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Barbara (I) (2012)
Barbara; a good movie about a strong woman
5 September 2012
Barbara is a quiet film about a woman, who is put from the Charité ( a famous hospital) into the middle of nowhere hospital. The reason for this she has an exit permit into West Germany. Babara finds her place at the new hospital and she merges in her work as a doctor. She meets André, here new boss. They have a liking for each other, although she does not trust him completely. Elsewhere she stays an aloof loner and sees it only as transit place. She is humbled by the Stasi, with observing and physical examination, but stays strong and can not be put down. The film deals with here decision: staying or fleeing illegally over the Baltic Sea. As always Petzold, the director tells the story slowly an d uses a lot of time to develop the figures and their relationship to each other. The windy and coolish atmosphere fits to the main character. Mainly the movie is carried by the actors, especially Nina Hoss, But also Ronald Zehrfeld. Without the very good acting, I would not have rated it with eighth points. For me some childhood memories come to life again. Not the Stasi because I was to young to remember and to understand such things. But the bus, the red carnation on the table and repairing things such as bicycle tires.
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Wir sind die Nacht (2010)- Somos la noche
26 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well how should I start?. Here I have the possibility to writhe I the very first review, which makes it maybe into the cinemas of a country besides Germany. So I will use it.

I saw this one last week.

Here you have Lena, a poor young woman from a broken home, who tries to keep here head above water as a cut-purse. You also have Louise, the head of 3 attractive female vampires, Charlotte, a former silent movie star and Nora, a young, lively and hip raver girl. They led a luxury live: with sports cars, shopping trips to Paris, sex and last but not least killing people and drinking there blood. Louise falls in love with Lena, she wants here and makes a vampire out of here. The next morning, Lena wakes up as vampire, but the painful metamorphose is not over yet. However direct sunlight would burn here and she has no mirror image. The next night she goes out, to find the thing who did this to here. She meets the 3 ladies. She realises that she has to stay with them and she is also now a being of the night. Lena falls into this luxury lifestyle, but can not kill people and drink there blood. This occurs to conflicts with Louise. Also Lena falls in love with a young police man. Another conflict with Louise, who is in love with here.

Charlotte misses here former live and here husband and child and Nora just wants to have fun.

All in all it is an O.K. movie, I give a 6/10). Lets start with the good things. This no boring movie and you wonder how fast 100 minutes are gone. It is fast, action lasting one, with a great camera image and soundtrack. It deals with: is it possible to find a love for eternity, is an eternal live worthwhile or boring and is morally good kill people and drink there blood (or better to consume there blood).

What I like was that these vamp(ire)s, are evil they do drink human blood and live fast life. (Not like Edward Cullen.)

The weakest point is it has thin plot, but it is O.K however. I deals with a lot of things, but only on the surface. The character development of its figures does not go fare enough. So do the conflicts which occur. Maybe I just want to much: a fast action lasting movie with a great story, deep characters and good intra/inter personal conflicts. Like Avatar!!?- but this is no vampire film

Anyway now I am into vampire movies. So I will watch, Dracula, Blade, Nosferatu and more.
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The Doors: When You're Strange (2009)
4 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie a couple of days ago in the movie theater in its original language ( I guess it is always shown in English).

The movie starts with Morrison's HWY. It follows the band in a chronological way: from Jim's childhood days, the first gigs in a L.A. club to the very first album, "The Doors", full halls in the USA and world fame, to Morrison's passing in Paris. Well it does not really end with Morrison's death, but with Morrison swimming in some river and having fun. So the ending is a more positive one.

The Doors: When you are strange is carried by the bands music. Almost every song is played, not full of course. Seeing this movie made me realise that the Doors are one of the best bands together with the Beatles and Queen. It was an unique combination of four young men and everyone did his part. Also the live performance of the four, especially Morrison's one made this band big. With the music and its pictures you melt in to the movie and it easy to breath the air of this time. Some historical background information is given. The Doors are band of its time, with a rebelling youth, a new culture and music and a changing country and world.

Johnny Deep does a good job, it is easy to understand him even when your first language is not English. But sometimes he lacks passion and someone who was in the late 60s early 70s in his twenties might have been a better narrator. But maybe it is because of the movie a documentary one and Deep has to tell or to read what happened. Also I wished there would be more focus on the three other band members: Robbie Krieger, Ray Manzarek and John Densmore. Another not so good point is that I missed interviews with the band, friends, school mates and/or family.

All in all this one is worth a watch either in cinema or on DVD. I recommend this film to all fans of the Doors and other good music, fans of the 60s/70s and fans of the youth culture.
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FunnyMovie: Dörte's Dancing (2008)
Season 1, Episode 1
ProSieben FunnyMovie - Dörte's Dancing (2008)
26 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen this movie one afternoon and I liked it.

Dörte Meier, a young women of Germany, is a huge fan of Dirty Dancing and she is in love with Johnny Castle. She wants to be Baby so she can come together with Johnny (in this film Jimmy). That's all although she has an boyfriend, Jens Meier. He is not as hot as Johnny, he as nice and very normal guy next door and worst of all he dislikes his girlfriend's love for the film " Dirty Dancing" and Johnny. Anyway, Dörte convinces him to travel to the place were all the things of Dirty Dancing were happening. Jens get lost during the trip to Killerman's (Kellerman) place and finds himself in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". However Dörte finds here way to the place. As sad she wants to be like Baby and she tries to manage that everything becomes like in Dirty Dancing. She tries hard but makes a lot of mistakes and the persons around her are not exactly like her heroes in Dirty Dancing, only almost. She gets together with Jimmy. He is also a normal guy, not so hot as he seemed and he wants his apartment decoration in "Leberwurst-farbe" -liver sausage color. Finally Dörte realizes that Jimmy is just as 'boring' as Jens and that Jens is not so bad compared with Johnny. Jens managed it to get away from the strange figures of the Rocky Horror Show. Dörte and Jens met again and travel back.

I never liked Dirty Dancing that much, I like more this film. It spoofs Dirty Dancing and its characters. It is funny and a good film for an afternoon. Well I think people from Germany, Austria or Switzerland will have the chance to watch one day on Pro7. People from other countries have it harder to find a possibility to watch it . The movie casts well known stars from the German television, such as Jeanette Biedermann,Sonya Kraus and Oliver Petszokat. Also, the name Dörte (pronounced like dirty without the 'y', but with an 'e' as in the Spanish word carne) is a spoof of the original title. This name exists, but is quiet strange and therefore not very common.
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