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The Bank Job (2008)
Gutsie and realistic.
20 October 2015
Having a minimum of personal contact with London's underworld I can vouch for the authenticity of the characters portrayed, particularly Dave, he was a spot on version of 75% of villains in London. Always joking and smiling out for a lark stealing and thieving. I remember the watching the news and then nothing, never twigged there was a cover up, Everyone knew A member of the Royals was a naughty girl, just how bad was never revealed. I was OK with it as were most of the people I knew, the press were the problem as they were with Dianna. At 1:06:00 precisely you realize that Mick Jagger was one ugly son of a gun. Lol. One reviewer called Mick's appearance a "cameo" I thought a cameo was someone appearing as his or her self, not someone famous acting as someone else. Anyway, I would like to know what Mick was thinking, being on screen for a few seconds only.

Anyway, Well worth a second watch knowing how each person ends up. But we won't know I suppose until 2054 when everyone and their sons will be dead and nobody will care, but, that's the plan I guess.
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The Net (1995)
If you believe a man can fly then believe this
9 August 2015
OK yes, the tech is old but it's my era tech. I loved the 3 and a half inch discs, I even liked the 5 inch floppies before those, not keen on the tape though, and I loved Castle Wolfenstien, first game where I beat the last boss, anyway la di da great movie. I watched to the end (That's always a good sign). Although I would liked to see the main villain Gregg get more than prison, a bit of torment as he realized the game was up, beaten by female geek no less. Sandra Bullock always does a good job in any acting role so it's worth a watch just see her doing her stuff (A very attractive girl also)(Can I say that?) so, definitely worth a watch, recommend. Oh, Mellisa Bones, nice job.
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The Interview (II) (2014)
Not hilarious just rather amusing.
25 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Amusing in as much people got all twisted outta shape about it, least of all the North Korean guy. Sure it made him look bad and sure he retaliated, but that's show business. I'm not much of a political animal I just assume all politicians are a subdued version of Mr Un. The rest of the world don't know this guy much, but we do, know him and where he is, so, better the devil you know? Anyway, there were some very pretty girls, some funny jokes, violence, slow motion deaths, gory deaths, fingers being bitten off, blood everywhere, cuss words, visible erections and a somewhat embarrassed bunch of actors. Good fun, wouldn't recommend it, but whiled away the time while I sat in a dentist chair. A great pain killer.
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The Tuxedo (2002)
This movie has something, not sure what.
20 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I left the TV on accidentally and this movie was playing when I woke in the morning. I wanted to get out of bed to make a cup of coffee but couldn't. I was glued to the TV watching Jackie Chan. I had never heard of this one and could not figure out the title just by watching as I thought I knew all of Jackie Chan movies. And when I saw Jackie kill James Brown I was even more confused. I logged into IMDb and it took awhile to track it down but I found it after 20 minutes or so. Anyway, great movie, despite not seeing the beginning or the end I shall have to rent it or something to see what I missed, that my friends is why I rate it 7, probably be a 10 once I see the complete movie.
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Murder, She Wrote: Capitol Offense (1985)
Season 1, Episode 10
Interesting Insights Enclosed.
14 September 2014
Apart from the obvious joy I got from watching this episode,("Columbo" and "Murder she Wrote" the top two police procedural shows (In my opinion)) the insights on how Washington works were indeed insightful.

Being a Brit I never realised how devious and underhand politicians actually were. But it seems general knowledge that throwing money at people gets things done the way you want them done. and clearly its acceptable to do so. Fascinating episode.

I am still a fan of this show and happy there are 264 episodes 10 of which I have enjoyed in the last week or so through streaming via Netflix. I have a plan to watch every one of them as "Columbo" with Peter Falk has been exhausted. I can hardly wait to get started.
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Lie to Me: Killer App (2011)
Season 3, Episode 13
"Thats Entertainment"
8 September 2014
I loved this show and was thoroughly entertained by every character. Particularly Tim Roth as he spoke like me, A Londoner. I watched every episode and craved some more. Kellie Williams was just about as hot as possible without over doing it. In fact all the women in this show were excellent, even the criminal ones. Actually, all, the lead actors were brilliant. BTW, great to finish a show on a high note. I am kinda torn between like that it finished on a plus but sad that I cant see any more, but, I shall watch when it if and when it returns and I shall buy all all the goodies in the commercials. I am 51% in favour of a new set of episodes and 49% in favour stopping at the top. So, I can't lose really.
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The Sopranos (1999–2007)
Not realistic
2 July 2014
I had initially began to write some negative remarks after viewing the first two episodes. Things like: Glorifying gangsters and applauding torture and murder Etc, About three lines total. The minimum is ten. So while I re watched the episodes trying to find ten lines of negativity, I realised people like to watch this stuff because real life is bad enough in real life, but to watch it on TV is appalling. Plus the Mafia in real life is just too horrifying. Who wants to see real life? Movies are not about real life, not even the ones that say its real life, are not, we all know that. So, it was pure entertainment, and as far as real life is concerned? It was nothing like it, just as it should be.
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Non-Stop (2014)
Full of holes and unrealistic, but I loved it.
28 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
150 people on an airplane would not react at depicted. Your regular passenger would keep a very low profile if a suspect terrorist was wandering up and down the aisle waving a gun around. It's called a herd instinct. Lead actors acted way too casual under threat of death almost to the point of amusement. After being punched or hit with maximum force from various antagonists it's not easy to shake your head and brush it off. James Bond, maybe, otherwise not realistic. OK, I know it's entertainment and poetic license come to the fore, but come on. Too much of that going on. Having said that, I give it 4 out of 5 for entertainment
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The Counselor (2013)
Awesomely disturbing.
9 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, exciting and entertaining, two must haves in a thriller/crime movie. And a moral too. If you insist on helping people destroy our children with drugs, be prepared to pay the price. Being good looking is definitely not the way out of trouble. Being ruthless right back though is. If is wasn't for the stars being slaughtered left right and center I would have given it a low score. But as it is? It made me happy to show how bad drugs truly are. I shall watch it a couple if times more because to know all the little details and small off hand comments that mean more than you would at first think. It's two days now since I watched it and I replay scenes over in my head and wonder what I would do. That's my friends is a sign of a good movie.
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I liked it
27 September 2013
I think it was nicely done. I am very anti cuss words but, The occasional cuss word in this film were perfectly placed and funny. I have a soft spot for Nathan Lane and his inclusion was the main reason I put aside an hour or so to watch this movie. He was brilliant as a play director. I think the casting department did a fabulous job with everyone. I had the distinct feeling the cast were good friends off camera. The story was unique despite a couple of cliché moments and I didn't notice any lighting of camera errors, no mikes hanging in view, editing smoothly done. I am having trouble finding fault, so let's say it was over too soon. Oh, I hoped for the ending, and I got it.
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Disappointing ending
5 June 2008
I watched with my 14 year old son (An Indiana Jones Fan) upon exiting the movie theatre his excitement was not there, he actually said "shall we go home Dad?". Sometimes a "no comment" is as revealing as a 100 word summary. He moved on, and no more was said. I, Liked it, the CGI were exceptional, it was just the stupid ending that ruined it. Harrison Ford did a good job as per normal, I was glad Sean Connery was enjoying his retirement to much to be in it. It would be too much like "Two Grumpy Old Men" for my taste, "always leave them wanting more" someone once said. And I agree. I agree with another review here, when he said it was written by a 11 year old, on the money there I believe.
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Appalling acting, misguided direction, Shameful production
3 December 2006
What on earth was Noah Wyle thinking? Oh, I know, MONEY! That could be the only reason he made this film.

It was an insult to the Masia people of Africa, The "actors" just strolling through a dance they were doing, and then a few moments latter on top of a mountain. No transition from scene to scene.

The fight with a sword at the beginning was a laughable debacle, up to that point I was almost interested in the movie, But the absurdity of it all had me trying to follow the story for almost 15 minutes before realizing I was wasting my time trying to piece together some semblance of a plot.

I therefore switched of my brain and followed it along in a child like manner, which was very successful for a while, But then I noticed the predictability of it all and my brain came back into adult mode I almost felt I was turning into a psychic is was so easy to predict the next move.

The special effects were, lets say, Er, Not, special? The blue screen or green screen "as its known" was pathetic, so pathetic I felt embarrassed for the actors. It reminded me of a sketch from "Who's Line Is It Anyway" without the humor.

Needless to say, I do not recommended this movie, unless you're absolutely sure your brain was removed previously.
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Flightplan (2005)
A movie is a movie is a movie, Just that.
13 March 2006
Hollywood makes movies, Or to put it another way, It lets you escape into a world where you are a watcher of others misfortunes or Joys. This movie is just that, a movie, entertainment, why dissect it? It doesn't need to be pulled apart by high and mighty "critics" I thought it was a great movie, I got lost for an hour or two and indulged in a fantasy or two. Loved it, great acting all round, great script, great action, fantastic sets. This movie looked at abjectivly has many holes, and I guess some people do get enjoyment out of pointing out these hole, not me, nor I suspect do 99% of movie goers. Ignore all these people picking holes in it, sit back and enjoy.
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Messig was funny (Spoiler)
27 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Once a sit-com star moves into the movies, it sadly finishes their Career right there, not so with Debra Messing. (This is the only movie I have seen with Debra Messing in it) She had humour, pathos, and several other emotions I know not the name of. A chick movie if ever there was one, but very watch able for the male of the species also. The casting director out did himself, every one was perfect. Even the ankle biters suited. The ending was predictable, well 90% Predictable, but in this case not a bad thing. Worth watching twice because, you can concentrate on the small stuff and not follow the plot. Mind you, I watch most good movies at least twice, so what's to point of buying a DVD if you watch it only once? See it, feel good. Oh, It's set in my home country so I may be a little biased?
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