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A film that probes us to examine our own role, our own choices, our own power
30 September 2010
I was lucky enough to catch the sneak preview of this original and thought provoking film, and all I can say is bravo; finally a film that speaks to us as individuals. In line with the wave of hard hitting call-to-arms documentaries we've seen in the last handful of years, GhettoPhysics asks us to take a closer look at the world around us. If you liked What the Bleep, An Inconvenient Truth, or anything with Michael Moore's name attached, you'll like GhettoPhysics. Yet, GhettoPhysics is even more universal in scope, its message applicable to everyone and everything around us; power is, after all, at the root of everything.

Always entertaining and sometimes quite funny, GhettoPhysics goes a step beyond other films that allow us to remain at arms length, distanced from the topic at hand. It forces us to ask ourselves - what is our own role in this age old power play? What do we want it to be? With our own face in the mirror, how can we not want to change a reflection we don't like? Finally a film that brings its message back home, to us as a society, and to us as individuals. I hope everyone hears the call and stands up; if we change ourselves, the world will certainly follow.
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