yeah,in that order. :))

Acting wise,it is excellent.Gere portrayal of an ordinary husband in a long years of marriage,with the familiarity and customary,is very effective.Martinez is a revelation.He is the kind of a guy that will make women think twice about having an affair.He is very stunning.And the gem was Lane.Her character acting is very realistic,you can feel her excitement,mind struggle,fear and repentance.

I hope you guys will watch this at all cost.This is for Those who will going to get married,married,married but confused and for the special market of those who have an affair,planning to have an affair and got caught in an affair :))

Lesson here is,do not exchange a happy family life with a little play time.You might destroy both.

When your'e married,Go ride the first cab when your by the side of someone handsome.
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Buried (2010)
Buried in your seat
1 February 2011
This movie tells about a man who worked as a truck driver contractor in IRAQ as he being captured and buried inside the coffin in the freaking desert that cannot be find.His struggles, desperation and grasping of hope is the main actions in this film.The 90 minutes of this movie plays in one location(coffin) and one actor(Ryan Reynolds).Voices can be heard through his cellphone though.With pen,knife,blackberry and zippo-Will he get out alive?

The unique concept of this movie(it maybe the same with 127 hours and phone booth,but they are few of a kind) is worth the watch.It's not that thrilling class A that will leave shaking your knees but your eyes,no matter the shot is not taken away from the coffin,will be glued on the screen

You don't need high budget to produce quality film,take this one for example.Very intriguing and an against all odds type.
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The Hills (2006–2010)
For some reason...I am watching this :)
28 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
At first I am so disappointed buying THE HILLS TAPE because for the first episodes it's seems very boring and lame. I am not sure if THE HILLS is not boring or lame but I am into it,for some reasons i did not know.

Yeah it is not addictive like Heroes or entertaining like Sex and the City.It can be scripted and MTV are just fooling us,but i think this one definitely worth my time.Lauren the lead character is getting beautiful everyday and her actuation are cute.Her character is interesting because she seems real(maybe that is why she got the role because reality or not she looks very real)and her style is amazing,the way she carries herself is very simple yet remarkable.The plot and subplots is not breaking the ice type but it is very light that you could almost relate to it. :)
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Original Sin (2001)
a masterpiece of Love and Lust.
8 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I was move by this movie. Love Story at its superb presentation. If you think you know what love is, say that after watching this. Have you seen a man, cheated on his own eyes, rob up to the last cents and almost killed many times by his wife who getaway with it.until he saw her again, then what he did is…taddann..kiss her.

I own a tape of this movie so i have the chance of watching it allover again.It is one of those few movies that gets you involve while watching it.The character of Angelina defines a woman-tempted,weak,fearful yet glamorous,smart and full of guts.It makes me re think of the Garden of Eden,how Eve persuade Adam to bite the forbidden fruit.Antonio Banderas in here is the typical in love person-how he defeats his mind and let his heart rule him.How he practically choose to be dumb over all the lies,deceit and hatred she caused him.

This is a perfect love story for those who sinned against their love ones hoping for redemption...and also the best story for those who loves someone who hurt them badly but waiting for apologies in open arms.
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