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The Best Rock Concert Ever.
10 May 2011
Nobody has reviewed this?!? Whoa.... Let me just say that this is 4 hours of insanely good Rock & Roll music. Crosby, Stills & Nash - Almost Cut My Hair; Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground/Roxanne with Sting; Simon & Garfunkel - The Sounds of Silence; Metallica - Enter Sandman; U2 - Gimme Shelter with Mick Jagger, Fergie and; Jeff Beck - Let Me Love You Baby with Buddy Guy; Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - The Ghost of Tom Joad with Tom Morello; and sooooooooo much more. And if you don't know any of those names but Rock & Roll has piqued your curiosity then this is step one for you. Enjoy. I sure did, and more than once.
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Skyline (2010)
Bad editing plagued by a cast of C actors.
18 November 2010
Bad editing plagued by a cast of C actors spearheaded by the Blonde Bimbo From Hell. I am saddened by the fact that I like these kinds of movies but since Hollywood only makes 1 every 3-5 years now I feel cheated. The idea was good, the film is bad. Not cool, Skyline dudes. Oh, let me say that even with aliens coming out of the sky the biggest obstacle the main characters have to deal with is a .... come on, guess, it's so easy.... a freakin door. I can just see it now... writers sitting at a big round table: - Hey guys, any idea of what we should hit the audience with to really keep them on the edge of their seats? - I got one, I got one! - Go ahead, Lism - A door! Right Joshua? - Brilliant.
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Remakes of remakes of remakes of rem.....
2 October 2010
This looks like a shot for shot remake of the original film that came out of Germany in 2001. The original had tension and great dialogue but no American star so ''of course like, we had to redo it! ''

I just hate it when movie companies shell out the exact same story that we've already seen. Why? Cause now we got Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker? Come on...

a) Infernal Affairs (2002) = The Departed (2006) b) Ringu (1998) = The Ring(2002) c) Funny Games U.K (1997) = Funny Games U.S (2007) d) Das Experiment (2001) = The Experiment (2010)

Are you starting to get the picture? e) Let the right one in (2008) ( excellent movie that shouldn't have been altered ) = Let me in (2010). That's 2 years. Yes. Two years.

They don't even wait ten years nowadays, they can't wait to shove the same thing down your throat. Don't encourage them. Please.
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Inception (2010)
One of 2010's best. A must-see.
29 July 2010
This is from the guy who brought us great titles like "Memento" and the new "Batmans" and it's right up there. This has got to be one of my favourite cast of all time: Leo's good in pretty much anything ( Basketball Diaries, The Beach, Gangs of New York to name a few), Joseph G-Levitt ( 500 Days of Summer, Brick and Mysterious Skin are all awesome), then you've got Lukas Haas (also in Brick) and Tom Hardy (funny as hell in Rock n' Rolla). But wait... here's more: Ellen Page (from Juno and the insane Hard Candy), Ken Watanabe (who IS the LAST Samurai), Michael Caine (check him out in Harry Brown and The Quiet American), Marion Cotillard (got an Oscar for her performance in La Vie en Rose, looked good in Public Enemies), Cillian Murphy (did a good job in Batman Begins as Scarecrow and also in Sunshine) and for the old school you've got Tom Berenger (Platoon anyone?) and Pete Postlethwaite (who was the monk in Dragonheart : ) , Kobayashi in The Usual Suspects and I just saw him in the borderline passable Clash of the Titans remake). WHEWWWW

Now the movie is awesome, great food for thought since I'm a Lucid Dreamer. See it, See it twice, then recommend it to someone who hasn't seen it.

All in all: This might be the new Matrix
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Moon (2009)
Do yourself a favour: Skip this review and go straight to the movie
9 July 2010
Sam Rockwell has got to be one of the most underrated actor in the movie industry ( check him out in 2002's "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" and 2006's "Snow Angels" to really appreciate the wide range of acting talent he possesses ). He delivers such a great performance in Moon that it should not be missed by anyone.

The script is great and the storyline is awesome. The music is spot-on, the ending is perfect and you get the added bonus of having the voice of Kevin Spacey.

All in all: This is one hell of a one-man show. A masterpiece.

P.S. If you can you should watch Moon in high-definition.
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Cashback (2006)
The first minute of the movie will suck you right in
7 July 2010
You can expect to find good insights about love, people and break-ups while watching 2006's Cashback.

Although I'd never seen actor Sean Biggerstaff ( the story's main character ) before I'm very much looking forward to seeing him in the future. As a matter of fact it's an all new cast for me. Cashback is a regular type story with an interesting mechanic and for guys who just want to see some T n' A don't worry, there's also a healthy dose of chicks naked.

All in all: A romantic drama with an artistic feel.

P.S. I love it in the credits when they show the actor's faces along with their names.
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This movie should have been Mission Impossible 2
6 July 2010
Don't get me wrong folks, it's not as good as 1996's " Mission Impossible " but it would have been a fitting sequel.

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz click well on-screen. I always enjoy seeing Peter Sarsgaard ( check him out in " Garden State " ), Paul Dano (" There Will Be Blood ") and Jordi Molla whom I hadn't seen since " Blow ".

So take 1 part " Mr. and Mrs. Smith ", 1 part " True Lies ", add a dash of " The Bourne Identity " and... Voila! You get something like Knight & Day.

All in all: Humour. Action. Humour. Action. Repeat. You get the picture.
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Can older lovers be as foolish as when they were young?
28 June 2010
Being in love can have a powerful, long lasting effect on people. What if the woman/man of your dreams suddenly came back into your life? Would you be willing to give everything up for a second chance at happiness?

So many questions to answer for our two main characters Jeanne (Nathalie Baye) and Alex (Patrick Bruel). The entire supporting cast is also of note, from the interpretation of Alex's brother Julien played by actor Michael Cohen to Alex's current girlfriend Claire (Geraldine Pailhas).

All in all: This is a story of passion and romance set in France, not Hollywood.
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Invictus (2009)
How a World Cup of Rugby united a country
25 June 2010
When I saw Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela, I must admit I was already sold. Matt Damon is just a bonus.

Everyone eyes will be on South Africa in 2010. What better way to celebrate one of the most beloved story of peace and freedom than to re-enact the 1995 World of Rugby?

Let me ask You a question avid reader... Would an experienced movie watcher really pass up a movie directed by Clint Eastwood featuring Morgan Freeman?

All in all: This IS a feel-good drama but who doesn't need one sometimes?
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11:14 (2003)
Guy Ritchie fans should definitely keep an eye out for 11:14.
21 June 2010
In the tradition of having an interweaving story connecting a variety of characters 11:14 goes all-out. From the opening scene to the very last you will be surprised by the quality of the script and the actor performances.

No less than 13 characters to keep you entertained. Patrick Swayze: Awesome. Hilary Swank: Hysterical. Shawn Hatosy: Better than ever. I would like to tell you more but that would no doubt ruin a moment or two for you. What I can promise is that you will get the feel of a 2 hour long movie in about 80 minutes.

All in all: You get a lot of Bang for your Buck, so to speak.
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Movies like this should be seen by every kid in the world
18 June 2010
I watched this movie last night with my dad and we both loved it. I'm 27 and he happens to be in his 50's. I expect everyone younger, older and in between will love it as well.

I'm sure you can imagine what an anime title like "The Sword of the Stranger" might hold in store for you. A young boy named Kotaru and his faithful companion Tobimaru. A deadly swordsman with blue eyes. A hungry samurai with a troubled past. The Sword of the Stranger doesn't re-invent the wheel but it is more than the sum of it's parts.

All in all: If you enjoy anime watch it. You can also expect to hear a great score.
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Rampage (2009)
Have you ever felt society's choke-hold on you? Have you ever thought of committing the perfect crime? Have you ever thought of going on a Rampage?
17 June 2010
Watching an 84 minute long movie directed by Uwe Boll would generally make an experienced movie watcher's eyes bleed so why should this one be any different?

Well avid readers let me tell You. Most of our generation has felt the enormous pressures inflicted to us by our modern societies. We also have been exposed to a wide range of violent, sometimes brutal images. That being said, I'm sure most of us will admit to having fantasized in the past about robbing a bank or smacking your boss. Our main character Bill Williamson (Brendan Fletcher) takes it one step further...

It's a kind of movie you hate to like and like to hate. One thing IS for sure: Rampage will definitely keep your entertained. I think it's worth mentioning that Bill's best friend Evan (Shaun Sipos) makes a pretty cool second character. You might also recognize Bill's dad (Matt Frewer) and one of the cops (Michael Pare) from a bunch of movies not worth typing.

All in all: Original material, not too long, good entertainment.
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