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26 August 2011
This movie was a complete waste of my time. It was as if a middle schooler with no imagination wrote it and never had it edited. The film was predictable and lacked any suspenseful moments. In addition, the plot failed to make any sense. The way the characters were killed off gave no real reason to the question, why? Furthermore, where was the gore and guts, I thought this was a horror film? The cut off scenes proved to be insignificant and rather than keeping the viewer interested it left them tired and confused. The film was sloppy, irresponsible, and showed no balls.

Though I thought this film was terrible I must mention aspects I liked. The portrayal of an asocial serial killer was mainly comparable with what would match a FBI profile. This is especially so with the killer's calling card as it was consistent in each murder. However, in real life the killer wouldn't target people he knew and would generally be more careful over all.
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