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SyFy Twister
20 December 2011
I saw this film in 3-D. It is wonderfully conceived and directed with finesse by animator and comic strip artist Bryan Chojnowski.

The handcrafted story and animation are reminiscent of the Twilight Zone. Bryan spent a year and half in production to create this mini-masterpiece. He animated every scene.

Character actors Doug Jones and Sam Garles add depth as the voice characters. Gregory Gallagher the 3D titles by Gregory Gallagher are the best I have ever seen.

Tomorrow Machine was the winner of a prestigious Cecil Award for digital arts achievement from Chapman University.

Bryan Chojnowski will likely to become the George Lucas, Steven Spielberg or Walt Disney of his generation.
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The Desperate (2009)
The Desperate deserves Oscar Consideration
6 December 2010
Ben-Hur Sepehr carried this story with him for thirty years. It is beautifully poignant and conflicted - choosing to do right or not when you have been wronged a million time over. The casting, mood and editing of this movie is flawless. Set in the later stages of World War II in a concentration camp, this may be the best movie ever dealing with the holocaust. It is an uplifting story but also tears at your heart and humanity given the circumstance.

Morality plays are not easily captured in short films, but Ben-Hur displays the finesse of years of film-making to make this film speak loud and clear across a generation.
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