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Leviathan (I) (2012)
Dark, disturbing experience
24 June 2014
First of all, i can understand why some folks don't like this movie. It is unconventional, experimental and honest. So not everybody's cup of tea. The first five minutes i was also in a mood of "nahh what is that?" but then i kept watching and let myself go. The scenes are very long so they kinda let you immerse into what is happening after a while. What you see is not nice. But somehow i got hooked. It was almost kinda like meditation. Beautiful and disturbing at the same time. Just images and sound that together form something whole after a while. After i watched it, i didn't knew if i liked it or not. But days later i am still thinking about it, so i decided to like it. It is sort of Art and Reality melted together. An audiovisual experience that drags you down in the world of the sea, the fisherman, the boat, humankind, the world we live in. And it does that without telling you anything you didn't know already, because it doesn't have to.

If you are up for a new experience that will make you think about it for a while, go see the movie!
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Shahada (2010)
Beautiful! Excellent played!
9 November 2010
This movie is one of the best German feature films, that i saw in the past decade, maybe it's because most of the actors where immigrants. The female lead role is played by Maryam Zaree and i think she has a great future as an actress if she keeps going like that. Her play was just excellent! Although the other actors where also very good. The movie takes place in Berlin (Germany) an shows the lifes of some people, while they struggle combining their western life and their Islamic religion. It gives a good perspective on the modern life of immigrants in Germany without judging anything. I highly recommend to go and watch the movie while it's still in cinemas. loved it!
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