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Acrimony (2018)
Not your typical Tyler Perry flick
15 April 2018
I was expecting the usual Tyler Perry kind of movie, however this was different. It had good drama, okay conversations and I could relate to a lot of scenes. It also started on a good note and made you think of different possibilities after it ended. It is the kind of movie that can spur up a great debate amongst friends. Taraji was awesome, I loved her performance. It might not be an Oscar worthy movie but It is definitely a good watch.
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The Reviews are misleading, better than expected
26 June 2017
I don't know why this movie has so many bad reviews, it actually beat my expectations. Considering it's the fifth installment, you basically know what to expect, intense action, 'save the world' plot and very good conversations, no more no less. I would totally recommend only if you are not one of those going into a Transformers movie expecting a deep plot. Overall a great cinematic experience!
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Very Entertaining, great CGI but nothing out of the ordinary
10 March 2017
OK I would go straight to the point here, Kong was action filled coupled with very good acting as I did expect, however the story-line & dialogue at some point could be likened to that of a 12-year old, very weak & lacks purpose. Without the fighting / action scenes I probably would have rated the movie 4/10 as the other scenes were very boring. At some stage, I couldn't understand what the mission was because it got very confusing and plain. Looking at the positives though, CGI was totally top notch, Kong was scary, powerful and his engagements with other creatures were very interesting. Acting was also OK, Tom Hiddleston & Samuel L Jackson delivered, the other actors weren't bad either. To round it all up, the movie is still a very good watch if you not expecting so much but for decent action scenes and good brawls.
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Logan (2017)
Marvel finally steps up!
5 March 2017
I have always been very critical of Marvel movies because I feel they are mostly overrated, but boy was I wrong on this one. Logan is filled with action, humor, suspense and amazing conversations, everything you would expect from a superhero movie. Hugh Jackman as usual is incredible from start to finish but the star of the movie is totally Dafne keen, her combination with Hugh is superb and she just fits the role perfectly. For someone who isn't exactly a fan of superhero movies, trust me when I say this is worth every minute. It isn't just another 'Wolverine' movie, it is THE movie!
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Yip Man 3 (2015)
Worthy Tribute to IP Man!
13 March 2016
IP man 3 is simply one of the most entertaining 'kungfu' movies you would ever watch. It has a mixture of everything from good acting, great fights, proper drama and even a bit of humor. Donnie Yen as usual was superb, you could easily catch a glimpse of Bruce Lee in his character which makes him even better to watch. Mike Tyson also surpassed my expectation especially for someone who hasn't done a whole lot of acting, he was very fluent and consistent. For the story line, it was a little different from IP man 1 and 2, but shows a deeper side of IP man's personality that wasn't explored in the previous two. To sum it up, IP man 3 is a worthy tribute to IP man and the IP man series, I wouldn't mind IP Man 4 though.
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Ride Along 2 (2016)
Better than the reviews portray
18 January 2016
I went into the theater expecting to laugh and that is virtually what i did all through. I have read bad reviews about the movie but i think the critics are missing the point, a comedy movie isn't all about depicting a serious story line, but to make you laugh. Kevin Hart stars along side Ice cube in this cop buddy comedy, and just like the first installment, they embark on a mission to take out the bad guys with the usual action and thrill that comes with it. Kevin is 'learning' on the job and encounters a lot of hilarious situations. Movie generally has a lot of funny moments and i was engaged all through. I would definitely recommend if you are looking to have fun and enjoy a good laugh!
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Unfinished Business (I) (2015)
You've probably seen better Vince Vaughn movies
26 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I am a big Vince Vaughn fan. I think he is one of the most hilarious actors out there, and of course with a proved track record. That being said, he didn't exactly bring his A game on this one. A few scanty laughs here and there was just about it. The movie starts with Vince resigning from his workplace and immediately planning to start his own company, he hires the first two people that came out of the company's exit door after him for no solid reasons. After months of anticipating, they finally get to close a big long-awaited deal in Germany, he is met by his former boss who also happens to be lobbying for the same deal, and yea you guessed it, Vince and his team got the handshake. The story is cliché and the characters are just OK (noting extraordinary) except for Dave Franco's character (Mike Pancake) which was particularly annoying. Watch over two big bowls of popcorn because you going to need them to keep you going.
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25 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
With such high ratings and some good reviews, i figured to give the movie a try. I went in with high expectations but I was seriously disappointed. Awfully long and boring with no reasonable plot. Movie starts out with Immortan Joe ruling over the post apocalyptic city because he's got all the water and gasoline. Feriosa apparently betrays him and takes his girls with her to an unknown destination, he chases after her with his gang to claim them back(gang includes a vehicle solely for the rock artist playing a flame guitar for no apparent reason). After hours of endless driving and shooting, Feriosa, Max and the girls manage to escape only to pick up some old women and return back to exactly where they left. Dialogue is weak, Characters are poor, I couldn't even tell what the role of Max was in the movie. In summary, the movie is basically two hours of mediocre car chase and senseless shooting. I am only rating the movie 6 because of the visuals (pretty good). Save your time and watch the trailer because that as much fun as you would get.
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Plot seems boring at first but brilliant movie overall
24 December 2015
I would say Road to yesterday is your typical 'Genevieve' movie. Slow- paced, good acting and drama filled. The movie starts out with an obvious quarrel between a couple (played by Genevieve Nnaji & Oris Erhuero) which seemed normal at first, but however dragged on for the better part of the movie (boring at some points). You are left in the dark curious about the cause of the quarrel but this is revealed bit by bit through constant flashbacks, eventually all is left bare and the plot kicks in. Recommended if you are not going to the theater expecting an endless action plot, but rather mature drama. Suitable characters, good plot and overall an interesting movie.
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Empire (2015– )
Music || Money || Family
12 June 2015
Empire is a complete series. Suspense, Violence, Sex, Love and Music. The characters also came out of their comfort zone for this one. I must say they could not have chosen a better cast if they tired. The show basically revolves around "Lucious Lyon" (Terrence Howard) who owns a multi-million dollar record label and as any CEO, faces a lot of challenges. He has to mix family and business and then decide who would be his worthy successor. Lyon isn't always clean as he has got a lot of skeletons in his closet all in the quest for supremacy and power. Taraji P. Henson also brought her A game on this one. If you love a combination of good music, intrigues and drama, this is a must watch! P.s A lot of celebrity guest-stars too.
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The Prestige (2006)
22 April 2015
If you are a fan of surprises, twists and turns then this movie is for you. The movie in itself is magic. You couldn't predict the next two scenes if you tried.

A classic Christopher Nolan piece with Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman at their very best. In my opinion Nolan should have clinched an Oscar for directing this film as his interpretation of the novel was fantastic with his usual awesome add-ons of course.

Another reason why i rated this movie 10/10 was because of Bale's sublime performance. He has collaborated with Nolan on previous projects and i have enjoyed every single one of them. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who loves suspense as there is a lot of unpredictability in here.
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Not all hilarious but quite funny. Decent Movie.
16 February 2015
I was very skeptical at first about watching this movie at the cinemas, but i was actually impressed by the quality. Laughs here and there and good acting made this movie one of Nollywood's most impressive comedy to date. I also liked the fact that a few foreign actors (most notably 'Lynn Whitfield' & 'vivica fox') was in there and able to blend perfectly well. The movie is basically about a local boy AY (lead actor) and his cousin winning a trip to the US for 30 days while maintaining his 'Africaness'. They get caught up with the bright and high life of the states amidst other things. A decent movie for anyone who is seeking a good laugh.
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Anchor Baby (2010)
Wonderful movie
5 February 2011
The movie got me confused at first because i thought there was no plot and was leading nowhere but then towards the end the plot got revealed and got really interesting.

The story involves a couple (Paul & Joyce) who are illegal immigrants in the United states hoping for a better life. They got caught by the US immigration service and were ordered to be deported. Joyce realizes she's pregnant and the couple decided to stay at least until the baby is born to secure a US citizenship for the child. Paul got caught and was immediately deported leaving his pregnant wife behind. Joyce avoiding the immigration officers struggles on her own and looks for a place to stay, she meets Susan who offers to help and take her in, Joyce accepts the offer not realizing Susan's hidden motives while facing numerous challenges.

Its one of those movies with a last minute twist, great movie.
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