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Komodo (1999)
Best movie about killer komodos out of control ever made!
6 January 2011
the story has been already reviewed excellent by itself and many users so let's jump to the funny part: what the hell makes the movie 10 star worthy to me? Well, first i'm in love with the movies (including the bad ones). as long a film entertains me, it gets his 10 points...Period. Oh and 'komodo' entertained me a lot. If you like animal creature features, i recommend 'jaws' or 'komodo'. If you like horror, i recommend 'the exorcist' or 'komodo'. If you like comedy, i recommend 'some like it hot' or 'komodo'...fill in some genre and cinematic epic of choice...

but serious, 'komodo' is a great creature feature, done with love, packed with action,adventure&comedy and kids can watch it too, because there's no blood&guts.this is for the *boo,b-movie trash* screamers: the entire look of the movie doesn't looks cheap in anyway, neither the great special effects nor the superb cinematography) and my question to the studio lobby: why couldn't you bring such movies (or some of the other titles named above) to the big screen anymore? it's a shame...
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Hail To The King(s) !
25 August 2010
First of all i want to thank everybody involved in making this movie! Just when i thought my favorite movie genre is extincted, S. Stallone comes around the corner and shows me how wrong i should be...damn wrong...

he did it first with the third sequel of first blood (John Rambo) and now he fully blows everybody in the cinema away with THE EXPENDABLES. i mean, i am from Germany and in Germany nobody claps or cheers or stands up to celebrate a movie scene (nothing wrong with other pictures, it's just our mentality and culture not to do so) but during the expendables and i'm talking about the whole duration of the movie, the theater nearly exploded and totally freaked out with every "one-liner", explosion or violent killing and there's a lot of all of it!

S. Stallone as a director found his own way to do action movies old-school but don't let 'em look cheap or cheesy.and because of him, after 20 years of waiting, i was able to see one of my favored action legends on the real big screen: DOLPH LUNDGREN.this guy definitely deserves more leading roles!great performance, really great! but not only him, the whole cast is extraordinary and everybody gets his special scene or moment and minimum one "one-liner" to laugh out loud to.i don't want to tell you anything about the story because i probably had this fantastic experience without knowing much about it. in my opinion, the script let the characters come first and the story, which is for gods sake not too complicated, comes second and that was the right decision.

after this movie, the younger generation will know why these men once were kings of the genre!

my last words: do yourself a favor and see this movie if you're an action buff!!!thank you Mr. Stallone for having an awesome time at the movies!!!

i definitely watch it again and again and again....
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