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Poland's Version of "American Pie"
7 December 2003
In true "American Pie" tradition, two young men try to find the secret of getting a girl in bed with them. This movie has plenty of laughs as well as some strange and unusual characters. While on their adventure these boys find that not everything is what it seems. They even learn that sometimes their actions have consequences. But most of all they learn, that life doesnt happen as it does in the movies, women don't immediately want to jump into bed with you, and plans very rarely work out the way you want them.

Cinematography was shaky and repetitive, but the main actors were believable as their characters. Overall, the movie didn't have any deep rooted message, but a lot of movies rarely do these days.

Do Widzenia!
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Tadpole (2002)
What was so wrong with this? (Possible Spoilers)
12 April 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I know a lot of people are commenting on the script writing and the camera work. Not to mention how unconvincing a 25 year old played a 15 year old, but I just want to say: that's the movie industry!! I liked this movie a lot. It was enjoyable, it had it's humorous moments but was serious underneath it all. And what is so wrong with that? I know that some people have also commented on child rape or how if the genders were reversed then this movie would be pulled from the theaters and I won't disagree with that. But I read that whole situation as the point of the movie. A 15 year old has sex with a 40 year old and although they comment on it some, no legal action is taken. But this is the way society is now a days. This kind of stuff happens and all though it isn't right,it's just the truth. And I can see how that would disturb some people. But really I just say enjoy the movie for what it is. Enjoy it for it's humor at society. Enjoy it for it's acting (which I believe was a great job done by the whole cast)and enjoy it because it is different. : )
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Feel up to an amusing horror movie....
12 April 2003
then this one is definitely for you. Just don't expect to be frightened or wake up screaming in the middle of the night. And don't expect anything extraordinary. This film wasn't meant to be any of those things. It sticks to the classic "B" horror movie genre with it's cheesy classic monster movie special effects and over acting to make it seem scary. It plays more like an hour and a half long episode of Tales From the Crypt. But is amusing in its own fashion. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting back, relaxing, and just letting this movie be exactly what it is: a corny "B" style horror movie made because they had the budget to make it. And as long as you enjoy movies like Killer Klowns from Outer Space, you can probably appreciate this movie as well. But if you are expecting an edge of your seat thriller, that makes you think, sends chills up your spine, and is guaranteed to give you nightmares, then look elsewhere.
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Raised on Fairytales?
12 April 2003
I was. And that's what makes this whole entire series so enjoyable to me. I've always been entranced by the beauty of a Fairytale World. With this series I could escape into that world. Although it has a long length I must say I never noticed. This was so enjoyable that watching it seemed to take no longer than an ordinary movie. You get caught up in the characters, and recognizing stories from your childhood that the time flies. The acting was extraordinary on all parts. Camryn Manheim was gorgeous as Snow White (to the person that called her fat and not the fairest in the land, you need to look deeper for all girls wanted to be a princess but never thought themselves worthy enough. Having Camryn Manheim as this part shows us beauty takes all forms even for princesses) Scott Cohen as wolf was completely unforgettable, you will fall head over heels for him. and Kimberly Williams was entrancing as the unlikely heroine. And that's not all of the wonderful actors in this series, there are just too many to mention. I highly recommend this movie to all that ever wanted to live in a fairytale or are just looking for a little magic. Because I guarantee you will find it here. Besides who doesn't want to be 5 again? : )
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