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The Young Offenders (2018– )
Far Better Than The Movie
26 February 2018
The series is by far, much better than the movie. It was certainly worthy of several more episodes. Too bad UK and Irish TV series are so short, especially with coming of age shows where the time limit for actors playing those roles are limited. I'm definitely looking forward to the rest and next season. Hope it will maintain the it's hilarious quality, then go on to many more seasons that will depict the main characters after graduation or even college and beyond.
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Such a wast of a couple talented actors
15 January 2016
First of all I have to agree with all the negative reviews about this film. The silent start was very slow and void of any imagination which served only to add contrast for the lack of writing skills to create a meaningful plot. This theme carried throughout the entire movie with boring pointless filler scenes, that made it all look like a short that was desperately stretched out in an attempt to make a feature film. I watched it through to the end, hoping and expecting there would be some great redeeming conclusion to this tragic depressive drama. I felt insulted after watching this piece of homophobia disguised as a gay themed movie. Don't waste your time watching this. It really is geared towards narrow minded anti-LGBT sadist.
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Dead Shadows (2012)
Well worth watching
31 July 2014
At firsts I had no expectations for this movie. I really thought it was going to be another low budget B-Movie. You know, the usual bad acting mostly attributed to very poor directing. To my surprise this was certainly not the case. The plot on the other hand was a lot better than most Horror/Sci-Fi movies. It was simple and somewhat silly, but at least it was not complex and full of a bunch of impossible scenarios. I would recommend this movie for any who likes laid back and not too graphic movies in this genre. Especially on a stay at home date night. Fabian Wolfrom made this film significantly better than it actually is. This is the first time I have ever seen this actor and he has made a lasting impression on me.
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Rushlights (2013)
Excellent guy movie
25 February 2014
I was very surprised after watching this movie. I really was not expecting it to be as good as it was, being that it did not make it to the big screens. Even if the critics were to tear it to pieces, much worse films make it to the big screens every week. I can definitely recommended it as a very enjoyable "Guy flick". It's got a good fair share of action for a thriller. It may not be a "Chick flick" but it has a sufficient amount of romance to make a good date movie. Over all the acting was great. The Plot has it's twist and turns to keep you from getting bored from predictability, which is the norm for most thrillers. If I was to find one thing to pick at. Maybe they could have cut the segment and story relating to the whipping scene. Was not very believable as the type of reaction you would expect from the main character. Maybe they wanted to show some extra skin. However it's a sure entertaining movie.
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Hours (2013)
Paul Walker was excellent in his role
2 December 2013
I watched this movie weeks before Paul Walker had passed and thoroughly enjoyed it. I must admit I've always been a fan of his. Yet I can indisputably say without being biased, that he played this role with excellence.

OK, so the move was not a fast paced action or romantic, date flick, but it was a well written realistic Drama / Thriller.

While the ending may have been somewhat predictable. The rest of the film with it's characters and plots certainly was not. You will find quite a few surprises.

I am sure it will do well if/when it's released in theaters around the world. What a great way to pay tribute to him by releasing it to as many screens as they can. At least I really hope they do. If you can't go to see it. I'd say it's worth renting anyway.
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A Beer Tale (2012)
Very laid back enjoyable movie
6 June 2013
My expectations were not high for this film as I thought it was going to be just another low budget B movie. The actors caught my interest and I decided to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised that after the first fifteen minutes it was able to keep my interest. It was all round good in every aspect. I could find nothing way below standards or annoying about it. I gave this movie an 8 because it stands out a great deal from the rest in it's categories, plus it's an excellent first attempt for the Kunz brothers who have proved to be multi talented from this feature. You do not need millions of dollars to produce an enjoyable film just like millions of dollars can not save a bad movie, but more funding can certainly make a good movies better.
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Redwood (2013– )
Vampire lovers got to see this one
4 May 2013
I had to give this web series a 10 out of 10 for being a top class production in it's category. When you consider that it was a very small budget that was used to create the all round superior quality that will rival so many big budget movies. Being a fan and critic of vampire films. This was a pleasant surprise right from the very first episode that immediately hooked me right through to the last. Rane Jameson was such a great choice to play the lead vampire. The story line is simple yet far from boring or predictable as most vampire movies turn out to be. It has the potential to be a block buster if it is developed into a full feature film and marketed to the right audience. At the very least I look forward to seeing a second season. I hope the right people see it and jump on board to produce a lot more.
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Broken Roads (2012)
The exact definition of a melodrama
7 March 2013
It you like soppy melodramas then this one is for you or maybe not even. The film begins with a loud and graphic horror movie like scene. So if you are squeamish like many melodrama lovers, then you might want to close your eyes for the first scene. The story itself can be told in a 5 min short, as it is predictable and climaxes very early to only drag on like "beating a dead horse" for 2 1/2 hours. However there is lot's of shouting and childish tantrums to get you through to the resolution segment followed by a couple more "cups of water, to keep the pot of sorrow and heartache boiling at a slow simmer, until it eventually dries up".
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The Liability (2012)
Enjoyable movie if you keep in mind it's more of a dark comedy.
8 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie should be promoted as a Comedy/Thriller and not as an Action. It is dark comedy and the plot is very unbelievable. The plot was going really good until the Latvian woman appeared from out of nowhere in a remote area. Then to realize later on in the other scenes that she knew and was hunting one of them. How did she find them in the first place and it was presented as an innocent meeting as she appeared to be a lone bag packing hiker/camper and not someone prepared in any way to be on the hunt for villains. If that was not enough, she continued to keep finding in other scenes every time they got separated as if she was using a tracking device or had psychic powers. Oh well. Lucky I did not have much expectations for the plot as I have learned not to anymore or I end up not enjoying a movie. But I felt I had to leave a comment here as I believe it could have been a really great movie had the writer/director taken the time to make some easy logical changes to make it believable. Too bad they did not. Would have then been picked up and done well in the theaters.
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Worse than a B movie plus offensive!
5 October 2012
Really, young actors need to avoid getting there names soiled from such crap like this. It's OK to take on roles like this if you are just desperate for money and don't have any ambition to be a serious actor. The movie did not even have a joke or two to offer, unless you are high and generally lacking in intelligence. I also have to agree with a previous comment about "Asian stereotyping was just offensive to everyone, even non-Asians" . I am not so good at remembering the names of actors just from seeing them as a side kick in just one movie, but now when ever I see the name "Howard Cai" in a movie, I will automatically have to boycott it. Even "Jenny Lin" for being a part of a production that continues to degrade Asians. That was OK to do in the past in one or two movies especially when relevant, but not as it is the norm in the vast majority of films that portray Asians as a side role. So sad to see what people will do for money.
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The Client List (2012–2013)
Great cast but completely out of touch with reality!
3 October 2012
I gave this show 2 stars for the cast and lifetime's attempt to objectify men. It's just totally unrealistic in every aspect & not even funny enough to be a comedy. Perhaps it's time for a new genre like Unrealistic/Fictional/Drama. Imagine a massage parlor where very hot guys go for happy endings from not so prime looking masseuses and the undesirable looking people go for just a therapeutic massage. Sadly all the other plots and character personalities are inconceivable. I guess it's a lack of creativity with emphasis just being placed on what they think women want to watch. Surely they could have put some thought and discussion into the production. Then it might have been a great show. Such a great disappointment and abuse of talent! But if you really need to see Colin Egglesfield, even if it's just a little, then why not watch.
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A very sad attempt for what could have been a great movie
1 October 2012
The Good; Lead actor is cute. A refection of how homophobia is alive in the Caribbean and fueled by religious hypocrisy. The Bad; The lead actor is obviously not gay and uses that to show a character who has so many odd personal issues. But all of his issues are inconsistent, ironic and for that cause very unrealistic in his bi-polar behavior (one minute he is timid and the next he is outspoken). Film starts with a white boy who is not privileged (and expressively so), from school situation to housing and the next he has a car and money to get around a pay a tour guide. Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The conclusion was a cop out that lacked creativity and imagination.

I can understand a film being rushed for budget purposes, but time should be taken to rewrite and put a story together as a package before filming and not be a bunch of conflicting scenarios just to make a point. Did anyone bother to read and try to make sense of the whole script before committing to it?
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A Slice of Terror (2004 Video)
I can't believe someone got paid to make this!
28 July 2011
I can't believe that someone got paid to make this and what is even worse is that they got paid to make another one that is very similar. This is a perfect example of how very bad scripts, writing, directing etc. is getting into production, while so many very good & talented work out there is being turned down. I really will like to understand the politics behind all of these obviously bad decisions. My only logic is that it must be that they make such films that are unacceptable for viewing, in sure hopes that they will come and go without any notice, only to serve as a tax write off for the rich. At least they can give the money to young and talented producers, writers, directors, etc. to practice with low budget productions!
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