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The Last Push (2012)
Finally a realistic Sci-Fi film
15 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I can't remember the last time a realistic sci-fi film has been made. Everything seems to be an extension of either Star Trek, Star Wars, or Alien. Never any gravity issues in any of those films, space exploration is simple, as easy as just boosting at light speed, or sleeping for decades without loss of muscle mass.

The Last Push suggest what it may be like to be true vikings in a new ocean. Rather than being funded by governments, maybe it will take private industry to float away from Low Earth Orbit into the vast nothingness.

The film builds into a unique climax, perhaps one of the more refreshing peaks in sometime. What begins as a man trapped in a spacecraft in deep space, becomes a possible clarion call for a new perspective regarding space exploration.

This has more in common with Rocky than Moon. Man is defeated throughout this tale, but like Rocky he does not necessarily win in the end, but the viewer is left with an exciting promise. When I was young I would leave the theater after a Rocky film shadow boxing and wanting to fight a noble match, after The Last Push I want to travel into the nothingness above, not to victory, but because mankind must do this.

Apparently this was shot with almost 0 money in a garage. Wow!!
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Legend of the Seeker: Sacrifice (2009)
Season 1, Episode 10
Great episode BUT
15 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS ALERT!!! This is a great and intriguing episode, among the best I've seen yet, but the moral blathering is completely odd and makes no sense. The Legend of the Seeker uses all the great tools of hero mythology and if your a Joseph Campbell fan it's all very fun. This episode has a very interesting plot concerning the fate of a baby. As a series goes it seems like a major show to set up ideas and plots in future shows.

A male confessor is born and according to confessor law this ain't good. So the confessors have to kill this baby and the Seeker won't understand their reasoning. The Seeker doesn't get Confessor law and steals the baby to keep him alive.

My major gripe about the episode is the hypocritical heavy handed ending. As the mother confessor is about to sacrifice the baby due to the law, the other Confessors begin preaching about a less brutal way to live and solve problems. Just as they are preaching about the less violent future they should live the Mother Confessor is stabbed in the back with a sword.

It's kinda funny I guess, but the message is ridiculous. The whole episode is kinda preachy in that way, and none of it's preachiness adds up in the end. It's kinda like life I guess, nothing adds up. Awkward really, but this is Legend of the Seeker and it's a helluva fun show.
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This hits the mark. A classic!!
26 December 2006
I hate to get peoples hopes up but this is a great horror film. There has been so much crap released in this new wave of so called horror films, and I think I hate them all. I'm so sick of every horror film trying to capture the 70's greatness and also the Seven/NIN style films have all been garbage. "Easter Bunny Kill Kill" is a stand alone great film leaving the rest of the losers in the dust.

I've seen Chad Ferrin's "Unspeakable" and "The Ghouls" and liked them both. They were enjoyable but still a bit flawed. I'll explain. Chad Ferrin has a great style that blends disturbing realism with true horror. Realism and horror that actually reminds me more of Abel Ferrera than George Romero. I personally love how he dives into the seediness of his characters and their surroundings. "Unspeakable", to me, shined in it's use of disturbing scenes and brutal characters. It's been so long since I've seen it I can't even really recall the plot, but I do remember some of the great scenes. In "The Ghouls" I felt Ferrin seemed to want to concentrate more on the characters rather than the ghouls themselves. I couldn't agree more, the characters and surroundings in "The Ghouls" were excellent. I almost wish that whole movie was just about the downfall of Timothy Muskatell's character. (By the way Muskatell rules. He might be the best living actor. Warren Oates is dead. ) "The Ghouls" was about Muskatell's downfall, I just wish the ghouls themselves didn't get in the way. Again Ferrin's style was rich, but I feel even he wished it remained a portrait movie.

"Easter Bunny Kill Kill" hits the ball way out of the park. It is a slasher movie plain and simple, but it's a slasher movie done Ferrin style. The story is awesome, the characters are classic, the way all the characters meet is brilliant and realistic. Muskatell again rules, but every actor in the movie is perfectly cast. Wow. This is the only modern day horror film I truly love. It all works so well.
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Tales from the Crapper (2004 Video)
Troma Kicks A***** ONCE AGAIN
24 February 2004
Another BRILLIANT film from Troma. I'd goes as far as to say it's going to be the most unique film put out this year. The purpose of this film is hilarious in itself. According to the narrator THE CRAP KEEPER (played by Lloyd Kaufman, he better get an oscar nod for costume design) this movie was designed from the remains of two awful films they had made. As awesome as Troma is rather than putting out 2 boring BAD films they decided to make it one kicka** double feature. A double feature like no other, the adr work, narration, editing, and BONER-VISION make this one of Troma's finest gems. Lots of people will probably disagree, but these people have been cinematically brain washed. I enjoyed it more than Citizen Toxie, it was more from the hip, looser, as though it was pure creative freedom. Lloyd is the king of this stuff, he hasn't hung up his hat like Waters and so many others, he keeps exploring far away from the realms of safety.
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29 May 2003
I will not write a complete summary because I'm terrible at such things. This film felt very important when I viewed it. Humor and terror are balanced brilliantly from beginning to end. When the film began I thought 'there's no way this could keep it's pacing until the end.' I was wrong, it does, and it also takes you into unpredictable territories along the way. Damon Packard is very in tune with

what makes films so great. I was told when someone gave me a dvd of this film that Packard funded the entire project with a trust fund of some sort. Money well spent!!!! There is no way anybody in Hollywood would touch subject matter as awesome as this. One would have to fund it completely independently. I can't wait to see his next film.
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